Ashlesha New Moon Accelerates Entwined Timelines – Lion’s Gate Karmic Release

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Many people speak of this “Lion’s Gate Portal” that supposedly happens on 8/8 as a highly auspicious time. Since we are living a co-creative dream, we can co-create anything. I’m not sure how truthful or accurate the whole theory of the 8/8 Lion’s Gateway Portal is, however, it does coincide with the New Moon in Ashlesha this year. So, based on this, we are definitely all feeling the palpable accelerated energy available in which this “Lion’s Gate Portal” is at its peak.

This new moon starts our ascent to the precipice point during the next Full Moon, although some will experience this new moon day as the precipice point. In a way these next two weeks can be seen as the apex point where we must make a serious choice. We all need to buckle-up because it may be a bumpy ride for some and a fast and smooth one for others.

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While preparing this update, I had a vision of a sneaky tidal wave with immense force and power heading towards the shore line. At first, everything was peaceful and beautiful…oh so serene, the calm before the chaos. Then the first wave hit the shore unbeknownst to any of the ones caught off guard. Then, out of the shore the more powerful and forceful one gathered strength in silence and out of sight. This immense wave hit and only the ones paying attention to their intuition had any inkling of what was about to hit. This vision is symbolic to what this energy is indicating.

What is happening now is that lots of ancestral and karmic timelines are converging as Ashlesha ties in the timelines that are to unite going forward. The purpose of these karmic ties is to help humanity ascend in consciousness; in other words, illuminate the collective consciousness. The other purpose is to clear up the bondage that may have prevented forward movement.

Some will experience this as a release of outdated relationships or ways to relate with those around us. Others will experience this as a fated time. In truth, it is all fated. As Ashlesha and Magha are well known for an experience of raw power that comes from our ancestors. Ashlesha is the beginning of the Kundalini Shakti awakening. This is the reason behind needing to take care while under its heavy influence. Kundalini has the power to create, and it can also destroy.

There is a great karmic acceleration happening based on the astrology of this new moon. As we all know a new moon is a time for new beginnings and is signaled by the moon joining the sun in the sky. Technically, it’s when the moon is in between Earth and Sun. Mercury will also be joining the Sun and Moon (father and mother); so, we are getting a strong link to the family unit. This is the King, Queen and Prince of the zodiac; all in the same house and getting reacquainted in a cozy way.

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Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury and is symbolized by a coiled serpent; because of this, Ashlesha has strong mental abilities and faculties. This asterism is blessed with abilities in connecting to other dimensions of existence or non-existence…the psychic and the astral planes are highly connected with this nakshatra. This means that many will be getting spiritual downloads and may require extra love and care as the information is assimilated in the body. The mental and physical planes are joining during this lunar cycle. Detoxing is highly advisable and being mindful of not adding any other toxins into the body at this time is the smart way to proceed.

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Analyzing Ashlesha

This is one of the more negatively oriented and associated nakshatras in the celestial wheel. It really gets a bad reputation; perhaps one of the worst for it is one of the more power-hungry nakshatras. This asterism is associated with the Nagas or Serpent deities. In order to understand Ashlesha, we must aim to understand snakes, reptiles and cats since they are all connected with this nakshatra.

The negative attributes connected with this asterism are deceptiveness, cunningness, selfishness, devouring, destructive, degenerate, dangerous, reckless, destitute, wiliness, and deviousness. Secrets run amok among the heavily influenced natives. Thus, confusion is mostly noticed with this influence.

In a dual existence, every negative also has the other side of the coin namely, positive. Let’s talk about the positives with this asterism because it is wrong to believe that anything is all negative or positive. Loyalty, love and commitment are all seen influencing the choices of the natives with this nakshatra. There is an association with Lakshmana, brother of Rama. For further details about Lakshmana’s character, refer to “The Ramayana” and you will get a more wholistically (yes, I just compounded a word, holistically and whole) positive spin for Ashlesha.

The reason I wanted to analyze Ashlesha this way is because as you can see with three major players (Moon, Sun, Mercury) all being in this asterism, this energy is VERY important. What will we choose to do with it? That’s the question of the year.

This is happening in the 12th house of loss or other-worldly reality, a.k.a. astral or unconscious. Therefore it is enveloping all of us in this collective cesspool of creative expression. This is highly influencing our sense of identity, unique individual creative expression, and even our physical body or manifested reality, as seen by the first house where Mars and Venus are joining although quite separate in orb. This suggests that relationships are being triggered. Perhaps it’s time to reassess and take matters into our own hands otherwise, we will be swept by the tidal wave of strongly intense overpowering emotions that will be triggered.

The best thing to do now is focus on restructuring your daily habits, exercise regimen, eating habits, work schedule, and work related collaborations as this Ashlesha energy is all aspecting Saturn in Shravana and Pluto is Uttarashadha, both in the 6th house. Strong focus on work is indicated…getting down to the basics and the nitty-gritty in order to ride the wave with more ease. We can either be on top enjoying the accelerated speeds provided by this new moon energy; or, we can be swept underneath the current and suffer through the bumpy ride instead. What will you choose??? How will you express this energy???

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Key points to notice in the chart:

  • Ascendant is in Magha of royalty and ancestral inheritance (DNA). This nakshatra is also seen astronomically as Regulus, also known in Tropical/Western astrology as being an auspicious star, and because this is the rising asterism at the moment of the new moon, the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal does have merit this year. In all honesty, we should be experiencing this energy until the next full moon that completes the cycle on 8/22/21. This is a very auspicious date as that is when the Sun will be its strongest in Magha. But, I won’t spoil the next update…tune in and get the details in two weeks. I will say that it’s a highly emotional time and we are clearing lots of emotional karmic baggage this month to pave the way for a more empowered existence.
  • Mars is quite strong in Magha since it is the General or Chief Commander protecting the Royal Castle. This can translate into increasing pride or more arrogance openly expressed. It’s also highly loyal and protective of its loved ones.
  • Venus is in Uttaraphalguni, which is great for business affairs and beginning a joint business venture. These activities bring high rewards because prosperity is assigned to this asterism and Venus is known as what we value.
  • Uranus is in Bharani (control, restrictions) in the 9th house. So, we can expect our belief structures to be tested and perhaps even see more restrictions in our attempts for foreign travel (and even attempts at building local communities)… it’s a great time for self-inquiry. What do you truly value? What do you truly believe are the absolute necessities to move you forward? Are you willing to take whatever it takes? What are you willing to give up on now? What is asking for more love and attention in your life? Do you have a good work and fun balance in life? If not, what actions can you take now to change that and bring more balance?
  • Jupiter in Dhanishta in the 7th suggests that it may be highly beneficial to listen to uplifting music. This will serve to soothe the overstimulated senses and shift the focus to your hearing, which will appease your Saturn since the transit of Saturn is in Shravana (see above). If you don’t experience the soothing frequency of music, then this can play out as either you or your partner being overly generous or giving way too much in relationships – out of balance energy is never helpful or useful.
  • Neptune in Purvabhadrapada (mystical and destructive, prone to escapism) – watch the toxins going into the body as this energy is in the 7th house. Watch out for too much intensity in anything… because the nervous system is quite sensitive and may be getting over stimulated if you are having relationship issues. Instead of focusing or really spinning out of control, try going back to the daily tasks governed by Saturn (see above). Channeling this energy by exercising is encouraged, otherwise, intense action may lead to arguments and disruption to your relationships and sense of security.
  • Finally, Rahu in Rohini (potent creativity) in the 10th and Ketu in Anuradha (devoted) in the 4th suggest that the energy is requiring a balance between work and play, career and home, expression and emotion. One area may be overly active and that will create more of a headache for the month. Balance is KEY!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 6:50 AM Pacific (9:50 AM EST)

To see what area this is affecting you, you have to look at your birth chart. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

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