Eclipse Season beckons endings and Beginnings. 

Welcome to Eclipse Season! 

What can we, as a collective, expect from these energetic influences? Well, eclipses bring to fruition anything that has been worked on starting in the previous eclipse cycle. Think back to around September 1st (the annular eclipse of 2016) is what this solar eclipse (happening on August 21st) is pushing us to complete. 

What were you going through back during the last few months of 2016? What did you work on during the beginning of this year? These are key questions that will show you, as an individual, where you will be heading towards now. This could translate as knowing your own self-worth and fully embodying your worth! 

The lunar eclipse that’s happening on August 7th is also pushing us ahead on an individual basis to detach from the need to control outcomes. There’s a sense of clinging to the past and feelings of regret. We are now being helped and Guided to release the feelings that have been keeping us stuck in the past and look forward to a brighter day ahead. However, the way to really achieving this state of strength within ourselves is to remain grounded in the present moment, the here and now if you will. There’s a fine line when we delve into releasing the past because we must face what we wanted to hide from. The energies from this lunar eclipse are helping us do just that…face our shadows head on as we conclude anything that we had been avoiding up until now. While the Solar eclipse of the 21st is going to help us stand in our Soul-ar strength as we move forward fearlessly!

The time for apathy is no longer available with these intense Soul-level energies that are being helped by the eclipses to pop open. There has been so much learning for us all for the past few years as the pressure cooker increased in volume and heat. These eclipses feel much like a grand explosion from a Soul level pushing and guiding us toward our true Soul desire. What fills you up with so much joy that you can hardly contain your excitement? That is the way to guide ourselves forward as we embark on our next level up forward in our Ascension. This is all done while holding space for everyone’s unique journey. 

By opening up our perspectives to the possibility of more than one way to see things, we are able to experience more friendliesness around us. This is the way to anchoring our new “Heaven on Earth” through unconditional love for ourselves as we see the beauty of everyone’s individual journey and how these journeys are interwoven together. From that view point, we can see the grand Divinely orchestrated masterpiece of this experience. 

For those of us still holding tightly to the way we want things done or to happen/be, we are guided to “just rip off the bandaid!” We will be supported as long as we follow our heart’s desire because  that is the way to embody our Soul. Most of us already decided to align with our greatest joy knowing full well that will mean facing our deepest and darkest fears. It is time now to detach from those fears and the worry that has brought to us. There is really nothing to do but to enjoy the ride and energetic currents pulling us forward. The only thing for us to do now is let go of “control” and “flow” with our Soul. “The Universe has got this!” 

🔮We ARE Divinely supported. We ARE Divine. We Are ONE. “Remember your sovereignty! Stand your power with LOVE!” 💖

Remember we are LOVE!



Collective ⚛️Energy 🌀Healing: Polarity Fusion Alchemy. ⚛️Wholeness OM SHANTI⚛️

The last energetic portal of May 24th is helping us in this transitional period. By now, we have noticed how much we want to experience another (perhaps a better) reality. “The time is NOW to release the masks and stand strong” in our own power and connection. The answers you seek are already within you…follow the guidance of your heart. 

Change comes along whether we want to flow with its current or not. The more we resist the flow, the more we suffer. This happens due to our attachment to our own resistance and fear. “Allowing for movement is the act of being courageous through the process of having complete faith in the organic flow that provides the power of our alignment with our greatest ability for manifestation.”

“Be authentic and be unapologetic about your truth.” What is it that you are afraid of? What is it that your heart truly wants? What gives you the motivation that you need in order to act? Are you aligned with faith or the lack of that which you desire? Listen to your inner knowing that comes directly from your divine connection to the core of who you are; your Soul. That is where all information truly comes from since it is our connection to SOULSource. 

For some time now, as we become more aware of the duality that is within us, and the split that that has created within ourselves as well as within our collective consciousness, most of us have been feeling the pressure of integration as a way to cathartic regeneration. The alchemy of the catharsis is the way to fuse together that which has been split. The only way to stop this alchemical process and natural cycle is through the resistance to change; which only provides energetic blocks to evolve within ourself. 

We are ALL being encouraged to liberate ourselves from our own imposed illusions and surrender to what is presented at each moment. “Zen; being in a mode of Zen will get you through all obstacles.” What is Zen and how can we know we are in that zone? Zen is made possible by being alert and present in each moment without attachment to judgement. This means that we must practice the state of being alert and present with acceptance. Taking it all in as it is presented and being detached to our automatic judgement that comes through the mind chatter. 

Staying in a heart centered space as opposed to being trapped in our own imposed prison that brings the mind chatter is the way to transcend and transmute. The greatest obstacle comes from being strictly (or mostly) stuck in our mind. The mind is full of illusion, while the heart knows the way. “Trust your heart while your mind plays the tricks of illusion by using thoughts and emotions.” 

We are slowed down by our minds. Our progress can be slowed down by our own judgements. “The collective progress cannot be stopped, only slowed down. Meditative awareness is key in evolution.” The illusion of separateness plays a huge role in our rate of evolution. When we judge ourselves while we compare ourselves with others, we devalue our own divinity and sovereignty.  NOW is the time to release those masks that we have become accustomed to and stand strong in our own power and connection. 

“It is safe to be true. It is safe to seek within. You are absolute existence!” If you are into chanting mantras (even if you are not), I suggest the following to connect with your own sovereignty: “Om Bhavam Namah.”

🔮⚛️🌀🌈This message is about being whole within ourself as a way to maximize our collective evolution. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions for ways to improve our awareness and consciousness. We are all in this divine process together as a unit. 

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,


Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀 Healing: Realignment anchors new visions of true joy

Realignment happens to anchor new visions of true joy and peace. Realignment must happen before change in our physical reality can take hold and become the new. 

May brings in a fast-paced energy that feels very social as it relates to the upcoming change into summer in the following month. What this means is that the month of May will feel shorter than we ever experienced before. As such, we are being encouraged to stay grounded as our imaginations may make some of us feel flighty. The visual coming in for this energy is that of a flower that has bloomed to its fullest capacity  and is ready to be shared with all so that the fragrant scent could be enjoyed by the masses. 

Although this month is promising to be one of great joy and forward movement, they are also showing us a split in our collective energy. The duality of good versus bad, white vs black, sadness vs joy, war vs peace, fear vs love are some of the highlights coming in to show us how we are showing up in the collective. In truth and within our Cosmic Consciousness reality, there is no duality. As we ascend, the truth of us being part of the vast Oneness ocean becomes clearer. Therefore, we are all equally responsible for what we co-create. 

Some of us in the collective energy field, are stuck in the old paradigm of fear because it is all of the same pattern and a “comfortable place” that has been called home for centuries. “The old stories keep playing out like a proven broken record.” However, the other half of us, have done all of the hard work required of us in letting go of much old structural junk that we have accumulated over centuries. The good news is that more and more are joining in with the fearlessness of loving and peace seeking, joy anchoring lightworkers. The balance between the old paradigms and New have (and are) tipped over closer to the new. “Realignment happens as a way to bridge the gap between the old way of relating and doing to the new enlightened way of living in a more balanced and harmonious Earth.” 

Sacred Code: 37325046=Realign to balance and anchor our new visions of true joy.

As a collective, we are being asked and encouraged to remain aware of our belief systems and automatic thoughts. Are the thoughts coming in part of your own or those of the crowd? Is it ego trying to topple your progress and forward movement? Our collective ego is still trying hard to sway us into going back to what we knew as a way to prevent us from unifying and uniting. This tells us that we actually have made tremendous improvements to ourselves. As within, so without. By having a meditative practice, our awareness increases and our collective consciousness elevates. 

There is truly nothing to fear. The majority going through this Ascension, has anchored a new way of relating toward all circumstances that show up. For the most part, we have centered into a new paradigm and way of living in a more enlightened way. “The Phoenix has regenerated and is now in the process of rising into its full and highest potential. This Phoenix will progress as much as all put forward effort.”  Effort is not work. Effort is awakened awareness; enlightened consciousness. 

We are all co-creating this new Earth through our combined effort of relating to ourselves and each other, and recognizing where our authenticity lies within our programming. All we have to do is to keep our consciousness awake throughout each day and night by establishing a regimen of self-inquiry within meditation. This will help us to see how we have been running programs from our previous conditioning and how we can reprogram and recondition ourselves to run a more balanced program. 

Our awareness of being programmed is being highlighted as we continue on our new awakened and enlightened journey. We are being reminded to stay centered in our core authenticity and to remain truly unbiased in our relations with the perceived outside reality. The reality that is being presented is just a reflection of ourselves. Remaining unbiased allows us to question ourselves instead of judging others. 

We are asked to question our own motives when we interact with others in our daily experiences. If what we want to say to someone else is true, necessary and relevant then we may proceed in our statements. Always ask: is it true, relevant, necessary? Are there any expectations? Expectations let us realize our true motives. 

Divine Love Unions:

We have balanced much within and since these Unions are all based upon energetics, we see the reflection of our inner state on our physical reality. If you don’t like what you see, then instead of blaming the other person, ask yourself where you are energetically. Are you living your highest potential and feeling blissful joy? If not, this is a great clue from your Higher Self letting you know how you can re-align more fully to yourself. Your reward and blessing of having a physical reflection of your inner state is always in your own hands. Focus on your thoughts and feelings to know your frequency. If you are feeling good about it then sooner than later, your physical reality will show you what you have manifested and co-created. 

Remember that you are an exact mirror to each other. No one is doing anything to you. Be courageous to face yourself in the mirror. Be brave in embracing your truth. Let go of the victim programming that has been karmicly created and embrace your empowered state! I believe in you! I believe in all of us traveling this path!


Have the courage to face your shadows and integrate them as part of the process in realigning and becoming whole. Change is here now and is always available for us to embrace without placing a judgement value on it of good or bad. Change is always neutral. The truth is that the value we place is actually being placed on our self since it is based on our own perspectives. 

What we are creating is based on our imaginations. If we like what we see on the physical plane then that means we have imagined the best outcome and have fueled our imagination with our belief and faith. If we want to have a better experience then we have to look at what have we engaged in imagining and why we didn’t fuel the images we actually wanted to create. 

Cultivate the best images and let go of the ones not as attractive by asking about the limited beliefs that are at the core of visualizing through worry or lack. Creative visualization is being highlighted as a way to realign with our greatest joy!

🔮This was a longer message than what I was expecting to provide, but it was necessary. I know that many will benefit from this healing frequency (as I have benefited from it). 💖

Abundant Blessings, Love & Light in Truth,