Arcturian Council of Light & AA Metatron Healing Activation ⚛️🌀💖

Collective-Energy⚛️Daily Guidance: Be infused with this healing spread that the Arcturian Council of Light have offered for us today. “Breathe. Everything is in perfect order. Continue to let go of the situations that are no longer serving and keep raising vibrations by living life as an example for others. Live by example as you continue to help raise the vibration of the Galaxy.”

As a collective, we are being helped in our journey and in our individual situations. As each member of our community is supported, our vibrations reach higher plateaus for which we help others and this has a domino effect. Not only are we helping our planet, but we are also aiding the cosmos, as the cosmic energies are helping us…it’s always an exchange of energy. “Frequency is always in perfect match of tone.”

We are being helped specifically with our throat and solar plexus chakras at this time. They have showed us that we must speak our truth in a respectful manner while concentrating on the good and healing that it brings for everyone concerned. These two chakras should be in balance since we must stand strong in our power while lovingly communicate our truth.

The gentle warning, and reminder, is to be mindful of the many distractions that appear as a way to divert our attention from what truly matters. What truly matters is LOVE and communicating in a loving way.

Be openly loving in your communications. This heals the situation. When we expect others to submit to our whims, we are sadly mistaken that this will result in a positive situation. We are asked to always check our own motives. This will help us in identifying whether what we are saying is coming from a pure heart.

We are being encouraged to have the discipline of remaining in harmony within ourselves as we are dealing with our outside circumstances. “Meditation is always encouraged as a way to remain centered. We would like to provide you with a challenge to be in a meditative state amongst the constant noise around you so that you may realize how truly powerful you are!”

Our chakra system is being healed, empowered, and infused with more balancing Divine Light. The invitation to work on this today (regardless of the time you read this message) is being highlighted.

We are all in perfect harmony and alignment to help raise the collective’s frequency as we work from within and we are thanked by our Guides. The beauty of this is that as we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors and beyond. “Focus on the infinity symbol in perfect rhythm within the rainbow spectrum of rays as you go with your day.”


Thank you Arcturian Council of Light and AA Metatron for this beautiful healing message and activation!💖

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan xoxo

(Channeling recorded: 4/1/2017)

Collective⚛️ Energy 🌀Healing: Balance is achieved through acceptance, which leads to our healing and ultimate abundance. 

As a collective, we are going through some deeply challenging times. Our choice on how we handle such situations is entirely personal. Perspective is the key in really honing in to the golden opportunities that adversity bring and maximizing on these circumstances.

Everything (always) has the potential of being a blessing (even if it comes in a disguise). The blessing in a challeninging time, when we meet with obstacles and/or distractions, is that we can grow and expand in our consciousness.

Far too many times, we meet an obstacle or a challenge, and we either completely back off or we take a fighting stance. The infamous flight or freeze response; this is more of an involuntary reaction and not a response. When we are able to consciously choose a response, from stepping back and reflecting, we are coming from an expanded state in our consciousness because we become the objective observer and responder.

Everyone that we come into contact with is there for a reason. Frankly, they are there to reflect back to us what we are not (or have not yet become) aware of in order for us to further expand. These situations and encounters are always a catalystic mirror and an energetic vibratory match. When we elevate our awareness and take things in as an opportunity to reflect, then we “up-level” our consciousness.

Next time you are triggered by some “outside” circumstance, instead of having a knee-jerk emotional reaction, choose to respond after reflection. This means the following: stop, step back, see the other side through empathy, and then develop a compassionate and loving response. This is the true meaning of balance. Balance is a godly virtue because it’s neutral, yet anchored in the only divine truth: LOVE.

The serenity prayer works because it comes from a balanced loving graceful place. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”  (I personally know the transformational vibration of this prayer because it comes from a grounded receptive feminine energy of allowance through accepting the divinity within everything. Allowing for our Higher wisdom to take over, instead of reacting through a limited one-way perspective.)

When we react from a place of limited view, we stunt our growth and our unlimited potential. In fact, many times ego-based reactions have a counterclockwise motion because it succumbs to our fears. This is counterproductive because it leads us to feeling a sense of guilt after we have had the time to reflect. Guilt is very harmful for us because it disuades us from our divine truth of love; it prevents us from loving ourselves. Guilt destroys self-love and self-esteem. We may use our guilt to show us what we need to change within our behaviors and then letting it go. The healthy form of guilt is to use it for our reflection and nothing more.

⚛️🌀🔮 Remember that the most important relationship we have is that with our Self. In order to love someone else, we must first love ourself. Having a strong connection to our Soul is the key to Self-Mastery. Distractions show up as a way to test our own discipline within our authentic divine truth. The abundance that embodying balance brings is the reward in itself. Universal abundance is achieved by our Self-Mastery in this play.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

Collective Energy Healing: Imagination meets synchronicity. 

Imagine how things could be if we all helped each other achieve success! Everyone would be much happier. Isn’t that what Heaven is like? Don’t you imagine Heaven to be a place where everyone is flowing in abundance without envy or jealousy? Instead of people tearing each other down, they want others to succeed because the realization that they are one in the same has been reached. We can have that here on Earth NOW.

Our beliefs affect our reality. If each of us is awake and aware of how our beliefs are helping or hurting the collective, then we can shift our experience to a positive and blessed outcome.

Have you noticed that things are cyclical instead of linear? Patterns keep repeating if a lesson has not been integrated. Once a lesson is fully integrated, the pattern is broken and we do not have to redo the same old thing. It’s perfectly fine if our lessons take us time to integrate. We can do and redo it until it’s done.

Evolution is a spiral. On a more personal level, we are each evolving. Take a relationship for example. The way one relates to someone else has its ups and downs. Sometimes we really like our partner and want to feel connected, yet there may be times when we want to get away. This is a form of expansion and contraction. Evolution has this pattern of expansion and contraction. Within the evolutionary spiral, we may go up or down in our perspectives. Even if we take a step back, we are still higher than we were before taking the backward step.

This pattern of going round and round happens a lot when we are transforming because transformation may be experienced as pain. We usually do not transform over night; it takes some time and patience for our change to become our new. This is all due to our beliefs. If we believe that it has to take time to fully integrate a lesson to have a new experience then that is exactly what we will end up experiencing. In reality, all it takes is a shift in perspective and that can help integrate the old pattern to change the sequence of events.

Hypnosis works because it allows for us to visualize within a relaxed state our new life experience and how that would make us feel. Thoughts and feelings equal experience. When we can shift our beliefs about what we see (our perspective), then a new experience is integrated.

Working with coaches or mentors is a good way to widen our scope and perspective in order to identify our patterns. Once the pattern (of action based on belief) is identified then it can be reprogrammed as a way of integration. This process is how we are able to redesign our lives.

At this time of fast-paced manifestation, we may align with the right people at the right time as a way to help us through with these shifts. These shifts are being anchored through our spirituality. The foundation comes from our connection to our Higher Self. As one person helps another, it creates a ripple effect within this Univeral experience.

⚛️🌀🔮The code for this transmission is 911. “Your thoughts are manifesting into reality at an ever-quickening pace. Keep your thoughts about your divine life purpose, focused only upon your desires, and give any worries or doubts to Heaven for transmutation.” (Angel Numbers; Doreen Virtue & Lynette Brown).

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀Healing: Clearing Loss

Our call to action now is to clear our past (ancestral lineage) from the grief that loss brought. We are in the NEW now. This time is full of magic to support us in aligning with Univeral Abundance. The choice is ours to release and transmute the shadow of grief that is still palpably felt amongst us.

We are being lovingly guided to stop repressing what we consider negative emotions, such as grief and fear of losing. Yes, these create a sense of lack and as our vibrations are always being matched, that will create more of the same. Instead, allow for these emotions and feelings to flow through in grace so that they may be released. It is alright to feel grief over someone or something lost. Allow it. Let it move you and move through you.

“It won’t be long before you achieve relief from the grief. Allow it to move you and move through you. Let go of trying to control how you feel or how others feel. Just allow!”

Grief is an opportunity to connect with our Higher Self. The problem that most of us face is that since it is a lower vibrational frequency, it is then that we feel the most disconnected and alone. In truth, we are NOT alone; we are NEVER alone; we are always connected. As such, when moving through grief, allow time for reflection. Go back to your center. Connect to the Univeral Heart, which is your heart.

Empathy can only be experienced when we are heart-centered and open to see a perspective that is different from our own. We are able to connect through our heart to others’ and feel from their vantage-point. We may notice this opportunity to show our empathy come up more when we are caught up in our own story.

This is a chance to connect with another aspect of ourself because we are all one. If one of us fails, we all fail. We are all in this together. Come from a heart-led place, next time you are confronted with a miscommunication. This is a chance to breathe, see things from another perspective and peacefully realign the situation.

We can’t control anyone outside of ourself. By releasing the need to be right (righteousness), and coming from an empathic place, we are healing our deep ancestral wound of lack. We will then be aligning with our limitless potential of experiencing abundance in every way. We may manifest by fully being in our heart.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work by always being positive or thinking positively. Instead this Univeral Law deals with our vibration, which is connected to our heart. Law of Vibration is what really is at play within the Law of Atrraction.

Thoughts create a feeling within us. Yes, thoughts have a vibration, but it is the feeling that gives the thought the fire of creation. Many of us are stuck in wondering why our positive thoughts are not manifesting the abundance that we wish to achieve because we are stuck in attracting positivity.

Integration of our shadow self is so important in manifestation. Our shadows make us human. Integrating all parts of ourselves will allow us to move through the muddy and murky waters that will eventually lead us to the promised abundant heaven here on earth.

Now ask yourself: How am I integrating my shadow? How am I feeling? Where could I shift my perspective so that I may align my vibration to that which I would like to manifest?


We have limitless magnificent opportunities to feel the vast spectrum of emotions here…let’s start using our emotions to bring forth the abundance that we so choose. We are not slaves to our emotions, thinking or feelings. We are limitless multidimensional creators of our experience.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo


Arcturian Council of Light bring forth AA Metatron to communicate this activation of Peace. The message here is to stay grounded in our authenticity and inner-core so that the outside circumstances can match our inner state.

Our Souls are infused with Sacred Geometry and frequencies, which come in the form of sound and color, as a way to communicate with our logical selves.

(The audible message that I received before being drawn to the decks for this activation was: “remain grounded and centered amongst the chaos” and that’s what I sense with this spread, which is always arranged specifically for the most healing)

Chaos doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s actually an opportunity for us to transform and witness our growth. For too long, chaos has gotten a bad reputation for disturbing our perceived peace, when in fact it is a chance to raise our bar and to expand more.

Our challenge is the worry that we may fall prey to since it is the “drug of choice” for many of us. We worry far too much about the shoulds and what ifs…this is all our own doing, which has been a conditioned reaction when things seem to be out of our control. Since it is conditioned (learned), it can be reconditioned (relearned), but it does take effort. When worry creeps in, don’t be scared (or extra worried) and say “Hi worrisome thought and feeling! What can I learn from you now? How can I shift you so I can experience the peace within me?” This is a form to face the shadows so that they may be integrated and alchemized.

We are not a slave to our thoughts or feelings…we are just experiencing.

The transformation that we are experiencing may seem chaotic and worrisome, but this is a call to anchor our faith and trust that we can overcome and achieve. It is up to us on how we choose to experience our reality. We have the power to shift our perceptions of our experience. The rebirth can be a glorious event if that’s how you choose to perceive it. Pain is just a perception that we can shift into greatness. Trust in your POWER because it is your birthright!

Meditation is still being highlighted and will always be highlighted since it is our time to tune in to our Higher Self. This is how we can connect with our power.

Peace always comes from within. As we each embody more peace, we will experience that in our outside realities. We have the power to shift our outside circumstances by always going back to Self. Set your mind to what you want to achieve and it is done.


Have the determination and tenacity to achieve your success! You can do it! We all can!

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

Angelic Collective Energy Healing Frequency: Go WITHIN to align with Divine Truth and Authenticity. 

Angelic Collective Energy Healing Frequency: Go WITHIN to find your Divine Truth and align with your Authenticity.

Before we can love anyone, we must first love ourselves. By going within, we can start to connect with our authentic truth. At our core, we are Love. Our Souls are our direct link to Source (GOD/Goddess/Supreme Creative Force). As such, our Soul has all the answers that we (yes, even our ego self) need. Going within ourselves will bring us back to our elemental truth of being ONE Divine Love. We are in need to bring that forth in our world. There is no better time than NOW!

Our team of Guides are within us. We are part of them. They are part of us. We are always one with them…the only separation is that of perception. Separation is the grand illusion that we are now noticing or remembering. “The more you connect to your Soul by meditating and communing with your own guidance, the more connected you will feel. Your life will shift because you will become more empowered in your own divine sovereignty.”

Our Angelic Guides want us to know, understand and integrate the truth that they are always with us. When we feel lonely, tune in so you can see the evidence of being always in contact. They are so understanding of us being in this plane of existence, which we chose to come more into ourselves by experiencing emotion. The message is to live with and from integrity. Denying the perceived negative emotions does not serve. Emotion is just energy in motion and must always be allowed to flow.

We are being made aware that the energies of our Angelic Team and inter-dimensionals are always available to us by connecting within. We hold the power within. We hold the Divine Love within. We hold the Sacred Codes within.

Archangels Uriel and Michael are working with us to strengthen our resolve to live authentically and shine our creative brilliance radiantly for the world to shine. This does not come from ego, if it is coming from a centered place. The paradox here is that when we become apathetic and refuse to do the inner work (whatever that may look like, whether meditation or some other more active form, that brings you to a meditative state) we fall back into the pattern of ego mania. The Angel of Peace is here to support us in resolving this paradox by helping us find peace within. This Angelic energy supports us as we tune into our small still voice of our Soul, and the more we tune in the louder that voice will get because we strengthen it like a muscle that we can work out to build.

By doing the inner-work we are giving ourselves the value that we deserve. This will help us become more of our true authentic selves, as we empower our divine creativity so that we can bring our unique blend of skills and talents to the frontline. As a collective, of we follow this advice of seeking solace within, we will be assisting the Galactic Collective to evolve also. Frequencies are always matching in vibration.


Let’s all become more empowered by connecting to our divine selves, our Higher Selves, our Soul to infuse the world with our brilliant light and love.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light,

Suzan 💖 xoxo

Daily Channeling & Healing

⚛️Collective Daily 🌀Energy🌀 Healing 🍀🔮Message: keep surrendering to Divine Truth as we are continuing to be supported through this transformation. Balance and Harmony are our key!


There is much happening behind the scenes where everything is being perfectly aligned for our greatest and highest good! We are all being lifted to a higher phase within our individual journeys. We have been undergoing such deep deep transformations, and we are being applauded for our continued acceptance of this growth. As we continue to expand (in every sense of the word), we are being given extra support to continue on our way in alignment of our truth.

Notice the signs that are highlighted at this time. They are definite messages and guidance from our team, as interdependence is being infused with harmony. Teamwork along with empowered individuality is commingling now in divine order.

Our beautifully designed orchestrated journeys are unfolding to our amazement!

We are all noticing so many synchronized events that are anchoring us to our magical destiny. Our divine Guides are not separate from us because we are all part of the Whole. We are being encouraged to keep releasing the illusion of separation. We are truly ONE.

Be honest with yourself as you ask “what is my truth?” Once you find your own truth, you may openly share it with others as they will reciprocate the vulnerability that you show. Only you can answer what is your own truth. So be clear and honest with yourself first and foremost.

Soul mates show up for us as catalyst to open us up to our truth and divine selves. Whether Soul Mate or Twin Flame, every single partnership is being strengthened. We are being asked to let go of labeling and just LOVE without limiting conditions.

Once we align with True Unconditional LOVE, we will unlock more of the magic that will lead us to an even higher plateau. We are strong on our own, and even stronger paired. Our partnerships and unions are being activated with more harmony and balance. Our job is to accept the support of our Higher Self as we are lovingly guided to our destinations. We are reminded to in-joy the journey because it is the journey that is our magical alchemy.

Clear communications are still being highlighted. Our throat chakra has been going through a lot of purging and recalibration lately. Communicate clearly as you stand in your empowered truth. Be honest, be clear, and be concise in your communications while coming from a place within your heart working with your solar plexus (place of power). Be as wise as the owl 🦉, who knows the following: “When communication comes from an enlightened and empowered place, it is targeted to the bullseye.” It will be (revived) received well, when coming from this energy.


Celebrate!!! There is a strong sense of celebration all around. We are all being applauded for our accomplishments! Notice this energy of celebration that is being shown first through our dream state. “As above, so below. As within, so without. Rejoice!”

Leaving you all for now with all my LOVE and Light in Divine Truth…Abundant Blessings, xoxo Suzan 💖