Universal Curve Balls & Timeline Shifts

It seems that the more we feel we know, the more we need to know. The more we believe something to be true, the more we come to the awareness that a belief is just that…a belief. Do you hold on too tightly to your own beliefs? I definitely have held on very tightly to many beliefs throughout the years. The more we live in the moment, the more we realize that beliefs are tightly intertwined with different timelines. Depending on the timeline shifts and our willingness to play along, the better chance we have to create from a non-attached state of vibration.

It seems as though we set up these timeline shifts in order for us to expand further into our own evolution; thus, expanding the collective evolution. What I have figured out throughout the years and the jumping/merging of different timelines is that it is all perfectly in divine order. The Universe does not need our manipulation, but it does like to co-create with us. We are not separate from all that exists; we are connected, interconnected, and part of the grand scheme.

I would like to share with you something that I wrote eight years ago that largely deals with curve balls and shifting timelines. I had titled it Funny Universe.

Just when you thought you had your life figured out… The universe, funny universe, throws you a curve ball. Out of left field and you are just so stunned…what do I do with this? What now?? Where do we go from here?

You are left shocked and totally lost. Lost in the shadows. Not knowing where to turn or what to think. It is such uncertainty; feeling so unsettled. Must be humbling to feel this way. Personally, I don’t care for it much.

I guess that it’s like the seasons. Seasons change constantly…who cares if you are not “up for it?” It’s going to happen whether you like it or not, whether you are ready or not. The more we resist these rights of passage, the more misery is felt. We must learn to cope, to ride the wave and go with the flow. Trying to control the uncontrollable is just crazy. It just can’t be done. No way, no how and the more you try the deeper you go into the darkness, into the black empty abyss of hopelessness. 

This is why you must rise above it all. Make the lemonade with the lemons that were thrown your way. Keep on moving forward because looking back doesn’t help…it will confuse you and make you tumble. Of course it’s hard! It’s so hard to let go and to say good-bye. Especially saying goodbye to your dreams. To the dreams you thought you had. Seeing your dreams die is the hardest thing to do. Mourning the death of your illusions is basically unbearable, but it won’t kill you. It will just make you stronger.

Sometimes I thought that people could die of a broken heart…but I’m not so sure anymore. Obviously, it didn’t kill me and lord knows how many times my heart has been broken. Broken and shattered…you sob and then you get up, look in a mirror and say, “what is wrong with you? Get over it already!” And you wash your face and take deep breaths in and tell yourself everything is going to be just fine! And hope to all that is holy that it will. Just remember to breathe in and breathe out. Repeat. At least go with the motions…one day at a time. Obviously, you didn’t have it all figured out. Thank you universe for dropping me! No really, it’s ok. I am all right!! I’m back and I will live for the moment, like a good girl that I am. Don’t worry I still trust in you.

As you can see, it is not our choice to have curve balls thrown our way. What is our choice is the way we react or respond to these inevitable events. Flowing with the current of least resistance helps us in achieving equilibrium once again. Our true job is to not get too attached to our dreams, desires, and beliefs. If we remain in an open non-attached state then we can enjoy the waves and timeline shifts. We can marvel at the magic of the Funny Universe.

Have a flowing week!

Suzan Smadi

Recommended Young Living Essential Oils
I find that these have helped me in my ability to flow within the path of least resistance. They may help you too.

Singles: Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense, Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce, Geranium, Jade Lemon, Rosemary, Pine, Melissa, Ylang Ylang

Blends: Joy, Believe, Valor, Harmony, Inner Child, Forgiveness, Abundance, Australian Blue, En-R-Gee, Citrus Fresh, Gentle Baby, Hope, Build Your Dream, Live Your Passion, Live with Passion, Light the Fire, Common Sense, The Gift, Into the Future

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