Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀 Healing: Self-Honesty Activates Abundant Rewards!

Sacred Code: 5667=Authentic Self-Healing Anchors Balanced Prosperity
As a collective, there’s a sense of scarcity due to our past patterns that are being highlighted for release. Many of us are hoarders because we do not fully trust in our true abundance. Due to our past circumstances, many have a lack mentality that has been caused by a deep-rooted belief system. This erroneous perspective (of lack) came as a result of our conditioning. We are being supported as we connect with our authentic truth within our Soul. Abundant prosperity is a reward for those of us who choose to align with our authenticity through self-healing of this old paradigm.

The energies are truly supporting this cycle of completion as we shift our perspectives to those that are more beneficial to our continued growth and expansion. Our own sense of worth will be coming up for reevaluation after we recondition ourselves to our new way of being within this elevated sense of consciousness. “Existing within the matrix is the illusion. Many are awakening to realize that the truth has always been available underneath the surface as a way to let go of the old karmic patterns.”

The issue with “old karmic patterns” is that it is a challenge to realize what they are if we are not being completely honest with ourselves. The visual being created to illustrate this is that of interlocking patterns because one deep-rooted pattern leads to others that are even deeper. It all comes down to unraveling these interlocking patterns as a way to rebuild new healthier and better serving ones. We are encouraged to replace patterns instead of just cutting them loose. A good way of replacing patterns is through integration of newer perspectives without getting too attached to them, but instead moving through them until others come into our view. The whole point of expansion is to embody the freedom that comes from moving past the old and remaining open for the new of change.

Change is a hard concept to accept for many of us…I know that it has been one of the biggest lessons surrounding me throughout this incarnation. Sometimes I still struggle with allowing change to take place, although conceptually I have the understanding of the pivotal importance to remain open. How I personally integrate this is by allowing myself to have a lot of freedom to follow my intuition on how to move forward. I may have tantrums throughout the beginning stages, as a stubborn child will exhibit, but I allow my feeling of frustration to move through me (instead of repressing/suppressing) and laugh about it. Humor is a huge dose of healing! 


If you’re experiencing any hardships within your personal relationships, it is a sign that you will benefit from reflection by being more introspective at that time. If you find yourself being triggered by anyone outside yourself, it is a clear indication that there is something within you that must be looked at in order to transmute and transcend through self-reflection. Everyone we come in contact with is only reflecting that which is already within us as a way for us to expand on our perspectives. As such, whenever we experience challenges in our relationships, it is the best opportunity for us to be more introspective instead of pointing fingers to anyone outside of Self. “Treat all Beings as mirrors for Self expansion.”


If you’re experiencing sluggishness, it may indicate a need for more self-care. Are you feeling a heaviness within your body? Have you been eating the best foods for your body to feel vibrant and alive? Or, have you been caving in to unhealthy cravings that are actually an indication that there is something within that wants to be loved and expressed? We are being encouraged to ask our bodies how we may best support it. We are being asked to really ground our energies through connecting to our bodies. This grounding can look like a walk in a beautiful park near a lake or an invigorating high-speed cardio class. Yoga may work for me, but may not be your thing. We are all in need of connecting to our individual bodies as a way to understand how to best care for our temple. If we don’t care for our temples, no one else will.


No other person can truly leave you, but you can (and often do) leave yourself. By the old-paradigm of relating towards others through co-dependency, we often forgot about honoring our authenticity. Sometimes, we may fall back into this old pattern because it was long seeded and deeply rooted (rotted) within us through our multi-incarnations. This has been shown to be one of the most convoluted patterns that we are here to break and rebuild into something far greater for our future generations to benefit from and in-joy. We will also get to enjoy from our work. The fruits of our labor are almost ripe for us to fully live the joy that we are here to co-create.

What brings YOU joy? What fills your heart with electrifying energetic passion? That is what you’re here to create. We are being supported through uncovering our truest purpose. Our purpose is what our Soul is here to create and experience. As a result of our honoring of this passion that is deep within, we will encourage others to follow suit. We are not only doing this for our own personal benefit, but for the whole Collective.

⚛️🌀🔮Honor your Self and your beautiful journey. We are all part of this intricate transformation process and are supported by the Soul-Source (GOD/GODDESS/Universe/Highest-Self) in a Divinely Authentic way! That in itself is an abundant reward!

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan🌟💖 xoxo

Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀 Healing: divine support for transformation. 

Some very strong, powerful, benevolent energies are supporting us now. The love that comes from our Ascended Masters and Archangels are surrounding us as a cloak of pure light. They are encouraging us to keep going on our path of self-exploration and discovery so that we may grace the world with our divine light.

The Archangels that are on the forefront at this time as we work conjointly with them are Metatron, Raphael, Zadkiel, and a combination of Michael and Gabriel. They are all supporting us as we each become more aware of our sovereign divinity. This is a major shift in our collective consciousness. As such, they are lovingly encouraging us to keep putting in the effort of staying the course. They offer us extra protection as we make these monumental breakthroughs within our collective field, which always starts with us taking ownership of ourselves and our decisions.

The Ascended Masters are all part of the quantum field within our consciousness; they appear to us as energetic currents of information that are streaming down into our more grounded reality. Although they each have a distinct signature, they are all part of the bigger whole for which a collective ONENESS is experienced. Spirit is that distinct signature, whereas the Soul is one in the same. Their divine wisdom is now being experienced by more of us, on an individual level, because we choose to connect via meditation and contemplation.

Our Guides’ loving grace is empowered by our validation of ourselves through our healing transformation, which anchors self-trust on our divine truth. This is a divine dance whereby each baby step taken will lead to more being unveiled. Disclosure always happens within ourselves before it is expressed outwardly.

Our unique blend of skills are being highlighted as the main purpose at this time. We are being encouraged to really hone in on our individuality and to interdependently express those unique qualities that make us great! That is how we may shine our light and share it with others to make our universe brighter.

To receive assistance in releasing negative patterns, thank the energies of AA Zadkiel and AM Saint Germain as you visualize the violet flame of transmutation cleansing your auric field of that which no longer serves. “Keep raising the energetic vibrations by embodying forgiveness. The act of forgiving is a self-loving gesture since that is the way to transmute the perceived negativity of resentment.”

⚛️🌀🔮Be uniquely you! Be courageously open to taking the risks that your heart is desiring! Be the change that you wish to see! Be in the experience of bliss! In-joy the journey that your Soul is manifesting!

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,


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Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀 Healing: Surrendering to Self-transformation. 

A lot of times we fall prey to our outside circumstances, and to our ego. The negative self-talk becomes intense and incessant (if you let it). Be aware of how your automatic thoughts, formed from past programming, are controlling the outside circumstances that you face and interfering with your inner peace. Instaed of letting the little monsters inside your head get the best of you, shift your focus to your heart. Love is the way to defeat the shadows within.

“The reason you have aligned with this message is due to your commitment to self-healing. As your light from within shines brighter, your light heals and transforms the world.”

The clear message is that it always starts and ends with us working on ourselves. Far too often, we focus on the outside. We become the victim of our circumstance; our programming had been based on the archetype of martyr. We are being encouraged to shed light on this “old” archetype that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. By becoming aware of how this archetype has been forcing us to stay stuck on  denying ourselves the opportunity to live abundantly and be successful, we begin to shift that reality.

We have no control over anything (or anyone) other than ourselves. We can have complete control on how we respond in an enlightened form. By becoming increasingly aware of how our automatic thinking is affecting our inner state of peace and harmony, we shift and align with healing. Transformation through healing is the way of unleashing our true potential. To honor ourselves by connecting to our heart, where our Soul rests, is how we are called to shift the old wound of self-sabotage and self-loath. Let’s now concentrate on our connection to our heart.

To live in an enlightened way means that we are one with our Soul. Once we are confidently connected and in full trust of that connection we may begin to speak our truth in a loving and respectful way. When our divine truth is coming from a place of pure LOVE, then others will respond accordingly based on the Universal Law of Vibrational Matching. The key is to focus on our frequency signature because that will be signaling others to respond accordingly.

⚛️🌀🔮Our Guides, collectively, are helping us shift the old patterns of our programming and shed more light (through light codes) on our truth. The ONLY way to shift the outside circumstances is to do it from within ourselves; inside healing is the only way we may align with the Heaven on Earth that many of us are here to create!

I am in this for all of us! Are you with me??? I trust that you are if you’ve read this far! THANK YOU for being the Spiritual Pioneer that you are, and for joining me in this transformation through healing of Self! 

Abundant Blessings, Love & Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

Arcturian Council of Light & AA Metatron Healing Activation ⚛️🌀💖

Collective-Energy⚛️Daily Guidance: Be infused with this healing spread that the Arcturian Council of Light have offered for us today. “Breathe. Everything is in perfect order. Continue to let go of the situations that are no longer serving and keep raising vibrations by living life as an example for others. Live by example as you continue to help raise the vibration of the Galaxy.”

As a collective, we are being helped in our journey and in our individual situations. As each member of our community is supported, our vibrations reach higher plateaus for which we help others and this has a domino effect. Not only are we helping our planet, but we are also aiding the cosmos, as the cosmic energies are helping us…it’s always an exchange of energy. “Frequency is always in perfect match of tone.”

We are being helped specifically with our throat and solar plexus chakras at this time. They have showed us that we must speak our truth in a respectful manner while concentrating on the good and healing that it brings for everyone concerned. These two chakras should be in balance since we must stand strong in our power while lovingly communicate our truth.

The gentle warning, and reminder, is to be mindful of the many distractions that appear as a way to divert our attention from what truly matters. What truly matters is LOVE and communicating in a loving way.

Be openly loving in your communications. This heals the situation. When we expect others to submit to our whims, we are sadly mistaken that this will result in a positive situation. We are asked to always check our own motives. This will help us in identifying whether what we are saying is coming from a pure heart.

We are being encouraged to have the discipline of remaining in harmony within ourselves as we are dealing with our outside circumstances. “Meditation is always encouraged as a way to remain centered. We would like to provide you with a challenge to be in a meditative state amongst the constant noise around you so that you may realize how truly powerful you are!”

Our chakra system is being healed, empowered, and infused with more balancing Divine Light. The invitation to work on this today (regardless of the time you read this message) is being highlighted.

We are all in perfect harmony and alignment to help raise the collective’s frequency as we work from within and we are thanked by our Guides. The beauty of this is that as we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors and beyond. “Focus on the infinity symbol in perfect rhythm within the rainbow spectrum of rays as you go with your day.”


Thank you Arcturian Council of Light and AA Metatron for this beautiful healing message and activation!💖

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan xoxo

(Channeling recorded: 4/1/2017)

Collective⚛️ Energy 🌀Healing: Balance is achieved through acceptance, which leads to our healing and ultimate abundance. 

As a collective, we are going through some deeply challenging times. Our choice on how we handle such situations is entirely personal. Perspective is the key in really honing in to the golden opportunities that adversity bring and maximizing on these circumstances.

Everything (always) has the potential of being a blessing (even if it comes in a disguise). The blessing in a challeninging time, when we meet with obstacles and/or distractions, is that we can grow and expand in our consciousness.

Far too many times, we meet an obstacle or a challenge, and we either completely back off or we take a fighting stance. The infamous flight or freeze response; this is more of an involuntary reaction and not a response. When we are able to consciously choose a response, from stepping back and reflecting, we are coming from an expanded state in our consciousness because we become the objective observer and responder.

Everyone that we come into contact with is there for a reason. Frankly, they are there to reflect back to us what we are not (or have not yet become) aware of in order for us to further expand. These situations and encounters are always a catalystic mirror and an energetic vibratory match. When we elevate our awareness and take things in as an opportunity to reflect, then we “up-level” our consciousness.

Next time you are triggered by some “outside” circumstance, instead of having a knee-jerk emotional reaction, choose to respond after reflection. This means the following: stop, step back, see the other side through empathy, and then develop a compassionate and loving response. This is the true meaning of balance. Balance is a godly virtue because it’s neutral, yet anchored in the only divine truth: LOVE.

The serenity prayer works because it comes from a balanced loving graceful place. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”  (I personally know the transformational vibration of this prayer because it comes from a grounded receptive feminine energy of allowance through accepting the divinity within everything. Allowing for our Higher wisdom to take over, instead of reacting through a limited one-way perspective.)

When we react from a place of limited view, we stunt our growth and our unlimited potential. In fact, many times ego-based reactions have a counterclockwise motion because it succumbs to our fears. This is counterproductive because it leads us to feeling a sense of guilt after we have had the time to reflect. Guilt is very harmful for us because it disuades us from our divine truth of love; it prevents us from loving ourselves. Guilt destroys self-love and self-esteem. We may use our guilt to show us what we need to change within our behaviors and then letting it go. The healthy form of guilt is to use it for our reflection and nothing more.

⚛️🌀🔮 Remember that the most important relationship we have is that with our Self. In order to love someone else, we must first love ourself. Having a strong connection to our Soul is the key to Self-Mastery. Distractions show up as a way to test our own discipline within our authentic divine truth. The abundance that embodying balance brings is the reward in itself. Universal abundance is achieved by our Self-Mastery in this play.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

Collective Energy Healing: Imagination meets synchronicity. 

Imagine how things could be if we all helped each other achieve success! Everyone would be much happier. Isn’t that what Heaven is like? Don’t you imagine Heaven to be a place where everyone is flowing in abundance without envy or jealousy? Instead of people tearing each other down, they want others to succeed because the realization that they are one in the same has been reached. We can have that here on Earth NOW.

Our beliefs affect our reality. If each of us is awake and aware of how our beliefs are helping or hurting the collective, then we can shift our experience to a positive and blessed outcome.

Have you noticed that things are cyclical instead of linear? Patterns keep repeating if a lesson has not been integrated. Once a lesson is fully integrated, the pattern is broken and we do not have to redo the same old thing. It’s perfectly fine if our lessons take us time to integrate. We can do and redo it until it’s done.

Evolution is a spiral. On a more personal level, we are each evolving. Take a relationship for example. The way one relates to someone else has its ups and downs. Sometimes we really like our partner and want to feel connected, yet there may be times when we want to get away. This is a form of expansion and contraction. Evolution has this pattern of expansion and contraction. Within the evolutionary spiral, we may go up or down in our perspectives. Even if we take a step back, we are still higher than we were before taking the backward step.

This pattern of going round and round happens a lot when we are transforming because transformation may be experienced as pain. We usually do not transform over night; it takes some time and patience for our change to become our new. This is all due to our beliefs. If we believe that it has to take time to fully integrate a lesson to have a new experience then that is exactly what we will end up experiencing. In reality, all it takes is a shift in perspective and that can help integrate the old pattern to change the sequence of events.

Hypnosis works because it allows for us to visualize within a relaxed state our new life experience and how that would make us feel. Thoughts and feelings equal experience. When we can shift our beliefs about what we see (our perspective), then a new experience is integrated.

Working with coaches or mentors is a good way to widen our scope and perspective in order to identify our patterns. Once the pattern (of action based on belief) is identified then it can be reprogrammed as a way of integration. This process is how we are able to redesign our lives.

At this time of fast-paced manifestation, we may align with the right people at the right time as a way to help us through with these shifts. These shifts are being anchored through our spirituality. The foundation comes from our connection to our Higher Self. As one person helps another, it creates a ripple effect within this Univeral experience.

⚛️🌀🔮The code for this transmission is 911. “Your thoughts are manifesting into reality at an ever-quickening pace. Keep your thoughts about your divine life purpose, focused only upon your desires, and give any worries or doubts to Heaven for transmutation.” (Angel Numbers; Doreen Virtue & Lynette Brown).

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀Healing: Clearing Loss

Our call to action now is to clear our past (ancestral lineage) from the grief that loss brought. We are in the NEW now. This time is full of magic to support us in aligning with Univeral Abundance. The choice is ours to release and transmute the shadow of grief that is still palpably felt amongst us.

We are being lovingly guided to stop repressing what we consider negative emotions, such as grief and fear of losing. Yes, these create a sense of lack and as our vibrations are always being matched, that will create more of the same. Instead, allow for these emotions and feelings to flow through in grace so that they may be released. It is alright to feel grief over someone or something lost. Allow it. Let it move you and move through you.

“It won’t be long before you achieve relief from the grief. Allow it to move you and move through you. Let go of trying to control how you feel or how others feel. Just allow!”

Grief is an opportunity to connect with our Higher Self. The problem that most of us face is that since it is a lower vibrational frequency, it is then that we feel the most disconnected and alone. In truth, we are NOT alone; we are NEVER alone; we are always connected. As such, when moving through grief, allow time for reflection. Go back to your center. Connect to the Univeral Heart, which is your heart.

Empathy can only be experienced when we are heart-centered and open to see a perspective that is different from our own. We are able to connect through our heart to others’ and feel from their vantage-point. We may notice this opportunity to show our empathy come up more when we are caught up in our own story.

This is a chance to connect with another aspect of ourself because we are all one. If one of us fails, we all fail. We are all in this together. Come from a heart-led place, next time you are confronted with a miscommunication. This is a chance to breathe, see things from another perspective and peacefully realign the situation.

We can’t control anyone outside of ourself. By releasing the need to be right (righteousness), and coming from an empathic place, we are healing our deep ancestral wound of lack. We will then be aligning with our limitless potential of experiencing abundance in every way. We may manifest by fully being in our heart.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work by always being positive or thinking positively. Instead this Univeral Law deals with our vibration, which is connected to our heart. Law of Vibration is what really is at play within the Law of Atrraction.

Thoughts create a feeling within us. Yes, thoughts have a vibration, but it is the feeling that gives the thought the fire of creation. Many of us are stuck in wondering why our positive thoughts are not manifesting the abundance that we wish to achieve because we are stuck in attracting positivity.

Integration of our shadow self is so important in manifestation. Our shadows make us human. Integrating all parts of ourselves will allow us to move through the muddy and murky waters that will eventually lead us to the promised abundant heaven here on earth.

Now ask yourself: How am I integrating my shadow? How am I feeling? Where could I shift my perspective so that I may align my vibration to that which I would like to manifest?


We have limitless magnificent opportunities to feel the vast spectrum of emotions here…let’s start using our emotions to bring forth the abundance that we so choose. We are not slaves to our emotions, thinking or feelings. We are limitless multidimensional creators of our experience.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo