Intention Manifesting

I’m always creating my reality with love and complete awareness. I am helping to heal the planet and galaxies. I am doing my part in stepping forward as the co-creator of our forward movement into the 5D of Christ Consciousness and beyond. I am helping others step into our New Earth that is lit by pure bliss through unconditional divine love. I am the clear conduit channel for abundance and alchemy in every area of life and in all levels. I alchemize everywhere I go. I always attract and am a match to the Beings that are vibrating at my frequency. I channel healing energy everywhere for all who cross my path. I am unconditional love and Light in Truth.

On a more personal level, I create even more harmony and balance within my divine Twin Flame Union. I help others navigate and create more harmony and balance in their divine love Unions. I help bridge the new love paradigm into our reality. I keep creating amazing things for myself and others. Others always benefit from my channellings and inspiration. I’m always communing with Spirit through my Soul mission, which in turn helps the collective. I’m always well cared for and financially supported by being in alignment with my Soul purpose. Blessed be! So it is!💖🙏🏻⚛️🔮🌀🦋🦄🌈✨🌟💖

What are YOU intending and creating??? Write it down as a way to ground it into BEING. 

Remember that WE are co-creating our reality. There is no other “more perfect” time than NOW! Start manifesting to your heart’s content!!! 

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,



Do we have a Soul? Yes. Do we have a Spirit? Yes. Are these concepts the same or is there a difference? Yes and Yes.  I know it sounds confusing, but I will now attempt to explain what I have come to know as my truth in regard to these questions.  After you finish reading, I invite you to offer your take on these concepts. This article will serve as the introduction for the other complex concept of our Soul Monad.

Let’s get ESOTERIC! Continue reading “SOUL & SPIRIT FUSION”

Why am I here??? Sacred Connections!


My name is Suzan and I want to warmly welcome you to my new blog website, where I plan to keep you updated to the current energetic influences that are affecting us in our daily life.  As a follower, expect to get fascinating revelations as to the growth and expansion of our Collective Consciousness, which you are part of if you are breathing. Continue reading “Why am I here??? Sacred Connections!”