Energy Guidance 11/26/17

You have aligned with the following #guidance for the week ahead. Wishing you all a fantastic week full of #expansion and #joy 💖 PATIENCE!!! How do you feel about that word: patience? Does it annoy you to hear that patience is required for your miracle to unfold? Or, are you embracing the ime and making the … Continue reading Energy Guidance 11/26/17

Severing cords with your twin flame

Very insightful!! We truly may only reach union within ourself before we can experience harmonized union with our Twin Flame. There is no true running away or cutting off the connection. The connection cannot be severed because it is sacred in nature. We, in the Soul Higher Self level designed it so that our connection with each other may not be interrupted or cut.

Great post!!!

Mirror of my soul - Stories of you, me and eternity


When a person comes face to face with their twin flame, and enters a new world of spiritual awareness & unconditional love, it very quickly becomes clear that what we until then perceived as “love” is in fact only a very small fraction of the earth shattering, big bang type heart explosion LOVE with a Capital L that our twin flame ignites in us. We become entranced with each other from the start and the shared vulnerability of our soulful nakedness allows us to merge all our bodies together at a very deep level. We are able to catch glimpses of the infinite beauty and love that surrounds us at all times and we feel vibrant, loved, accepted and nourished to the deepest part of our being; our soul.

When this soul level merge with our twin takes place, it opens up multiple channels of energy that run through both…

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