E~MOTIONS: The Soul’s Language

Understanding our emotional body connects us to Spirit. Emotions are the key components that allow for the manifestation of the physical body along with the elemental constitutions that build it. Emotion IS the energy that animates our SOUL within our body. It quite literally animates us. Emotions trigger movement. After all emotion is energy in motion. The energy that trigger our movements along with the thoughts that provoke that energy to activate are the components that make this manifestation possible. The Soul speaks to us through our emotions. Spirit informs us using the language of emotions and our emotional system. What and how we choose to do with that communication is up to us, activated through our consciousness.

Let’s explore some interesting concepts. We will understand emotions better if we can bring it to the physical world in a tangible way. Here are some examples of how our emotions work to move us into action.

Have you ever felt nervous? What have you noticed when you are in a downward spiral of anxiety? You may have noticed that your body has a very physical response to the psychological overstimulation that anxiety provides our nervous system. You will probably agree that you will notice some jitters and unsteady hands. This goes along with some other very interesting happenings within the body such as increased perspiration. The heartbeat increases when our nerves get the best of us to the point that an anxiety or panic attack may be mistaken for a heart attack. The nervous response is similar to what we experience when our fear response gets triggered.

Whenever we are fearful, our bodies respond with the movement of shaking and trembling (behavioral); it goes further into heart palpitations, blood pressure spikes along with temperature fluctuation (physiological). Fear is the emotion that triggers the fight, flight or freeze response in our amygdala. The amygdala is part of our limbic system and it is interconnected with the instinctual and survival based reptilian part of the brain. The reptilian part of the brain is what will kick us into action – to strike or to flee and find shelter.

You may be wondering why it is tied with reptilians. The answer to that is simple and complex. In the evolutionary three-part brain model, the limbic system is our mammalian part where we process feeling, empathy, memories and attachment. Because the mammalian part deals with emotions and memories, it is our storehouse for all feelings and attachments. Before the middle mammalian part of our brain, we hold the reptilian cerebellum and brainstem. The reptilian part is the ancient part of us that does not hold any feeling.

The reptilian part of us is only concerned with our survival and triggers our actions based on that instinct. This part is what we can thank for keeping us alive. Using what became instinctual is completely unconscious; this is the prehistoric information that is ingrained deep within us. The limbic system and its components are all part of our automatic nervous system (ANS) and they operate instinctually, unconsciously and subconsciously. This complex interconnection has worked in our evolutionary journey and is basically how we manage to stay alive. Our breathing is very much tied in with this system, which is why we do not have to learn how to breathe; it happens instinctually and based on prehistoric programing within our ANS. The last part of the human brain in this model is the neocortex. This is the part of our brain that is concerned with processing logic, ideas, thought, language, rationality, consciousness, abstraction and creativity. It is the evolutionary path that allows us to have this experience as we have come to know it.

If we are excited, we can barely contain ourselves because we are activated to expand and let the world know just how excited we feel. Most of us use our limbs as an extension of that emotion when we perhaps do a joyous dance if we have passed an exam. Anger is another emotion that usually triggers us to hit or kick something because it is a way to release that strong overwhelming emotion. Some of us when angry choose to suppress it by clenching our fists and jaws; we even hold our breath if we are controlling our anger.

We must be mindful of these actions because they inadvertently create havoc in our physical bodies. In order to be in alignment with the energy of emotions, we must allow them to flow through us and not restrict this flow. When we allow the flow, we start to glow because we are in rhythm with our natural state. With that said, we must also raise our level of consciousness before we react unconsciously.

Anger can be a positive emotion and trigger us to become a change agent. When emotions such as anger get triggered, instead of instinctually reacting by hitting or kicking, we can take that energy and create change without harming anyone. Anger doesn’t have to be used destructively. It can be used constructively. When anger is triggered within us, we can choose to pause and think of creative ways to create change. We can become change agents by using anger to create a shift that will benefit everyone equally. The emotion of anger is a signature that signals a shift is called for and you are ready to make that change.

Our emotions are quite literally the energies that activate within our nervous system and move us. The energy is triggered by a stimulus in our environment through our sense organs. The five physical senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The corresponding organs are eyeballs, eardrums, skin, tongue, and nose. We receive the information input, which then activate the energy to move through our Automatic Nervous System through the neural pathways and circuits. Our neurons are basically kicked into gear as they spark within us and in so doing prompt us to take action. This is all happening on a subconscious level and it is automatic, as we have been programmed in this form.

As we move through this Ascension Process, we raise our individual consciousness. We become more creative. We align more with Spirit. And, we become more in tune with our Soul. Our Soul is calling us to a higher Love. Ascension is about awakening us into a more whole and integrated Self. As we raise our individual consciousness by becoming increasingly aware, we are assisting the world to follow suit. That is the purpose of this major shift in consciousness. Our increase in awareness of who and what we are by using our emotional system in more productive ways is how our Soul speaks. Will we all listen to our Soul’s call to Love?

Have an E~MOTIONal and flowing week! 😉💥Have an energetically moving LIFE!!!💥

Suzan Smadi✨💖✨

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