Message of Unity

First crop circle of 2020, found on May 25th.

This is a message from Higher consciousness to anchor in the Divine Heart. This is about balance. It’s about transcending the opposites and achieving harmony.

The heart in the middle is the bottom of a pendulum that can swing either way. 

It is your choice now…by tuning into your true heart, you will be guided. Which side are you on? Will you side with one and oppose the other? Will you find the balance within yourself and transcend the limitations of our programming? Will you lead others astray or will you lead others home? First, you must lead yourself.

Let go of judgments. It’s time to unite. 

This is what is upon us. 

2020 is about FREEDOM from illusions. Having a true meditation and contemplation practice NOW is imperative as we clear massive amounts of karmic baggage. 

It is not a time for more divisiveness. It is a time to unite with Inner Guidance. It’s time to unite with Spirit. Do your part for yourself. 

This is Ascension. This is evolution. We are exactly where we are meant to be for the collective’s Ascension. 

The past is gone. It is done. It is not coming back. Now we move forward, building a new existence. 

We are all in this together. We are all carrying our own baggage that we are clearing. Don’t get sucked into the chaos of others at this time, instead, focus on your own chaos. Clear it. Release it. Rise in consciousness. Be the Light that you are. Be the change that you want to see. Be the Peace within. 

This is leading us to an elevated 2021, where we will see more balancing (not as chaotic). We are moving Forward. We are all cosmically connected with all that IS. Remember. Remember the truth within your Divine Heart. It’s easy to remember if you set that as the intention. 

You are more powerful than you ever could imagine. It’s time to connect with your heart and remember Truth. 

Surrender. Surrender to the Light. Surrender to the Truth. Release the desire for lower egoic outcomes. That is a distraction from doing your inner work. Feel what you feel and move on to creating a better world. It’s time. It’s time to heal. It’s time to be empowered. It’s time to remember. 

Allow the process to happen. Let go of resistance. Support each other. Love each other. Focus on your own Balance. Focus on Harmony.

Listen to your own vibration after clearing other imprints. Tune into your own heart. Clear the chaos. Clear the pain. Clear the fury. Clear the raging anger. Get clear on what is important. What do you value most? What would you like to create moving forward?

Remember. Remember. Remember. 

Truth. Truth. Truth. 
Love. Love. Love. 
Light. Light. Light. 

Anchor into your Light. Anchor into the higher timeline. Honor everyone’s path. All paths are sacred. 

The time is here NOW to rise in consciousness. Which timeline will you choose to give your power to? This is the critical point NOW. Choose wisely. Choose your own heart. Harmonize your heart by purifying the flame.

Be empowered. Be healed. Be aware. Be Light. Be Grace. 

I love you. I am you. We are ONE. 

Suzan Smadi


🕉Om Shanti Shanti Om🕉

Choose wisely.

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