Master, Awaken!

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What comes to mind when you hear that word? When I hear that word, I am flooded with images from the very most gruesome to the most benign.

One way to look at this word is by looking around us. Aren’t we all in a sense sleepwalking? Who are we? Does anyone actually know who they truly are? I don’t mean personality because that’s just a mask that we wear that we think we are because we are identifying with those qualities. We are much more than that outer mask, even if we believe ourselves to be that personality. The personality is some layer that we wear in order to live this life experience. For it is part of our ego self – or the individuality that is highly based on past programming. Our conditioning runs deep in the sense that we believe ourselves to be that and yet we are not that. This is a form of sleepwalking. We sleepwalk through life not realizing our true potential because we fail to look deeper into our true nature.

Sleepwalking is also something that we do when we are drugged up with our addictions, when we feed those addictions. What is your addiction? Perhaps you are not addicted to a substance. Do you realize that coffee is an addictive substance? It’s true. Try not drinking it when you have that as a ritual. Your body will let you know that it’s not happy because it is used to getting that fix in the morning. You will end up nursing headaches that let you know how addicted you actually are to that substance.

Most mornings I drink a warm cup of coffee and then I like to mix it up by switching it up to a warm cup of matcha latte. Matcha is full of antioxidants or at least that’s what I tell myself. It’s still full of that highly addictive drug that we label as caffeine.

The personality loves to sleepwalk through life. The ego loves to take charge of our lives deluding us into believing that we have free will when it’s all based on a program that we are running just as a computer program that needs to be installed in order to run software. The computer system is highly capable of computing whatever it has been downloaded with – the information that it has access to has been downloaded through a programming of its software. The personality is the same. We can say that we are a computer system. Each human is running based on a set of patterns that have been programmed through past interaction.

Do you believe in karma? Do you even know what that word means? I’m sure that you may have heard it before because it’s one of those hot words; like a hot potato it gets thrown around a lot without any real context or understanding to what it actually means.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means action. There are many forms of Karma. My favorite concept to contemplate is Karma Yoga. Now I am adding another of those hot potato words. Yoga means union – like the yolk of an egg that unites it into a whole being if it is left to its natural process. From an outsiders view, we can perceive the egg as a sleepwalker because it is doing its thing in the process of becoming a chicken or whatever creature it turns out to be. Just like that, we are that which we perceive. So if we perceive another as a sleepwalker, we must be that sleepwalker that is perceiving. We can only perceive that which we already are because that is our point of reference. Now does that even make sense? Can a sleepwalker perceive anything? How could a sleepwalker perceive if he isn’t actually awake to perceive?

I watched the latest Doctor Strange movie. That’s another version that comes to mind when I think about sleepwalkers. Zombies are sleepwalkers. Just as our personality, egoic self, is a sleepwalker. If we let ourselves be driven by our dead personalities how could we truly have any free will? Logic tells us that we can’t actually have freewill if our dead programs drive us. Programs are lifeless. They can’t have freewill. It would defy logic if a dead program has the ability to create anything let alone have freewill.

To truly awaken, to truly develop the ability to have free-will, we must master ourselves. We must first awaken to the truth beneath it all. We must Master our emotions. We must master our thoughts. We must be the Masters of our path. Only Masters have freewill because they are awake and can create change based on actively pursuing Truth.

The ego is a funny sleepwalker. Our ego is the cause for mass hysteria in this illusion that we call life. Sleepwalkers are necessary for this dream. It is up to us to awaken to our Truth and in so doing become the Masters that we have the power to become.

Suzan Smadi

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