img_0197Hello! I’m Suzan and I have been an intuitive empath all of my life.  I always knew that I had to answer a higher calling of healing and helping others achieve to live in greater peace and joy.  Finally, now that I get to interact with so many marvelous individuals like you, I get to fulfill my mission by providing the needed tools, insights and information that will best assist you in redesigning your life! Being a natural intuitive coupled with a counseling background allows me to have a wonderful combination of Spirit and commonsense.

Every session is unique and designed specifically with you in mind.  I use a holistic compilation of my metaphysical knowledge and various therapeutic modalities to best assist you in developing the right action plan for your continued growth.  My main goal is to help you achieve your highest potential so that you too can live a joyous life!

When I’m not directly servicing a client, I love making YouTube videos that are geared to helping others get in touch with their own GPS (Guidance Personal System).

I truly believe in you and know that it is our choice to intentionally create the life that we can be proud to live!  I wish you many blessings, love and light!