Rohini’s Creative Impulse

Sidney Hall’s (?-1831) astronomical chart illustration of the Taurus. Original from Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. by Library of Congress is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

The changeability and adaptability of the Moon in Rohini suggests that the fruits are ripening for our enjoyment. As we move into this new Moon’s cycle, we are driven by our inner desires to grow, to expand, and to conquer. This time requires bold action as you move forward with inspired action. Follow your inspirations and get creative, as that will help the inspirations take form.

Aldebaran is the Arabic name given to this Star, which means to follow, as it seems to follow the 7-sisters of the Pleiades. Aldebaran is known as one of the brightest stars in the sky since it is gigantic as compared to our Sun. Good thing that it’s approximately 65 Light-years away from us. It is also known for it’s red or pink hue. No wonder Rohini is known as the “Red One” and as “the Growing One” since it is seen as a red bull’s eye – it is one of the eyes of the Taurus Bull.

Rohini is the Star of Ascent
Moon is sensual and happy in Rohini

Although it is believed that Rohini is auspicious since Chandra (Moon) preferred her to the other 26 Nakshatras, Rohini has a dark side that isn’t always discussed. This Star is connected to ArchAngel Michael and was known as “Watcher of the East,” one of the four Guardians, by the ancient Persians around 5,000 years ago.

This fixed star is of the nature of Mars and can be very rebellious. Don’t try to tell a person with this Star prominent in the horoscope what to do, unless you are ready for battle. It tends to give honor, logic reasoning, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, high integrity, stubbornness, popularity, courage, fierceness, agitation, a responsible position, public honors, and gain of power and wealth through others. It is the epitome of the General heading for righteous battle to honor his King and protect the kingdom.

There is something special about the eyes of a person who has this Star somehow connected to a Self-factor in the chart. The eyes have a distinct magnetic appeal and are quite captivating, which is symbolic to the magnanimous size of this Star. The magnetism here is very powerful. Once the eyes are set on a goal, there is seldom anything that can get in the way of achievement and success.

Aldebaran is highly goal oriented and treats everything as a competition. The special prowess held here is seen as a game and likewise life is seen as a game by Rohini, but a serious and competitive sports-like game. There is enjoyment in the conquering and battles that are undertaken by the influence of this powerfully skilled Star. The energy held here is unmatched and may only be matched by its nemesis Antares. Just don’t be fooled by Rohini’s charismatic charm because it can cost a high price, but you may actually enjoy paying that price! 🙂

Rohini is the sweet one that will get her way no matter the cost. If the partner plays the cards right, he will be completely satisfied and highly satiated since Rohini has the special skills to please. This is connected to romance, sweet smelling roses, and perhaps even unseen rocks falling from above.

The point to take from this is that it’s best to be awake and alert as Rohini’s energy ramps up during this lunar cycle. The Sun and Moon are being charged by this potent and highly skilled energy, which can lead to taking bold steps in all areas. Some will be highly beneficial and others will experience the opposite effect. This is about tuning into the subtle inner knowing in order to proceed. Only by taking that inspired action will things unfold in a smooth and beneficial way. If you are taken by surprise and act without inspiration, you will see the negative effects of this energy.

Since we are in a dualistic world, we must take into account that everything has a dual nature, which means there are light aspects and then there is the shadow. We can experience both at any moment in our time continuum. The experience will be based on whether one is taking inspired action or reactive action. If one is asleep or sleepy, the action will be reactive, whereas one that’s awake will benefit by using inspirations to take bold steps and creating a better life.

Think of it this way, the magnetism and gravitational pull is what drives the desires to take form. As this is one of the brightest stars in our sky, we can assume that the magnetic power is equal to its radiance. The emanations that are generated by the higher-minded Star have an equal result in our receiving consciousness. If the screen of our perceptions is cloudy, we won’t get the clarity of the inspiration. Then if we have done our inner work through exerting efforts of self-knowledge that will show through a crystal-clear lens.

Using this energy to plant seeds for a later harvest is the better way to use this power. Taking bold steps in attracting a mate is also favored with this energy. Creative pursuits of all kinds flourish while the King & Queen embrace in Rohini’s abode. Enjoying music is probably the best way to spend the next two weeks with all the creative juices overflowing. Taking sensuous warm baths along sweet scents will not only please your senses, but also the Stars!

One last thing, this energy is highly fertile. This may be the month if you want to conceive so go play and have fun! Otherwise, be extra mindful of this creative energy.  😉 Whatever is planted now is sure to blossom, grow and succeed. Completions of all kinds are ahead. Create, create, create!

Monday, May 30th, 2022 at 4:30 AM PST (7:30 AM EST)

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Suzan Smadi

Hubble Sees a Slashing Smudge Across the Sky by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

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