Do we have a Soul? Yes. Do we have a Spirit? Yes. Are these concepts the same or is there a difference? Yes and Yes.  I know it sounds confusing, but I will now attempt to explain what I have come to know as my truth in regard to these questions.  After you finish reading, I invite you to offer your take on these concepts. This article will serve as the introduction for the other complex concept of our Soul Monad.

Let’s get ESOTERIC!

When I was young, for as long as I can remember, I knew that I was made up of energy as everything around me IS energy.  The chair I sit on is a tangible physical representation of energy since it took energy to create it, as are the particles within the creation a part of the bigger energetic macrocosm.  Thus, the chair is the compact representation of the bigger whole (the microcosm in this scenario).  Everything in essence has an energetic frequency since ENERGY has always been and will always be, it cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.  As such, both our Soul and our Spirit are part of our energetic frequency, which is what makes up our etheric body.

During a vision that I had during hypnagogic state recorded back in 2005, I was shown the macrocosm of our Universe right down a spiral toward the microcosm of me as a Soul/Spirit.  What I saw was an infinite number of Souls that looked like stars in our galaxy, and as I focused more closely, these stars became more like bubbles with what looked to be a sparkly pin inside each of them.  After being shown this visual many more times, I began to really take notice that there was something for me to analyze and comprehend about the experience.  I began to get really curious since I kept getting the same visual every time I meditated or tried to sleep so I inquired about the meaning.  I came to understand that the sparkly pin inside the bubble was the representation of the Soul as the bubble around it was the protective representation of the Spirit.

SOUL Covert Unconsciousness (beneath the surface and part of Universal Consciousness)

The Soul is the part of us that is the direct link to Source Energy (our Creator).  It is the Divine Spark within us, the light of Unconditional Love.  As such, it holds the key to all that there is to know.  The answers that are encoded within the Soul are the truth of all that there is and all that there ever will be because it is eternal; immortal.  Our Soul is the part of us that is created in the image of GOD because it is part of the ALL and ONENESS.  It is the perfect part of us devoid of anything that is not of pure Unconditional Love.  This aspect of us is the direct link to our own sovereign power of divinity.  It does not require a will because the only requirement is to expand within itself by experiencing more unconditional love.  Love is the essence that makes this aspect stronger as it expands.

SPIRIT Overt Consciousness 

The Spirit is the part of us that is the representation of our Soul in how we wish to present our light to the world.  It is the reflection of our Soul based on our experience and perspective.  Spirit holds our will because it is the part of us that encapsulates our personality.  The Spirit is the prism that lets you see the Soul.  Spirit is a projection of our ego and our Soul; it is the expression of our sovereign divinity.  It was created as an integration and protection device.  This aspect is like the glue that gels together the body, mind and soul.  It is the imperfect part of us since it can take on an aspect that is less than Unconditional Love.

Soul and Spirit: Experience

The Spirit expands and can leave the body through the dream time as the astral body, as it can also astral project.  However, the Soul encompasses and envelopes the body until death at which point it goes back Home to Source.  In the off chance that the Spirit and Soul split, the spirit without the divine spark of our Soul will represent itself as a ghost because it is lost without the Divine Light of Source.  As such, it loses the facet of perfection and will require help in returning to Source.  The representation of a ghost is of an ego’s hollow shell.

Trauma also affects the integration of the Soul and Spirit and creates holes within the Auric field.  This can manifest through anxiety, depression, panic disorders, dissociative identity disorders, as well as other illnesses.  Healing modalities such as Shamanic Soul Retrieval as well as Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique or other types of hypnosis that focus on regression, inner child work, Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalysis, etc. may be helpful for the reintegration of the Soul and Spirit back to wholeness.  When fully working in unison, the Soul and Spirit act as a divine protection and anchor for one’s psyche.  The Psyche is the representation of our whole being that will always transcend time and space.  The intricate fusion of our Soul and Spirit is our expression of Oneness as it expands through experience.

Stay tuned for an explanation of different Soul Connections such as Soul Mates and Twin Souls through the process of uncovering the Soul Monad.

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