Near Death Experience ~ Is there more to life than meets the eye?

Is there more to life than what we think? Is there more to our experience than what we have been taught and believe to know? In the vastness of all that there is, why would we believe that this (life experience) is it and that there is just one shot to get it right? What is “right” anyway? These are some of the questions that have always played a great part in my personal evolution. Of course, there is always a reason behind every thing…even behind the questions that we ask ourselves.

When I was just five years old, I had a Near Death Experience. A Near Death Experience is a personal and sacred event where one is actively (and energetically) crossing over to another experience, a life other than this one. A more accepted view of what this concept means is the experience of a person’s imminent death. For the purpose of this article, I will be basing this account largely on my own experience. If you are interested in knowing my personal story, I created a YouTube video (posted below) where I share what happened to me.

What happens when we cross over to the other side? Our perspectives open wide, and we become one with the ALL; our perspectives become unbound and completely free from perceived limits. We become expansion itself as our consciousness is released from the boundaries that we believe are real. We essentially go home. Now, you may ask, where is home? Home is here and now. The beauty of having no boundaries is that we become aware that the perception of separation is an illusion, and that in reality all is Oneness.

Our consciousness continues because it is an energy stream. Energy is truly all there is, and what all boils down to, since it is through energy that everything comes into being. It is what truly exists without exceptions or expectations. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it will always just transform in its expression within manifestation. Energy is the singularity within the ALL of Oneness.

Have you had a Near Death Experience? I would love to hear your own personal story, if you have had the experience and are willing to share it with me. It is in community and sharing of our perspectives that we expand and grow. For what possible expansion would there be if everyone had the same views and experiences? That is, after all, why we are here…to learn, to play, to expand, to enlighten, to become, to express, to manifest. We are here to learn how to manipulate energy in a playful way. Is it not more fun to create in joy than to create in pain? Well, I believe it is mutually beneficial to create from both feeling states because like that we experience the real wonder and magic of it all!

It took an enormous amount of personal mastery for me to share my own NDE for the public and I definitely did not expect more than 250 total views. However, the 10K plus views left my hoped-for-500 out in the dust. I also had not expected to have such controversy around this topic, which some viewers were compelled to leave in the comments section. Although I was nervous about sharing my private story publicly, I now see how catalyzing it was for me as much as it was for those that it touched/triggered. My Guides encouraged me to get through this process and helped me to build up the needed courage to achieve this feat.

So, without further ado, here is my story:

And, here is my in-depth response to some of the comments placed by viewers on the first video:

I trust that if you watched both videos, you have sensed the growth and expansion that I experienced in just the three weeks in between. I also hope that you get something valuable out of this story. And, if nothing more, that you gain some courage to follow your own guidance.


Suzan Smadi xo

PS I hope that you enjoyed getting my recommended book list discussed on the second video.

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