The Purpose of the Eclipsed Radha Fork

Photo Credit: Eslam Rady, get 10% off purchase with code: SUZAN2022

The energy is highly volatile! In alignment with the energy that is palpable during this Lunar Eclipse and Vishakha Full Moon, we are getting into the esoteric world of knowledge. We must understand what is happening with this intense energy so that we can hopefully be aware enough to make conscious choices. This is very much the overarching theme of this eclipse and constellation. The symbol is a fork on the road. Which road will you choose to travel? Or, will the road choose you in your slumber?

We are cultivating now (basis above) so that we can reap the harvest later (basis below). In other words, now we cultivate by sowing the seeds that will fructify and ripen for us later in the harvest season. We shall reap what we now sow.

Affirmation Mantra: “I shall reap what I now sow.”

We hold such strong desires that we may not be able to see straight or clearly. This energy leads to obsession and obsessive thinking, which leads to take actions that cultivate what will be experienced as a result. This is a very powerful and power filled fixed asterism. It has a fixed quality because of the strong desires that it ignites. Desires hold the power of manifestation. This can be great, but it also can be fatally detrimental. The warning of “be careful what you wish for because you might just get it” has a strong connection to this energy. So, be mindful of your strong desires during this eclipse.

Let’s talk about magic! Black & White – Magic, OH MY!

Magic is the intentional manipulation of elemental forces to gain a desired result. The intention of that desire will clue you in on whether it is benefic or malefic, white or black. This is an occult science that is widely misunderstood. Magic in truth is neutral. The intention of that desire will indicate whether it’s good or evil. In neutrality, that balanced state of Zen, there is no duality. That is why magic is neither good nor evil. It is the Will of the “magician” or desirous-mental-body of the ego (also known as individual) that will change the neutrality to one of dual nature.

In this dual experience we have the ability and capacity of choosing what road to travel. We are sowing through our karma (action) what we will experience later. Better yet, our descendants shall experience it after we are long gone. This is what Ancestral Trauma is all about. Remember that every action has an equal reaction. We are highly reactive Beings. In that reactive state, we get hyper focused with our desire for the outcome. That is like putting a carrot in front of a hungry bunny and teasing him with it. The hunger of that bunny can ignite a monstrous reaction. That bunny may just bite your finger off if you tease him enough to that extent.

Most people are obsessed with outcomes. The problem is that those obsessions may not be part of conscious awareness. We are obsessed with our desires and that is what drives us to take a certain action. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that the way of Karma Yoga is to do actions that have no attached desire for an outcome. Can you honestly say that you do anything because it has to be done and that you have no desire for the outcome? Will you be truly neutral when the outcome shows up? If you can affirm that in truth then you are not creating any future karma. However, if you cannot purely affirm that then you can be sure that a new reactive cycle has been woven into the fabric of our Cosmos.

This is a deep topic that must be explored further at another time.

Photo Credit: Eslam Rady, get 10% off purchase with code: SUZAN2022

This is a highly psychic energy. Please understand that the psychic realm is NOT the spiritual. Psychic-ism is of the Mind. The realm of the mental plane is where psychic phenomena are found. We are developing this ability and skill as we are developing our mental body in this Round. I am making the esoteric exoteric by writing this. Look deep within yourself to understand what this means. The question for you is whether you want to focus on Mind or Spirit. Would you rather develop your spirituality or your mentality? Could you achieve in developing both simultaneously? Contemplate and meditate on these questions during the eclipse. Connect with your Soul during the connection of Ketu and Moon. This Total Lunar Eclipse is exact at 9:11 PM (PST) on Sunday, May 15th, 2022.

Further to explore is looking back at what happened during the May 15, 2003 eclipse in Vishakha cycle. Can you think back to that time? Could you remember what went on during that last cycle? What did you manifest in your life? What manifestation took root and what did you reap during the harvest of that? Are you able to reflect back on these past 19 years? This is a big clue as to what this energy is about and ultimately will bring. The question is: will you be awake for it?

Krishna & Radha on Swing Murti (statue) from Murtis & Vendanta to purchase text/call Manoj: 858-735-4869

I don’t know if you can feel the highly charged energy, as I have been experiencing. I usually feel the waves before they come in to Earth especially when I tune into the Cosmos. By the way, you too can do this with practice and awareness. This can be experienced as high anxiety due to its high electric charge. Uranus, a higher octave of Mercury, and fusion of Rahu and Sun is in Taurus, which means expect the unexpected with this energy. In other words, brace yourselves and be prepared to be shocked by what transpires during the next 6 months. In a way, it may be the shake up that we all need with the higher purpose of evolution in mind. It may be uncomfortable especially if you are taken by surprise. I am hopeful that it will be for the best because ultimately everything is for the best even if we can’t see it at that moment.

Mercury is retrograde during this eclipse, which signals miscommunications are more likely if you rush. You may be prone to rushing into things with this energy combined with the eclipse, which wants things to change on the spot. Again, this is highly volatile. It’s better to take your time with things, especially with any communications. If you are writing an email or sending a text, read it over a few times before sending. Why regret later what can be avoided by just taking precautions. The energies are all within us, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice in being swept up by them. It takes conscious awareness. The best thing to do is to review everything! Investigate all of it. And be curiously explorative!

Jupiter and Venus, the two high Counselors are joining forces. What happens now is about teaching all of us the lessons that we need to learn. Again, evolution and a higher level of awareness are the ultimate result. How long that takes is another matter altogether. This Eclipse is a major moment for our evolution.

Mars and Neptune are together, which can go in so many ways. The nebulous Neptune is too otherworldly to truly know what is behind the curtain. On one hand, this can be flaring emotions coming out of nowhere. This can indicate high anger rising over unexplored shadow elements. On the other hand, this can lead to high creativity and a vision unlike any other. This is also getting a Rasi aspect from the retrogradation of Mercury. One thing is for sure; this is intense! The depths of our Psyche are being churned like the churning of the Milky Way galaxy. We will be morphing with this energy.

This is a longer report because of all of the different elements being activated during this momentous Eclipse. We haven’t even explored the significance of the Vishakha asterism. Saving the best for last!

Photo Credit: Eslam Rady, get 10% off purchase with code: SUZAN2022

Vishakha is symbolized by a fork or two-branches, suggesting the choice and change of the wind that is upon us. It is also known as Radha, the “delightful” consort of Krishna. She was highly devotional and devoted to ‘her’ Love. Do you see the connection of our strong desires? This Star constellation is also connected to IndraAgni. Indra is the Deity mostly known as the chief among the Gods, Jupiter for the Romans, and Zeus in Greek mythology. The great thunder-bearing Deity that has the power to destroy or bestow great blessings among all is Indra. Agni is the Fire God. So we have a POWERFUL force of fused energy with Vishakha. This power is focused on attaining desires and goals. As you can gather, the intensity of this Nakshatra can burn with passions and it is through the burning that we usually take our course.

Emotional awareness is highly recommended now. Emotional mastery is the key to navigating this in the best way possible. Self-mastery is the name of the game during this closing of the changing-course energy of the eclipse season. Will the emotional currents sweep you up? Will you manage this energy as an awake individual? Blessings for a well navigated Vishakha eclipse! Have a great lunation! 

Vishakha Full Moon: Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at 9:15 PM PST (12:15 AM EST, May 16th, 2022)

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Suzan Smadi

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