Bharani Bearing LOVE-Divine

NASA Space Telescopes See Weather Patterns in Brown Dwarf by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

Bharani energy is about “Bearing All Things” – Love IS THE WAY.

Love yourself enough to let go of the things that don’t serve you. What is it that doesn’t serve you? Is your mind serving you? Does it serve you? Has it ever served you? Only you can answer these for yourself. I am here to merely point a direction to consider through the exploration of Self by asking these questions. Are negative thought patterns serving you? Do you know, really know, what love is? What is love? How would you describe it and explain its nuances? Have you experienced True Love? The type of love that is based on respect and honor is what I term and know to be Unconditional Love – Love Divine.

This is a moment of great change – whether for good or ill is beside the point. The point here is that a real breakthrough is here and just over the horizon. What have you been aiming for through desiring or fearing? Are you even aware of these (perhaps hidden) motivations? These are the deeply rooted motivations that are at the core of this breakthrough.

Transformation Heals! Love yourself and transform.

Love is an interesting concept for the intellect to grapple with because it leads the mind in uncharted territories. Mind doesn’t really understand it because it is not something to be conceptualized. Rather, Love is to be experienced.

This makes us all face our shadows so that we can align deeper to our Truth. By embracing our darkest fears, you can come to understand your Self in a new way. This brings improvement in relationships.

Throughout history as we know it people have misused Love based on wrong perceptions and ideas. These ideas are rooted in Mind since Mind is the holder of all ideas. There is no need to judge as right or wrong here. We are merely exploring with curiosity.

People and even whole civilizations have been killed in wars over who is right and who is wrong. Crusades have plagued the world in the name of love and religion. Religion is an interesting concept begging to be explored perhaps another day. It begs to question if anyone of us is truly in alignment. If we can kill others in the name of Love/Divinity, how could we call our Self human? The funny thing is that Self is not human (unless you believe it is). This is a philosophical perspective, of course. Contemplate on these types of existential questions if you have an alignment to it. What is the true nature of Self?

Each one of us has these stories that we tell ourselves constantly if stuck in Mind. These stories do not serve any of us. They only lead us to destruction, but perhaps that is what is needed for a bigger purpose. Evolution would be that higher purpose.

Leboucq (1904, fig. 5) by H. Leboucq is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

People have wrong perceptions based on these schemas. In psychology and cognitive science a schema is a mental pattern that categorizes thoughts or behaviors based on the relationship among the information stored in the Mind. These are also known as skandhas in Buddhism and are particularly the ones known as Samskaras. The Solar Eclipse is highlighting all of this because it’s connected to the energy of the Bharani New Moon. Eclipses are about a reset in our timeline as you may remember.

Bharani is the Nakshatra (asterism) that means “The Bearer” as in the feminine principle that is receptive and has the power to hold, nurture, and destroy. The feminine principle is the Space and negative polarity. The symbol is the Yoni or vulva. Bharani is also connected with Venus that is rooted in the material plane and has the energy/vitality of manifesting abundance (or not).

Venus is interesting because it is known as the teacher and guide to the Asuras. People say that an Asura is a demon, however, what it actually signals is someone who has been misaligned and no longer part of or aligned to the Light within itself. We tend to give Asuras a bad reputation by saying that they are evil. They are just traumatized and need healing. Venus is that healer that has the wisdom to impart and holds compassion for the under-dog. Based on this logic we can see that Venus is the higher benefic of the Celestial players if a hierarchy truly exists.

Yama is the Deity associated with Bharani and we can now get a clear view of the power of this Nakshatra. Yama is known to be Hades in Greek mythology and Pluto to the Romans. The Great God of Death, Yama, has the power to destroy and purify. It is connected with purifying rites that remove impurities. It basically is the energy that helps us release what does not serve in order to be a pure channel of Love. This is the divinity that it holds. As the storm must pass before a rainbow can be formed due to the refraction of the Light, Yama allows us to be a clear vessel of Love.

Spirit is Love. Spirit is Pure. Spirit is the Synthesis of All that is, was and will be… or that which is becoming.

We are in the great process of Becoming True Sovereigns. We are in the process of freeing ourselves from wrong perceptions. The ones that are not ready will not make it to the New World because they (or we) will not be able to hold the new frequencies. Those new frequencies are our Evolution. The old ways will not be compatible with the New Life that is coming.

Jupiter and Venus are exactly conjunct alongside Neptune and Mars during this momentous event as the King and Queen (Sun and Moon) embrace with the head of the Asura Rahu. If that is not intense energy, I don’t know what else would be considered intense and momentous. This is a Great Awakening wave. Will it help or hurt? Will it feel good or not? That is to be seen. We are just the observers as the play is on going. And as we say in the theater world, the show must go on! 😉

Saturday, April 30th 2022 at 1:28 PM PST (4:28 PM EST)

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If you’d like guidance during this lunar cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

PS The focal point is still Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter joining forces along with Mars and Venus! Pay attention to your dreams!! Lots of messages will be coming to you in the dream state. Avoid any mind altering substances because it will lead you into trouble powered by this energy. Use a visioning board to set your intentions for this energy and get creative with it!

PSS Work on heart-centered communications in all of your relationships…please, do yourself a favor and use this energy to clear the emotional baggage! And, remember to LOVE YOURSELF! xoxo

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