Ashwini Full Moon Reveals New Frontiers

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Are you feeling the pressure to change? Have you been wondering when the impending change will erupt from the depths of yourself? The Great Volcano is erupting to bring about the needed change for the new horizon to be fully experienced. The question to ask yourself is whether or not impulsive action will bring about the change that you have been waiting for. Only you have the answer within yourself. There are no right or wrong answers, which means you must trust yourself to find your truth within.

NOTE: We are about to get ESOTERIC!!!

If you have been following along with the most recent lunation cycles in accordance to the corresponding lunar mansion then you are aware that the only truth to seek is waiting to be awakened within your own DNA structure. There is a lot to unpack with the above statement. The DNA is the seed that has all the answers of your Being. Listening to outside sources is the old way of living. We are heading to a new way of living, that of awakened sovereignty. What does that mean to you? What does that mean FOR you? The DNA holds the truth of your past, present and future; in fact, it contains all future probabilities for your unfoldment.

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If we aim to understand the Universe, we must aim to understand the DNA. The DNA is the key to time and space. It is the seed that has within it the encoded blueprint of existence. The esoteric axiom “As Above, So Below” has always been available for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. The DNA structure is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Universe.

~Suzan Smadi
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Each cell has within it the great nucleus (the execution center “brain structure of the cell”/central part of nebula or galaxy). Within the nucleus, the DNA codons are found like coiled serpents (Kundalini Shakti). The DNA has histones and non-histones composing it; a histone is the special coating or protein in cells’ nuclei, which blocks the transcription of the genetic code. (I’m diluting this information to make it simple and easy to understand.) The main point is that the nucleus is the center. Why is this important? The nucleus is what contains the DNA – the AKASHA. Check out the earlier article that introduced the concept of holograms here.

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Astrologically speaking, Venus is the DNA or contains the DNA information probably because it is Shukra (sexual fluid) and rules Virya (genetic material). As we all know by now, we need the chromosomal material of both mother and father to unite in order to create new life. Venus is known to rule the senses and love and all forms of art. What is the greatest art in life if not the art of procreation? Procreation and the genetic material (DNA) interchange are forever linked.

Venus is in Jyeshtha during this Full Moon, which tends to dig deep into the depths of carnal knowledge. It was also dancing with Ketu in an intimate embrace during the Moon’s passing of their abode about two weeks ago. This basically means that emotions are (and have been) running deep. You may be experiencing emotional epiphanies and/or torments (depending on what is being triggered within your individual natal chart). Ketu tends to do well for letting go of the past and focusing on spiritual pursuits and research. This pattern also indicates releasing of outdated relationships and strengthening of the partnerships that are spiritually aligned.

All indications are pointing to very potent and powerful energies that signal another higher level of change. Hopefully it is a change that aligns you (and all of us) to a more aware version of Higher Self.

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Ashwini deals with the quick results of newly implemented ideas. This energy is highly expressive because of the high energy associated with it. Ashwini Kumars are the main deities of this nakshatra. They are the two celestial horsemen. One is Dashra and the other is Nasatya; these translate to “bringing help” and “truthfulness” and they are associated with the celestial physicians. They are the twin sons of the Sun – the first two cosmic Rays that give life to the material organisms through the transmission of photonic light.

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Legend has it that they are able to bring back the dead by resurrecting the bodies using special herbs and incantations. This energy is the link between life and death and what is done during this time has a huge impact on what happens going forward. This means that based on your decisions and actions taken now will have an impact on either the creation or destruction of human life. All choices have consequences and the energy of this asterism conveys this message very well. The most important thing to do is to choose wisely based on personal truth. Look within to find that truthful aspect that lays dormant within your very own DNA.

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Since emotions are running high and/or low, it is NOT wise to make any decision based on the ever-flowing emotional states. One must find clarity within the emotional wave. Decisions made from the high or low emotional states are usually incorrect in the long run. Don’t you think it is better and wiser to make your decisions based on clarity and a peaceful state? It is in the peace that is inherently within you that you can gain clarity. Certainty can only be achieved from an unemotional state. Weighing the pros and cons of a decision can be a good practice when attempting to get to that state of equilibrium.

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Pranayama or breathing exercises may be very helpful to subdue the high intensity of this energy. Moving meditations are also recommended to soothe the overactive nervous energy that is triggered with this Full Moon. This is the Star of Transport as seen by the alternative symbol associated with the asterism of a horse carriage consisting of two horses carrying two individuals. If you enjoy astral projection, this energy activation can make it easier to travel between realms.

The other indication of forward momentum can be seen by the Grahas that turned direct this month. We only have Uranus and Neptune that are still in the retrogress motion. All in all, this fares well for moving forward and looking toward the New Horizons that we are co-creating with the available celestial energies. There is just a lot of “NEWNESS” energy available for you and everyone to make the most of, which means there’s a BIG green light to begin new projects and/or relationships!!! 😉

Are you looking forward to the New Frontiers that this Ashwini Full Moon promises? Let me know how you feel with this energy in the comments or by emailing me. I always enjoy hearing from you! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 7:56 AM PST (10:56 AM EST)

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Suzan Smadi

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