Astrology Fusion: Personal Planets of Ideas and Creation

In the last couple of articles, we have explored the philosophy of astrology and the first layer of Astrology Fusion. The Holy Trinity gave us an understanding of the first layer. This article will explore the next layer of the personal planets that deal with the process of ideas and creation. Mercury, Venus and Mars are the next top players being explored here and now.

The Next Layer: Personal Planets

Mercury (Budhi): This is the archetype from which we gain momentum in our mind processes. Mercury is how all information is processed. Whether output or input, it is through the grace of Mercury that the messages are transmitted and delivered. This is the one that will provide the multitude of images that we gain from our perceptions and how we process the overwhelming amount of stimulus overload.

It is this aspect that gets activated within us once we take in our first breath, anchoring us into our physical body through the nervous system. In that sense, it rules over our nervous system as well as our automatic responses such as breathing and brain synapses. All connections within our brain happen thanks to Mercury and its strength and agility of momentum. It rules the speed in which our brain and body processes information; it quite literally is the PROCESS of information and signifies the FLOW of life.

Mercury’s dual nature makes it the best diplomat. In order to understand politics and what politician’s views are, we have to first develop a close relationship with Mercury’s energy. The thing to understand is that we can perceive things in a number of ways. Mercury’s dignity and associations with other players (planets) will give a better understanding of its motives.

In Greek mythology, it is known as Hermes, the messenger and healer of the gods. The healing that Mercury provides is unconventional since it is through humor that Mercury heals. Mercury is the creator of the saying “Laughter is the best Medicine!” Other than known for communications, it also rules over commerce, trade, travel, quick every-day-journeys, language, calculation, logic, intelligence, mathematics, humor, mischief or playfulness, magic, astronomy, astrology, sleep and much more.

Mercury is connected to Prana. The word Prana means breath or life force energy. It is due to Mercury that we are able to live this life because we can breathe in the force that gives life and then breathe out the toxins that destroy life from our sensitive bodies. The Spirit of Mercury is very important in our life experience. Spirited Mercury loves to tinker around in the easiest ways possible; agility is a good adjective to describe this energy. Tinker Bell and Peter Pan are the very Mercurial fairytale characters that personify this energy.

The Procreation Planets: Sexuality Meets Sensuality

Mars (Mangala): This is pure energy and drive for action. It is this energy that allows us to be assertive, but it can also indicate aggression and warrior tendencies. Mars is very passionate, as such it rules over libido and sexual drive. This is how we penetrate that which we want to conquer. It also signifies people such as younger siblings, friends, boyfriend, lover, military and more. Being the god of war, Mars is great at strategy and engineering. His anger provokes change. His assertion improves the quality of that change. Its main purpose is conquering the conquest.

Mars feels deeply, which ignites its passion and drive to achieve. It is our ambition and our rebellion. In a lot of way, Mars is like the Sun. As such, it has the same type of fiery hot energy. Mars will give us further information about the ego and will of the native. It symbolizes our state action.

Venus (Shukra): This indicates our attractions and desires. It is known to indicate love, beauty, and aesthetic pursuits. On a deeper level, it is what we VALUE. Venus indicates wealth, vehicle, luxuries, passiveness (laziness), reproductive fluids, romance, creativity, art, performing arts, music and more. This is very important to understand if we have questions specifically concerning our love life or lack thereof, or issues around romance. In that sense, Venus shows us how we relate with others and our environment. It signifies all relationships and is associated with sensuality.

Venus is sensual because it is concerned with the feeling aspects of life. It enjoys the good things that life has to offer. In fact, Venus is the one planet that will help gel the opposites; it likes to fuse together in a complimentary fashion. Venus is all about Oneness, bestowing its fruits to all in equal proportion. In its purest and balanced form, it does not like to negate anything to anyone. In this sense, it is the greater benefic. Its main purpose is harmoniously partnering up.

This concludes the introduction to the personal planets. Stay tuned for further exploration of the outer planets and the Nodes.

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