New Power Eclipses Jyeshtha New Moon

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The Eclipses are the proverbial big Universal Reset buttons. These are the Great Cosmic Karmic Resets and are very fated times. What does FATE mean? Let’s try to define this word before we go on further. Fate is when destiny meets effort. Due to this formula as a definitive reference point, we can see how during an eclipse there is a call to action.

There is a push or pull to act a certain way or say certain things, however, it isn’t the best time to go forward. Why? Destiny is reshuffling things (world-wide) and before acting, it’s best to wait and breathe…let the Cosmic dust settle before proceeding. The effort will come later and Fate will be anchored when it’s time. The thing to know now is that during the Eclipse season things are usually unclear. Think about when you are angered. Are you thinking clearly at those times? Probably not! The executive part of the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen because of the whole reptilian part taking over – you know the fight, flight or freeze automatic reactions that come up when faced with fear are instinctual and not thought related.

It’s a great idea to start making the intention to change and envisioning how to do that yet it isn’t the right time to take those action steps now. Waiting for true clarity and for the best timing to implement these changes that will be worked on for at least the next six months and longer. For now ask yourself the following: What action steps are you ready and willing to make to change your reality? Are you ready to stand in your sovereign power? Do you feel powerful or powerless? If you feel powerless, how do you feel that you can change that? Notice that I said “feel” and not “think” because this is about connecting with your heart’s desire…true heart’s desire. What inspires you? What sparks your joy? Are you ready to implement the action steps that will allow you to feel happy? Many of you have been struggling to get out of a bummed out “deep” sense of despair. Now is the time to get creative and envision a new world by focusing on the feeling of JOY!!!

As you can see, there is a lot of talk about POWER. What does power mean to you? How would you feel if you had all the power to make the necessary changes in your life – and in the world? Would you still be humble if you held that power? Would you be greedy and want more power by disempowering others? These are the real questions that should be looked at and explored now with this Jyeshtha energy.

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Let’s talk about this fascinating asterism! Do you know why the symbol for Jyeshtha is an umbrella???

Jyeshtha is all about POWER!!! And, more importantly, this constellation is about a BALANCE of that power. That is the reason for it being known as highly karmic. Karma literally means ACTION. TRUE LAW is about balance and achieving that celestial DIVINE justice. Natural Law states that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction (this is also known in Physics). This Cosmic Karmic Law is prevalent in this Universe in order to achieve that balance that is extremely needed for preservation. Universal Preservation (Vishnu) will always uphold this Law so that Creative Ideation and Potential (Brahma) and Transformation and Regeneration (Shiva) keep playing the Game of Life. The combination of these Three Cosmic Forces must remain in a constant motion in order for the dream to be weaved.

Mercury who is highly connected with Vishnu is the ruling Graha (planetary energy that seizes consciousness) over this asterism. Indra is the deity associated with Jyeshtha, which again gives us the clue that this asterism is high on the political arena. As a refresher, Indra is the elemental weaver as observed by the story of Indra’s Web. This deity is high in the Pantheon – high on the chain of Commander and Chief. In fact, Jyeshtha is known as “The Chief” or “Elder” Star perhaps due to the association with Indra. The elemental qualities of Indra are fiery and fierce, which anyone interested in politics has to possess internally in order to achieve success.

In order for a true Chief to be in charge, he must have the sole desire of serving his community. He must possess the internal nature of divinity and purity otherwise; the community will end up suffering. The community’s well-being is highly tied to the purity of the Chief’s internal nature. If the Elder has greed for power in mind, the community will suffer famine due to the Head being corrupt. The Chief must possess the inner calling to Serve a Higher Cause – to serve and protect his community. That is the true essence of a Leader.

What is really interesting during this New Moon is that Mercury is so close to the Sun and Moon by degree. There is a strong tie to what was happening during the Ashlesha New Moon on 8/8/2021. These cycles are interconnected. What happened in your life around that New Moon cycle? This will help you see something that you may still need clarity on now. Look back to that lunar cycle and see what is connected with this one. What decision are you being asked to make now that began then? (This issue can even be prior to that New Moon, while 8/8 being the accelerator of that specific issue.) How do these two lunar cycles connect for you? Is it related to a career move, relationship issue, health, or all of the above? Perhaps it deals with your living situation and the people that are in your life. Did you want to begin (or end) a relationship but lacked the courage to say what your heart was calling you to say?

Mercury has to do with communication. As far as the Sun and Moon, they are both connected with the balance of the feminine and masculine energies, heart and head, feelings and thoughts. All of these are so close together that it is impossible to distinguish where one starts and where one ends. The only way to move through this with clarity is to pause and breathe. Find that balance within yourself before you make that decision – because a decision will most definitely be made now. Your future life is being weaved with this decision – so please choose wisely. Wait. Balance. Decide with clarity and then take the necessary steps forward after the Karmic Dust of this powerful energy settles.

It’s a great time to make your intentions real by stating them aloud. Speech is powerful. Combining speech with a focused clear intention can truly move mountains. You hold the POWER within yourself. Be mindful of that power that you hold and use your focused attention while you are stating your wishes to the elemental energies that are ready to weave your FATE.

Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon on Friday, December 3, 2021 at 11:43 pm PST (2:43 am EST on December 4th)

To see in which specific area this transit is effecting your chart, you have to study your D1 and D9. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

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