Krittika Full Moon Eclipses Fate

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If you haven’t been feeling this intense energy ramping up, maybe you should check your level of awareness or your pulse. Are you breathing? Are you noticing the abrupt cutting energy that is all around?

Sun in Vishakha along with Mercury and Mars in Swati are opposed this Full Moon in Krittika. Vishakha is known to form a forked branch, which means there is a crossroads point. This nakshatra is very focused, determined and one-pointed. Once the eclipse helps you make a decision, that choice will have long-lasting effects going forward. (This is also connected to the decisions that you were contemplating back in April during the Swati Full Moon.)

Eclipses are fated points that generate a collective and personal reset. This means that the times of eclipses bring about much needed change. The shifts come on suddenly and sometimes unexpectedly…and we can definitely count on these events being unexpected due to the connection of Uranus with the Moon. Uranus is known for being a great disruptor and change agent. Mixing in these energies with the opposition of the Sun, Mars and Mercury feels like a battle of wills. And there is just no way to know which one will win in this duality paradigm.

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The Forces of Good and Evil are at play here. On a personal level, and especially if you have any strong indicators in your natal being triggered by this cosmic interplay, you will notice your emotions running high. In fact, you probably have noticed this energetic ramping up of the intense feelings and inner-turmoil-begging-for-transformation all around. The intensity has been amplifying ever since the New Moon in Swati two weeks ago. The New Moon is what set off the course of this intense eclipse energy.

Transformation can often mean death and rebirth. Transformation means growth albeit sometimes painful or uncomfortable. Transformation is triggered ready or not. In fact, it’s best to choose which road to take otherwise; the choice will be made for you during the eclipse. The thing to keep in mind is that the energy of the eclipse is not conducive to make wise decisions. It is NOT a good time to make any decisions. The decisions had to be made prior to the inlet of tumultuous waves. The next best thing is waiting out the energy to subside and make those final cuts after the eclipse, if there is still a choice!

The main thing to remember is that what transpires during these next couple of weeks will be long lasting (at least until the next May 2022 eclipse, if not longer). There is something else that sets this particular eclipse apart from the rest; the duration of it will be the longest from start to finish since the 1400’s. That is definitely something to consider when being swept up by the emotional currents.

When emotions/feelings are running high and very intense, our thinking is not up to par. Thinking patterns get wobbly and wonky when there are emotions clouding objectivity. The reason for this is due to emotions and feelings being subjective and completely internal, which then clouds our sense to be objective and detached from our internal feels. The process of emotions and feelings are subjective in order for us to learn through our bodies and the waves that are created within the physical body.

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If you have ever been surfing and knocked out by a wave then you know the force of that energy. That is the energy that we are experiencing now during the eclipse. If our choices are not allowing us to ride this wave, then we are just being knocked down and out. The best thing to do is to wait it out…wait to be washed up to shore.

The interesting thing about both Vishakha and Krittika is that they are very much alike. While Vishakha’s deity is Intragni, Krittika’s is Agni. They are both fiery and fierce taking nothing that isn’t up to their standards. They both have very high standards and will cut through the chase to make their goal to achieve the best a reality. Knowing this, we can all take advantage on this positive spin for this energy. This is a good energy to clarify what is truly important and to hold out for our true heart’s desire because nothing else will serve. Anything lower than the best will only serve to defeat our potential and reverse any progress that we had made before.

Best advice for this eclipse season is to focus on the changes that are needed in order to achieve success. Light a candle and use that as the focal point to set forth your intention for what you will be aiming to achieve. What would you like to create? Is your heart calling you to manifest a certain reality for yourself? Use this energy to set that in motion on an energetic level and then put in your effort after eclipse season concludes. By the end of the long cycle, you will be surprised at your progress if you play your cards right! Aim with clarity.

Friday, November 19, 2021 at 12:57 AM PST (3:57 AM EST)

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Suzan Smadi

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