Powerful Pivoting Point Mrigashira Lunation

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The last eclipse season of 2021 has been very intense. The good part about this intensity is that it is assisting us in our pivoting point. There is a choice to make now. This choice is tied to our worth and value – and true heart’s desire. The Full Moon in Mrigashira is being empowered by the Sun and Mercury. Why? The Sun is in the Galactic Center in the asterism of Mula. This nakshatra is about the root of a situation or issue. Venus and Pluto are coming together in a close embrace. This is the most powerful energy of the year. In actuality it may be the most prevalent and powerful event of our lifetime!

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Sink or Swim!

This last lunation cycle is all about the choice to sink or swim. It is infused with the energy of Pluto – a power and force of regeneration. Pluto is known for deep psychological work and psychological depths. It is also known as the planet of power, death, rebirth and politics. Pluto is considered a generational planet because it moves so slowly taking 248 years to revolve around the sun. What does this mean and how does its conjunction with Venus affect our life? Venus is about our value and worth. What we inherently value is seen through the Venus lens. That is why Venus tells us what we find beautiful and attractive. It also deals with our ingrained inheritance because it deals with and is the DNA. Being in an embrace by Pluto tells us that we are looking very closely to our money situation and relationship issues. And that these issues are at a boiling point, which means there is all this pressure that wants to be expressed in a different way going forward. Resisting these energies will bring destruction while embracing these shifts will bring success and rebirth.

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Emerging from the ashes, the Phoenix rises!

The Phoenix is a legendary creature that is the epitome of the Plutonian energy. In ancient mythology, it was believed to be an eagle that lived for 500 years after which it self-transformed into a phoenix. The legend has it that the ancient eagle burned itself to death in a pyre from whose ashes birthed the phoenix. Why is this important now? The intense energies that this Pluto/Venus conjunction is radiating into the planet are such that transformation will be the outcome in what we value, in our self-worth, in what we find beautiful and ultimately in how we make our living. This is basically affecting our careers, economy, health/vitality, what or whom we hold in high regard, and all of our relationships even our relationship with the divine. Pluto is the Phoenix!

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This energy is here for a while…so, ride these intense transformational waves or be dragged into the abyss. This is happening in Capricorn, which means it is all about restructuring how we do relationships and rework how to bring home the bread. Check your natal chart and the dignity or strength of Venus to understand what area of life this is impacting you the most. Venus will be retrograde for a while, which means will be close with Pluto for the next few months. This is a long stretch that will ultimately reveal authenticity in your life. You will come through this with a better idea of how to move forward in an even keel – especially as it relates to how you make money and the relationships that you cultivate. Remember that relationships have a lifespan as well. They develop, grow and evolve as you develop, grow and evolve. The best part is when you can experience a relationship over a lifetime, where each person is developing, growing and evolving together over a course of years. It is truly a miracle when a couple transforms together and develops through the ups and downs that come with life.  This relational development is true spiritual progress.

Will you emerge or be dragged down in despair?

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Moon as the Ascendent

When we look at the chart from the point of view of the Moon, which is always a good idea in doing, we get a clear picture of what’s happening on an individual and emotional level. So making the Moon the rising sign, we see that the conjunction between Venus, Pluto and Saturn are all in the 8th house. This house has the energy of Pluto in modern Tropical astrology, which means sudden shifts. What I like about this combination is that Saturn is there; this can make the emotional upheaval a bit easier to digest because Saturn gives us the strength that comes from perseverance. However, it is a separating energy, but it doesn’t have to be if effort is put in to the situation at hand. Effort and perseverance are definitely needed for this energy of transformation in your relationships and money situations so that you can come through this with the best outcome. Note that this is over a double-whammy; this is an intense frequency that is (at least) tripled. Saturn being in its home sign usually has a better chance of overcoming challenges.

Clear communication is needed to improve all the sudden upheavals. The clear communication has to begin with you. You must be clear in what your heart desires. Being stuck in the outdated belief structures are not helping the transformation that you are going through now. Look at the facts and weigh all of those facts with what your heart and Soul ultimately are asking you to do and how to communicate will come with more ease.

Asking what is true within yourself is a good idea to do throughout this next month and for the duration of the Venus retrograde period. If you are attentive and pay close attention, your inner guidance will speak. That inner guidance usually comes in with a calm and even quiet voice within yourself and immediately there will be another voice that will be much louder…the louder second voice is not the one to listen to. That second loud voice is the mind chiming in and will lead you to make some mistakes since the mind doesn’t have the clear insight that the Soul has. Connect with your heart. Connect with your Soul, with that which you actually are, in order to navigate this tumultuous time.

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Another good thing to do is to have alone time to hone in on your truth and to cultivate your listening skills. Since the inner guidance comes in suddenly and calmly, if you are busy with other duties, you may miss your guidance. There are many ways to meditate, but the one constant in any type of meditation practice that is needed is concentration. Focus is a muscle that every single one of us must cultivate in our spiritual path. Yes, this seems simple enough, and yet it is the most challenging endeavor that we can undertake in this fast-paced world that steals our ability to concentrate. Some are more attuned to the ability to focus and others must work on it daily to achieve progress.

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Mars is with Ketu (South Node, Dragon’s Tail) in Anuradha, which is a more passive energy. Although both Mars and Ketu are intense and strong energies, together in this asterism they take on a more subdued quality. Yet they are in the 6th house from the Moon, which deals with health challenges and the daily routines. This means that you will have to exert extra effort to get anything done during this period. Your mind may be experiencing an extra amount of heaviness and stress due to the intensity of Pluto, Venus and Saturn. Those relationship and money issues may be affecting your health so take extra care with your nurturing and watch what you eat. Are you eating your emotions away? That will not work! Please consider other methods of moving through the intense emotions. Repressing those emotions will only cause more harm than good – now and in the long-term. Clear thinking and action is needed now. Cry if you have to and do what your heart clearly guides you to do. Action needs to be taken now. The eclipses were the decision point and now it’s time to move forward and ACT in accordance to your Divine Truth.

Rahu (North Node, Dragon’s Head) is in the 12th from the Moon, which means all of those inner fears may be coming out in the reality that you experience. This is the wake-up call that had to happen in order for you to move forward in a more authentic way. It is scary to move forward and to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Yet, that is what must be done. Listen to the perseverance and effort of Saturn. Saturn is the key forward now. Also, Saturn is in Shravana, which means Saturn wants to be heard! Heed Saturn’s call!!! This will bring ultimate success.

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Another indication of final success is based on Pluto and Venus being under the influence of UttaraAshada. This indicates final victory. Again, Saturn is the key to get to that final victory. I can’t stress this enough. Do the “hard” work that Saturn is indicating for you to do at this time. You will ultimately be glad that you persevered and got through this emotionally difficult time.

Jupiter in the Dhanishtha asterism indicates that a new birth is at hand and that prosperity will be the outcome of that change. Dhanishtha is about being in tune with the Cosmic Symphony. Doing so brings prosperity because there is a natural flow and the sounds are resonating within you. Cosmic energy is held within and that is how we can attune to the inner guidance, which everyone has access to. The key is to listen and be in tune with that resonance.

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Finally, the Moon being in Mrigashira is experienced as fickle and wondering. The wondering innocence of the deer symbolizes this asterism. Notice how this is going against the call of Saturn and Jupiter, who are both asking for concentration and attuning to the inner guidance. If we let our mind wonder aimlessly, action is not taken in time. And time is now of the essence!

December 18th, 2021 at 8:35 PM PST (11:35 PM EST)

To see in which specific area this transit is effecting your chart, you have to study your D1 and D9. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

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