Meditation Made Simple

Meditation is a word that gets thrown around a whole lot. Sometimes the word itself can seem like a hot potato. Why a hot potato? Because hot potatoes are too hot to handle, we throw them around to give us a chance to cool off our hands. Likewise, people throw the word around because they … Continue reading Meditation Made Simple

Wisdom & Intuition: Fusion Creates Discernment

There is a true war going on at this time. This is World War 3; the war that will end all wars. In actuality, the war that is currently happening is happening on all levels. This is happening within us above all other levels. If we choose not to wake up to our Truth, we may cease to exist. The choice is truly ours. We hold the Power within us. We hold the keys to the kingdom of Heaven within us. If we awaken to this simple and powerful fact, we will end this war and rise as we create the future.