Relational Healing Through Authentic Communication

This intense Full Moon is falling in UttaraPhalguni, which signals great opportunities for true healing in relationships. Although you may be feeling isolated and alone, you definitely have special people to rely on as suggested by Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune opposite the Moon. You may be feeling like no one could possibly understand you, your thoughts or feelings; just know that the first person that must understand you is YOU. Perhaps it’s time to reach out and ask for a hand as you venture to communicate openly and authentically.

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There is a lot of karma that is being worked out right now. As seen with Mars, Venus, and Saturn making a conjunction in Aquarius, we are all rebalancing the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. As we balance these energies, we realize that the triggers that we thought were there and that we felt so strongly about are no longer having the same impact. Things get easier as we come into a more holistic balance. The harmony is regained and restoration is achieved as we align deeper with the divine aspect that drives us forward.

All of the players are in forward motion in the sky, which indicates that the time to move into more action is supported. The Full Moon falling in UttaraPhalguni also suggests the same. Uttara means latter and Phalguni indicates the ripe fruit that is the reward for our past effort. Phal means fruit. The more we do now as we start new projects, ventures or relationships, the better the reward that will ripen from the effort. UttaraPhalguni is considered the Star of Patronage so we could conclude that it is connected to the power that comes from support. Virgo, which is the sign of this Full Moon is indicating the healing that is available if the courage within is put to good use.

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Virgo is a sign of innocence and purity. Aryaman is the deity associated with this asterism and what we know of Aryaman is that he doesn’t take any nonsense. Aryaman goes beyond the limits of being isolated or alone. He signifies a true partner and best friend. The type of friend that is the best companion and confidant is known as this deity. He is also connected to the Sun that purifies and gives us warmth. Cultivating those solar qualities of warmth and friendliness are supported without giving up on authenticity.

In order to be vulnerable, one must have courage because it takes bravery to be open. As we have been hurt, most of us build up these insurmountable walls that are hard to penetrate. These energies are asking us to be brave in the conscious removal of such walls. Letting people in to see the core of us takes a lot of courage because we open ourselves up to possible disappointment. And yet, it is in this act that we come closer to our destination. We can’t possibly have a human experience without the affection, understanding and acceptance of others that are having a common experience. As we rise in Truth, we are invited to open up and share our authentic cores. Let the masks that have kept the ego safe be kindly surrendered for a more aligned experience.

Clear communication during this lunar cycle is where most of the focus will be due to the influence of Pisces. The energy of Pisces is one that is called nebulous, as the smokiness doesn’t allow for true clarity to shine on the way forward. Instead the dreamy-like quality of Pisces makes it easier to just jump from cloud to cloud and look for ways to escape the things that lead to discomfort.


The challenge presented by this focal zone is to stay with that which feels uncomfortable as a way to arrive at a deeper truth. This deeper sense of who you are only comes from being unafraid of jumping into the ocean not knowing what the outcome. Even though you may not know how to swim, you must have faith that the ocean will carry you and you will not drown. Faith is being tested at this time. How will you handle it? Do you have faith? What does having faith mean to you? Will you allow faith to carry you forward in truth? You are the captain of your own ship, so be sure to choose consciously!

We are breaking down the old way of relating as we build a new and improved relational model. The new paradigm of Love is at the forefront as we move forward while still honoring our inner desire for connection. As a collective, we are becoming more aware of the need to change how we related to each other, but before we can do that, we must each take a closer look at how we are relating to the God-Spark held within. This must be the focus as no human relationship could ever compare to the romance that we each cultivate with our Divine Self. Contemplate of what Self-Love means, and how you could allow yourself to be more authentic and accepting of yourself.

Friday, March 18, 2022 at 12:17 AM PT (3:17 AM ET)

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If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

PS Pay attention to your dreams!! Lots of messages will be coming to you in the dream state. Avoid any mind altering substances because it will probably lead you into terrible circumstances powered by this energy. Use a visioning board to set your intentions for this energy and get creative with it!

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