The New Age of Acting and Communicating Begins

New Moon vibes are high with a fresh vision for acting and communicating as we move into a new frontier. Healing can often have an intense feel and look very daunting. However, when we focus all of our intention on the outcome being a lighter version then we can keep striking the bull’s eye. This Revati New Moon finds us in fated times to innovate ways to relate in a more authentic and genuine manner.

There is a lot of forward momentum that’s readily available now. It’s time to engage our will to charge ahead with laser focus. The new season has begun with Mercury being highlighted. The focus is on CLEAR communication with TRUE curiosity. Find the child-like wonder that has the power to connect. Children have that sense of pure wonder, which makes them capable of seeing the new in everything! Find that within yourself now because things can seem gloomy without that wonderment.

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Keep humility alive and be humble as you see a new world being birthed from within you. Remember that you have the ability to recreate your own story by clearly reimagining and engaging with that vision. Is it possible that what you thought you knew could be a misrepresentation of what is actually happening? Could you see a new way of engaging with the world around you? How do you think a new way of perceiving the world and your role in it could benefit the collective? How do you think that it could benefit you? Keep the curiosity alive! Mercury at its core is highly curious and that is what gives Mercury its versatility.

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According to the Ancient Rishis (sages), Mercury looks sideways. It does this because it likes to have options. Do you think that if you believe a certain thing to be true you will be open to see a different perspective? Will you be able to see a different option? Probably not. When we look through a narrow lens, we miss out on the infinite areas around its scope. There is a time for that laser-focus and there is a time to widen that lens. Mercury when acting at its most capable is able to discern and discriminate to arrive at the best possible solution for any given situation.

Discernment is truly needed to evolve and develop the finer qualities of perceptual relation. In order to develop discernment, the ability to judge and discriminate what is perceived must be polished. If these subtle skills are not fostered, no amount of peace could be achieved. This is a gradual process that happens on the inner realms of cognition. This is what a healthy Mercurial energy provides.

Revati is the epitome of the healthy Mercurial energy. When acting at its best becomes a force of true wealth and enlightenment. It is a gentle and wise energy that can also become the trickster and entertainer for the crowd. This energy allows us the ability to gain knowledge from the full spectrum because it connects us with the enlightened state. It is the most open of all the lunar mansions because it acts as the gatekeeper between this ordinary reality and the otherworldly dimensions of reality. This asterism is the true wealthy one since it connects the worlds in a multidimensional level of existence and non-existence. Revati is the link and connector within the webs of interconnected multidimensionality.

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Mercury is in Aries the impulsive sign of pioneering a new way during this Revati New Moon, which means it is empowered by both luminaries (King & Queen). The third eye is said to be the balance of the feminine and masculine principles. It is the solar and lunar qualities in harmony. This gives access to clear insight and foresight. Clearing away the cloudiness of what it just went through being in the deep ocean that is Pisces becomes necessary. As one comes out of the water from a swim, one has to readjust his vision to clearly perceive his surroundings. This is what the energy is indicating now. Discernment and right judgment are needed in order to create a new way of relating.

The collective energies are supporting forward movement, but only if it is authentic. Anything that isn’t truly genuine will be noticed by a strong sense of dissonance within the physical body. The lies cannot sustain themselves any longer. The truth has to prevail because life prevails. And life is Truth. (This is how we are co-creating a New Earth and it is a gradual process.) Relationships are still in the healing phase and the new paradigm reveals relationships that are sustained from their usefulness and authenticity. Relationships that are not useful or inspire improvement will not last in the new age of Authenticity. The aim is still on Healthy Living; Mercury ruled Revati New Moon is leading this purpose.

Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 11:24 PM PST (April 1, 2022 at 2:24 AM EST)

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Suzan Smadi

PS Still a lot of energy focused in Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter joining forces. Pay attention to your dreams!! Lots of messages will be coming to you in the dream state. Avoid any mind altering substances because it will lead you into trouble powered by this energy. Use a visioning board to set your intentions for this energy and get creative with it!

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