Testimonials & Reviews

My reading with Suzan was exactly the way it was meant to be! Her insight and intuition were spot on. I felt an immediate comfort level and got ” goosebumps ” more than once during my session ~ Thank you, Suzan! If you are reading this may you enjoy your session with her as much as I did!
-Hosanna Erin J.

I’m still glowing from my reading with Suzan. Her Presence is transformative as she reads the cards and offers her insights. I received confirmation of my spirit animal later the same day when I was given a Buffalo nickle in change. “It’s vibration that’s drawing our life experience to us”. I won’t forget it! So grateful for the reminder. -Gloria C.

I just had an AMAZING reading with Suzan! So much insight from the cards she pulled, yet even more insight from the messages she received and shared. I felt like Suzan went into my soul, uncovered what was being pulled in two opposite directions and bridged the gap with clarity, insight, and direction. I could actually feel the energy shift in my body as we moved through our time. I feel so empowered having validation in what I was already sensing and the ability to move further through those spaces and stay aligned with my joy, trust and keep things light (both spirit and energy light!) What a beautiful reflection. Blown away. AND an amazing person, which is so important when opening up, at least for me it is.   -Shama D.

Wow. Best reading ever. It’s funny when you are sitting here thinking you have it all perfectly together and then your guides let you know you have some clearing to do through Suzan. Excited to use the information to truly better my life and my business. -Greg P.

Suzan is filled with so much light and love. You feel it when you are near her -Carol F.D.

Suzan was amazing! She was very intuitive and made me feel comfortable. It was my first time meeting her and I felt like I known her for years. Her reading was very detailed if you have questions she will break it down. Very accurate. she mentioned things that blew me away and validated everything will be ok. It made me feel so good! I was recommended by a friend to have a reading by Suzan and I can’t wait to get another!!! Highly recommended -B.D.

As an intuitive counselor it’s always so easy for me to see someone in need and want to send my love and support. But what tends to happen is I forgot to do the same to myself and as a result and sometimes left lacking clarity. I am so honored to have received a reading from Suzan. Not only did I leave feeling truly aligned with exactly what I needed to do next but I also felt a sense of confidence that I lacked minutes before the reading started. Suzan is excellent with providing motivational ACCURATE assessments while giving you the courage you need to make the next big move towards you life’s purpose! —Darius M.