Swati Full Moon Prompts THE Change

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com The BIG change is here. Life is an ever-changing set of circumstances just as the mind (Manas) is full of changeable thought forms. Transformation is what Manas helps us to achieve. Are you feeling extra-ness today? Are your thoughts spinning out of control? As I contemplate what this Full Moon … Continue reading Swati Full Moon Prompts THE Change

E~MOTIONS: The Soul’s Language

Understanding our emotional body connects us to Spirit. Emotions are the key components that allow for the manifestation of the physical body along with the elemental constitutions that build it. Emotion IS the energy that animates our SOUL within our body. It quite literally animates us. Emotions trigger movement. After all emotion is energy in … Continue reading E~MOTIONS: The Soul’s Language