Angelic Collective Energy Healing Frequency: Go WITHIN to align with Divine Truth and Authenticity. 

Angelic Collective Energy Healing Frequency: Go WITHIN to find your Divine Truth and align with your Authenticity.

Before we can love anyone, we must first love ourselves. By going within, we can start to connect with our authentic truth. At our core, we are Love. Our Souls are our direct link to Source (GOD/Goddess/Supreme Creative Force). As such, our Soul has all the answers that we (yes, even our ego self) need. Going within ourselves will bring us back to our elemental truth of being ONE Divine Love. We are in need to bring that forth in our world. There is no better time than NOW!

Our team of Guides are within us. We are part of them. They are part of us. We are always one with them…the only separation is that of perception. Separation is the grand illusion that we are now noticing or remembering. “The more you connect to your Soul by meditating and communing with your own guidance, the more connected you will feel. Your life will shift because you will become more empowered in your own divine sovereignty.”

Our Angelic Guides want us to know, understand and integrate the truth that they are always with us. When we feel lonely, tune in so you can see the evidence of being always in contact. They are so understanding of us being in this plane of existence, which we chose to come more into ourselves by experiencing emotion. The message is to live with and from integrity. Denying the perceived negative emotions does not serve. Emotion is just energy in motion and must always be allowed to flow.

We are being made aware that the energies of our Angelic Team and inter-dimensionals are always available to us by connecting within. We hold the power within. We hold the Divine Love within. We hold the Sacred Codes within.

Archangels Uriel and Michael are working with us to strengthen our resolve to live authentically and shine our creative brilliance radiantly for the world to shine. This does not come from ego, if it is coming from a centered place. The paradox here is that when we become apathetic and refuse to do the inner work (whatever that may look like, whether meditation or some other more active form, that brings you to a meditative state) we fall back into the pattern of ego mania. The Angel of Peace is here to support us in resolving this paradox by helping us find peace within. This Angelic energy supports us as we tune into our small still voice of our Soul, and the more we tune in the louder that voice will get because we strengthen it like a muscle that we can work out to build.

By doing the inner-work we are giving ourselves the value that we deserve. This will help us become more of our true authentic selves, as we empower our divine creativity so that we can bring our unique blend of skills and talents to the frontline. As a collective, of we follow this advice of seeking solace within, we will be assisting the Galactic Collective to evolve also. Frequencies are always matching in vibration.


Let’s all become more empowered by connecting to our divine selves, our Higher Selves, our Soul to infuse the world with our brilliant light and love.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light,

Suzan 💖 xoxo

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