Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀Healing: Clearing Loss

Our call to action now is to clear our past (ancestral lineage) from the grief that loss brought. We are in the NEW now. This time is full of magic to support us in aligning with Univeral Abundance. The choice is ours to release and transmute the shadow of grief that is still palpably felt amongst us.

We are being lovingly guided to stop repressing what we consider negative emotions, such as grief and fear of losing. Yes, these create a sense of lack and as our vibrations are always being matched, that will create more of the same. Instead, allow for these emotions and feelings to flow through in grace so that they may be released. It is alright to feel grief over someone or something lost. Allow it. Let it move you and move through you.

“It won’t be long before you achieve relief from the grief. Allow it to move you and move through you. Let go of trying to control how you feel or how others feel. Just allow!”

Grief is an opportunity to connect with our Higher Self. The problem that most of us face is that since it is a lower vibrational frequency, it is then that we feel the most disconnected and alone. In truth, we are NOT alone; we are NEVER alone; we are always connected. As such, when moving through grief, allow time for reflection. Go back to your center. Connect to the Univeral Heart, which is your heart.

Empathy can only be experienced when we are heart-centered and open to see a perspective that is different from our own. We are able to connect through our heart to others’ and feel from their vantage-point. We may notice this opportunity to show our empathy come up more when we are caught up in our own story.

This is a chance to connect with another aspect of ourself because we are all one. If one of us fails, we all fail. We are all in this together. Come from a heart-led place, next time you are confronted with a miscommunication. This is a chance to breathe, see things from another perspective and peacefully realign the situation.

We can’t control anyone outside of ourself. By releasing the need to be right (righteousness), and coming from an empathic place, we are healing our deep ancestral wound of lack. We will then be aligning with our limitless potential of experiencing abundance in every way. We may manifest by fully being in our heart.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work by always being positive or thinking positively. Instead this Univeral Law deals with our vibration, which is connected to our heart. Law of Vibration is what really is at play within the Law of Atrraction.

Thoughts create a feeling within us. Yes, thoughts have a vibration, but it is the feeling that gives the thought the fire of creation. Many of us are stuck in wondering why our positive thoughts are not manifesting the abundance that we wish to achieve because we are stuck in attracting positivity.

Integration of our shadow self is so important in manifestation. Our shadows make us human. Integrating all parts of ourselves will allow us to move through the muddy and murky waters that will eventually lead us to the promised abundant heaven here on earth.

Now ask yourself: How am I integrating my shadow? How am I feeling? Where could I shift my perspective so that I may align my vibration to that which I would like to manifest?


We have limitless magnificent opportunities to feel the vast spectrum of emotions here…let’s start using our emotions to bring forth the abundance that we so choose. We are not slaves to our emotions, thinking or feelings. We are limitless multidimensional creators of our experience.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

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