Arcturian Council of Light & AA Metatron Healing Activation ⚛️🌀💖

Collective-Energy⚛️Daily Guidance: Be infused with this healing spread that the Arcturian Council of Light have offered for us today. “Breathe. Everything is in perfect order. Continue to let go of the situations that are no longer serving and keep raising vibrations by living life as an example for others. Live by example as you continue to help raise the vibration of the Galaxy.”

As a collective, we are being helped in our journey and in our individual situations. As each member of our community is supported, our vibrations reach higher plateaus for which we help others and this has a domino effect. Not only are we helping our planet, but we are also aiding the cosmos, as the cosmic energies are helping us…it’s always an exchange of energy. “Frequency is always in perfect match of tone.”

We are being helped specifically with our throat and solar plexus chakras at this time. They have showed us that we must speak our truth in a respectful manner while concentrating on the good and healing that it brings for everyone concerned. These two chakras should be in balance since we must stand strong in our power while lovingly communicate our truth.

The gentle warning, and reminder, is to be mindful of the many distractions that appear as a way to divert our attention from what truly matters. What truly matters is LOVE and communicating in a loving way.

Be openly loving in your communications. This heals the situation. When we expect others to submit to our whims, we are sadly mistaken that this will result in a positive situation. We are asked to always check our own motives. This will help us in identifying whether what we are saying is coming from a pure heart.

We are being encouraged to have the discipline of remaining in harmony within ourselves as we are dealing with our outside circumstances. “Meditation is always encouraged as a way to remain centered. We would like to provide you with a challenge to be in a meditative state amongst the constant noise around you so that you may realize how truly powerful you are!”

Our chakra system is being healed, empowered, and infused with more balancing Divine Light. The invitation to work on this today (regardless of the time you read this message) is being highlighted.

We are all in perfect harmony and alignment to help raise the collective’s frequency as we work from within and we are thanked by our Guides. The beauty of this is that as we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors and beyond. “Focus on the infinity symbol in perfect rhythm within the rainbow spectrum of rays as you go with your day.”


Thank you Arcturian Council of Light and AA Metatron for this beautiful healing message and activation!💖

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan xoxo

(Channeling recorded: 4/1/2017)

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