Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀 Healing: Surrendering to Self-transformation. 

A lot of times we fall prey to our outside circumstances, and to our ego. The negative self-talk becomes intense and incessant (if you let it). Be aware of how your automatic thoughts, formed from past programming, are controlling the outside circumstances that you face and interfering with your inner peace. Instaed of letting the little monsters inside your head get the best of you, shift your focus to your heart. Love is the way to defeat the shadows within.

“The reason you have aligned with this message is due to your commitment to self-healing. As your light from within shines brighter, your light heals and transforms the world.”

The clear message is that it always starts and ends with us working on ourselves. Far too often, we focus on the outside. We become the victim of our circumstance; our programming had been based on the archetype of martyr. We are being encouraged to shed light on this “old” archetype that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. By becoming aware of how this archetype has been forcing us to stay stuck on  denying ourselves the opportunity to live abundantly and be successful, we begin to shift that reality.

We have no control over anything (or anyone) other than ourselves. We can have complete control on how we respond in an enlightened form. By becoming increasingly aware of how our automatic thinking is affecting our inner state of peace and harmony, we shift and align with healing. Transformation through healing is the way of unleashing our true potential. To honor ourselves by connecting to our heart, where our Soul rests, is how we are called to shift the old wound of self-sabotage and self-loath. Let’s now concentrate on our connection to our heart.

To live in an enlightened way means that we are one with our Soul. Once we are confidently connected and in full trust of that connection we may begin to speak our truth in a loving and respectful way. When our divine truth is coming from a place of pure LOVE, then others will respond accordingly based on the Universal Law of Vibrational Matching. The key is to focus on our frequency signature because that will be signaling others to respond accordingly.

⚛️🌀🔮Our Guides, collectively, are helping us shift the old patterns of our programming and shed more light (through light codes) on our truth. The ONLY way to shift the outside circumstances is to do it from within ourselves; inside healing is the only way we may align with the Heaven on Earth that many of us are here to create!

I am in this for all of us! Are you with me??? I trust that you are if you’ve read this far! THANK YOU for being the Spiritual Pioneer that you are, and for joining me in this transformation through healing of Self! 

Abundant Blessings, Love & Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

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