Collective ⚛️ Energy 🌀 Healing: Self-Honesty Activates Abundant Rewards!

Sacred Code: 5667=Authentic Self-Healing Anchors Balanced Prosperity
As a collective, there’s a sense of scarcity due to our past patterns that are being highlighted for release. Many of us are hoarders because we do not fully trust in our true abundance. Due to our past circumstances, many have a lack mentality that has been caused by a deep-rooted belief system. This erroneous perspective (of lack) came as a result of our conditioning. We are being supported as we connect with our authentic truth within our Soul. Abundant prosperity is a reward for those of us who choose to align with our authenticity through self-healing of this old paradigm.

The energies are truly supporting this cycle of completion as we shift our perspectives to those that are more beneficial to our continued growth and expansion. Our own sense of worth will be coming up for reevaluation after we recondition ourselves to our new way of being within this elevated sense of consciousness. “Existing within the matrix is the illusion. Many are awakening to realize that the truth has always been available underneath the surface as a way to let go of the old karmic patterns.”

The issue with “old karmic patterns” is that it is a challenge to realize what they are if we are not being completely honest with ourselves. The visual being created to illustrate this is that of interlocking patterns because one deep-rooted pattern leads to others that are even deeper. It all comes down to unraveling these interlocking patterns as a way to rebuild new healthier and better serving ones. We are encouraged to replace patterns instead of just cutting them loose. A good way of replacing patterns is through integration of newer perspectives without getting too attached to them, but instead moving through them until others come into our view. The whole point of expansion is to embody the freedom that comes from moving past the old and remaining open for the new of change.

Change is a hard concept to accept for many of us…I know that it has been one of the biggest lessons surrounding me throughout this incarnation. Sometimes I still struggle with allowing change to take place, although conceptually I have the understanding of the pivotal importance to remain open. How I personally integrate this is by allowing myself to have a lot of freedom to follow my intuition on how to move forward. I may have tantrums throughout the beginning stages, as a stubborn child will exhibit, but I allow my feeling of frustration to move through me (instead of repressing/suppressing) and laugh about it. Humor is a huge dose of healing! 


If you’re experiencing any hardships within your personal relationships, it is a sign that you will benefit from reflection by being more introspective at that time. If you find yourself being triggered by anyone outside yourself, it is a clear indication that there is something within you that must be looked at in order to transmute and transcend through self-reflection. Everyone we come in contact with is only reflecting that which is already within us as a way for us to expand on our perspectives. As such, whenever we experience challenges in our relationships, it is the best opportunity for us to be more introspective instead of pointing fingers to anyone outside of Self. “Treat all Beings as mirrors for Self expansion.”


If you’re experiencing sluggishness, it may indicate a need for more self-care. Are you feeling a heaviness within your body? Have you been eating the best foods for your body to feel vibrant and alive? Or, have you been caving in to unhealthy cravings that are actually an indication that there is something within that wants to be loved and expressed? We are being encouraged to ask our bodies how we may best support it. We are being asked to really ground our energies through connecting to our bodies. This grounding can look like a walk in a beautiful park near a lake or an invigorating high-speed cardio class. Yoga may work for me, but may not be your thing. We are all in need of connecting to our individual bodies as a way to understand how to best care for our temple. If we don’t care for our temples, no one else will.


No other person can truly leave you, but you can (and often do) leave yourself. By the old-paradigm of relating towards others through co-dependency, we often forgot about honoring our authenticity. Sometimes, we may fall back into this old pattern because it was long seeded and deeply rooted (rotted) within us through our multi-incarnations. This has been shown to be one of the most convoluted patterns that we are here to break and rebuild into something far greater for our future generations to benefit from and in-joy. We will also get to enjoy from our work. The fruits of our labor are almost ripe for us to fully live the joy that we are here to co-create.

What brings YOU joy? What fills your heart with electrifying energetic passion? That is what you’re here to create. We are being supported through uncovering our truest purpose. Our purpose is what our Soul is here to create and experience. As a result of our honoring of this passion that is deep within, we will encourage others to follow suit. We are not only doing this for our own personal benefit, but for the whole Collective.

⚛️🌀🔮Honor your Self and your beautiful journey. We are all part of this intricate transformation process and are supported by the Soul-Source (GOD/GODDESS/Universe/Highest-Self) in a Divinely Authentic way! That in itself is an abundant reward!

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan🌟💖 xoxo

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