The value of listening

Value has been a top focus for at least the past month. While Venus enjoyed the power of being in retrograde motion, the palpable energy made us hyperaware of our intrinsic value and view of that worth. The questions in forefront have been about all things appealing and valuable in our life. What do I find valuable? What skills do I have that are an asset? What are my assets and how can I increase my net worth?

HINT: You are intrinsically worthy because you are alive. If you are breathing, don’t waste time in settling for less than you are truly worth! These were the hard lessons that most of us had to face during this retrograde.

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Money has had a “bad” rep in a lot of “spiritual” communities. Why would that be the case? In truth, money is worth NOTHING except the value that we as a society have agreed to put upon it. Money is a made up construct to set up a “fair” transaction or trade. You do this thing for this much of capital – that is the worth that thing has accepted based on your own assessment and allowance. In all actuality, money is a very spiritual way to show the universe that you know what you are worth. The breath that you take in is worth every penny because you exist. You are the unique expression of the Infinite ONE. So, value your individual Divine Spark!!!

We have to get real when we are talking about worth and value. We must also listen intently to that still voice especially as this New Moon joins the Sun in the star constellation of Shravana. The strong power that Shravana holds can sometimes make us narrow-minded because true listening has the ability to hone in and take unfiltered truth.

What did you dream last night? Was it a nightmare? Do you remember what your true Self was conveying to you via the night’s voice? The dream state is highly connected to this asterism of Shravana. After all, Shravana is strongly tied with the Moon as this Celestial Body is its Lord.

Let’s talk about the potential downfall of this asterism. Although it is highly adept at philosophy and can turn anything into a philosophical discussion, its inherent generous nature often leads it to over-give. Someone having a strong Shravana in the birth chart often goes through periods of debt and poverty based on the extreme-generosity and not placing enough value upon him or her self. The true power of this nakshatra, however, is to give permanent victory. But, first, one must be willing to truly LISTEN and heed the inner call to right action.

Self is always guiding, but our human minds sometimes fail to pay attention. During this New Moon, set your intention before going to sleep to get the best guidance for your growth and financial abundance. You are worth much more than you may think. And, being SPIRITUAL does NOT mean one must be broke! That is a gross misjudgment on many people’s part. A true enlightened person will see past the falsity and rise in TRUTH. That Truth is valuable and your worth is that Truth.

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These are fated times as seen by the Kala Sarpa Yoga. All the Planetary Bodies are being held on one side of the Zodiacal wheel by the Union of Ketu and Rahu – the Serpent of Time. The Serpent is also highly connected to the true value of Karma as it is their doing that makes destined events come to existence. Since the Nodes are always in retrograde motion, we can tell that we are able to cut falsely held beliefs and destroy the structures that have prevented our growth in this world. Rahu is worldly, after all, and it is leading us to create the new stories for the next generation to have a better existence.

Monday, January 31st 2022 at 9:46 PM PST (Feb 1 2022 at 12:46 AM EST)

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