Prasna (Horary) Astrology

What is Prasna Astrology?

In Western Astrology Prasna is referred to as Horary Astrology. It’s a way of answering a question without the use of the person’s birth information. Instead, we use the moment that the question is asked and understood by the astrologer (when the astrologer gets the question) OR the moment something begins. The start of something, anything, can be looked at using this system. For example, if you just meet a person that you’re attracted to and you know the exact time of that first meeting, we can look at the birth of that dynamic. So, the start of a relationship (whether romantic, business, or otherwise) turns into the birth of that energy between the two people. This is also used when looking into a couple’s compatibility. We basically want to gather as much information as possible when looking at the dynamics of a relationship. It’s very helpful to see if the relationship has any kind of long-term future or if it’s one of those passing relationships that last a season or only for a reason.

What is the difference between Natal Astrology and Prasna (Horary) Astrology?

The main difference is that Natal astrology requires a person’s precise birth information, which means the location, date and especially correct precise time, whereas Prasna is a predictive technique based on the question’s birth. Hora is a word that means hour (as a unit of time during a day).

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Prasna (Horary) Astrology

Prasna (Horary) astrology is specific to the point of time and space that the astrologer gets asked a question. The astrologer then casts the chart as the birth of that question. So, the question gets dropped into the consciousness of a person, who then has an emotional attachment to getting that question answered. The person then asks an astrologer, who then casts the Prasna (Hora) chart to gain insight into the situation and person’s life at that time. The magic of this ancient predictive technique is that the interplay between various energies are at play in such a way that we get to experience the divinity of Indra’s Web – how everything has to coincide in a moment in time and space as to become aware of anything in this matrix. Isn’t it magical? 😉

Natal Astrology

During someone’s entrance into this world and incarnation, the celestial bodies are aligned is such a way that can give the competent professional astrologer all of the information pertaining to that specific individual’s life. The patterns that these celestial bodies form in the sky give us the information of the person’s character as well as other vital information of the person. The time is crucially important as that is what sets one person’s life to be completely different than someone else that’s born on the same date and location. Even the seconds matter in this since in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) we use the divisions of the charts (Vargas) to see deeper information about the person’s life. For further reading, check out: Astrology Fusion: An Introduction, Astrology Fusion: The Holy Trinity, Astrology Fusion: The Teaching Karmic Wheel, Purusha: the ONLY Astrologer.

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There is much more to the Veda than meets the Eye.

Many people who are interested in astrology believe that Prasna is a way to get a simple yes or no to their question(s). However, it’s much more sophisticated and revealing. A competent professional astrologer can actually see much more about the individual’s life based on that point of contact. The astrologer can then analyze the various areas of that person’s life by using the Vargas and using their complete knowledge base. Then the view of what’s to happen to that individual will be revealed to the astrologer who will impart that awareness onto the questioner.

Be aware that the astrologer will be able to answer the question as far as it has merit. If the Divine doesn’t wish to answer due to either the questioner being insincere in their seeking for that awareness OR due to other reasons, the question will NOT be answered. This Divine Science is Sacred and should be treated as such. This means that this is not going to work well for people who are just casually curious or want to treat this without respect. The chart will actually reveal if the question deserves a real response. The sincerity of intent will be revealed to the astrologer. The astrologer then has to be truthful in denying to answer based on what the chart indicates or will give the wrong answer so that the questioner will be left more confused as a result. So…tread with caution and be mindful of your intent. The most powerful intent has an emotional desire for guidance. Those emotionally charged are the questions that will have the most merit and be answered with most clarity.

What is the time frame for Prasna?

Prasna like Varshaphal (Solar Returns) have a year-long time span although sometimes if there are indications for a longer period to wait for a specific desire to be fulfilled, the chart will reveal that as well. There are specific techniques to judge the time of when things will come to be based on the birth time of the question.

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The text that I recommend you read should you want more information on this occult form of practicing astrology is Prasna Marga. Prasna Tantra is the other text. These are intense texts; they’re not very easy to understand (especially if you’re new to this practice). Of course, there are other written material, but Prasna Marga and/or Prasna Tantra would be the ones to really study in order to gain deeper knowledge of this system and the techniques used.

As an Astrologer, who has mainly focused on fusing together metaphysical and occult knowledge using various systems to both understand human nature and help my clients heal, I have been playing around with Horary Astrology as a way to answer questions instead of mainly using the Natal Charts. I will now be offering this service for a fraction of the cost since it’s my first time offering it to the general public. Special pricing is only available for a limited time.

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To start learning and practicing astrology, I recommend the Kala Software for the most precise mathematical calculations. The other option is the Cosmic Insights app that’s good to use if you’re on-the-go. (I am an affiliate, which means I receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

I’d love to hear your experience with this form of astrology. Has it revealed a lot for you in the past?

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