Swati Full Moon Prompts THE Change

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The BIG change is here. Life is an ever-changing set of circumstances just as the mind (Manas) is full of changeable thought forms. Transformation is what Manas helps us to achieve.

Are you feeling extra-ness today? Are your thoughts spinning out of control? As I contemplate what this Full Moon in Swati is about and notice the raindrops hit the leaves of the trees, I get a sense that it’s all about releasing the bondages from the new moon that happened 6 months ago. What did you begin on the New Moon of November 2020? Take a look back at what was going on in your life then so that you can assess what is coming up now with this potent energy of change.

That moon was in Vishakha, which signals a fork in the road. There are always choices that we are presented with in life. It’s up to us to decide our path on how to get to our destination. Perhaps at that point, you chose road A and now you wish you would have chosen road B to get to your goal. Well, this Full Moon is bringing an opportunity to do just that! So cease the moment and make the most of this energy.

Now let’s break this whole thing down a bit.

Full Moons are usually a potent time to release and symbolize a completion of some kind that began during the New Moon 6 months prior. Since I am an Intuitive and Evolutionary Synthesizer, I combine multiple systems to get to the Sacred Connections that are available to be noticed. So, I use the Nakshatras as an indicative tool to precisely see what is going on in the heavens (and how that impacts us on Earth).

As you look back at the decision that you made during the Vishakha New Moon, you start to wonder what life would be like if you had chosen the other option. Maybe you chose the road less traveled; or, perhaps you chose the road that seemed safer. Well, the safer road is not necessarily the best road for optimal success. And, maybe the risk that was scarier was the right option for you. Now is the time where you can finally make that change. This is the time when the Stars are supporting that change that has been percolating in your mind. So, move CONFIDENTLY forward and build your life on a foundation without fear.

The shoot of a plant symbolizes Swati and the current of the wind always moves that shoot. The Deity Vayu (air) is associated with this Star. The shoot is the plant’s growth and potential to achieve new horizons. This is a good time to change course and to amplify your goals. Remember that your destiny is in your hands!

The one thing that I think is important to stress is the moving forward without fear. How do you do that? First strategy is to listen to all the thoughts and “thank” them (especially the fearful ones). By the sheer fact that you face those doubts or fears head on, you regain your power. The next strategy is to write down those doubts and fears on a piece of paper (preferably with a pencil), read them aloud and then either rip the paper up or safely burn it. The next step is to take the ashes or ripped-up pieces of paper and use water to wash to submerge it. You can either dump the water in the toilet and flush or pour it over the soil of a tree. If you still have the pieces of paper because you didn’t burn it, then take those and throw them in the trash. The most important part to remember here is to be strong in your focus and intention to transcend those doubts and fears.

The best thing will now be able to manifest based on your “awakened” attention and INTENTION! Remember that your dreams and goals are in your hands. You have the power inside you to move mountains (with the right and focused WILL power). 😉

The Full Moon is exact at 11:32 PM EST or 8:32 Pacific on April 26, 2021.

To see what area this is affecting you, you have to look at your birth chart. I recommend the Cosmic Insights.


Suzan Smadi

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