Why am I here??? Sacred Connections!


My name is Suzan and I want to warmly welcome you to my new blog website, where I plan to keep you updated to the current energetic influences that are affecting us in our daily life.  As a follower, expect to get fascinating revelations as to the growth and expansion of our Collective Consciousness, which you are part of if you are breathing.

I am sure that if you are reading this, you have successfully opened your mind enough to wonder about the different mysteries that are relevant to our evolution within this dimension (and reality) that has been activated by your participation in the Ascension Process.  The Ascension Process is simply us rising to higher levels of awareness and depending on the level of awareness, one’s consciousness will be more expansive.  Our progression through the Ascension Process is ongoing.  As such, you could never be too early nor too late in uncovering the hidden truths that are locked within your own consciousness.  You may be wondering what I am referring to when I make reference to your hidden truths.  Where are they?  They are locked within you in the level that is commonly called one’s unconsciousness.

In order to make your unconscious conscious, you must undergo a process of becoming increasingly aware.  You must be brave enough to uncover the things that your psyche has repressed for your own protection.  Why does the psyche repress information? The psyche wants us to “fit in” so that we may enjoy making connections in our family, our society, and our world.  In order for us to “fit in” we take on different views that are more conforming to our environment because if we were to be completely different than those around us, we would lack the ability to create the bonds that we need in order to adequately make the connections in our relationships that are so pivotal for us as social individuals.  After all, we are here in order to experience sacred connections within our relationships and environment as a way for us to expand.

As human beings, we are in the process of becoming increasingly aware that in order to have a fulfilling life, we must first find our own truth and have the courage to step into living an authentic life fully living in our truth.  We are becoming aware that there is no absolute truth – except for our own and even then, it is all relative to our perspective.  Perspective is the key to understanding that one’s truth may be different from someone else’s truth.  If we change our perspective then our truth has been modified.  Most wars (if not all) happen because of differences in perspectives or truths.  If we as a collective come to realize that there is no need to always be right; that there is no need to know an absolute truth; that there is only a perspective and that all perspectives are correct then we can move past the discordance of separation.

In reality we are all ONE.  We are all part of the human race.  We are all living an Earthly experience in a human body.  We all have a SOUL and a SPIRIT.  We all have the same organs within us.  We all must breathe in oxygen in order to survive.  We are all able to co-create our own reality.  Finally, we are all energetically connected as part of the ONENESS that I call Source Energy or the I AM G-D Head or Supreme Creative Force…the list goes on and different people call this Essence by different names – and it is all okay.  We are still referring to the same concept even if our language differs and even if our perspectives are not on the same wavelength.  Realizing that there is truth in everything gives us, as a collective, a better chance of saving ourselves from complete dissonance and complete chaos.  In other words, realizing there are many truths gives us true FREEDOM.

If you agree or disagree, I would like to hear from you.  Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe.  I will keep posting blogs on energetic influences, metaphysical information and how to best use this information to better your life.  I look forward to us building our sacred connections!

8 thoughts on “Why am I here??? Sacred Connections!

  1. Suzanne you are an amazing person and I am blessed to be able to share your wisdom, journey and soul realities. I look forward to reading your blog. Many blessings to you.

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  2. Hi! Suzan! Love it! In order to find what we want for us and others we have to know were and what I want to be and do in order 1 – 2 -3 and on, Blessings for yoy and your family.Happy New Years. Dagmar

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  3. Hi Suzan! I love that you will now be able to reach and help a much wider audience, which I know is your life’s passion and calling. You are very good at what you do and I know that all who have the opportunity to work with you will benefit from your insight. I look forward to more!

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  4. Suzan,
    I enjoyed reading this posting, I look forward to more.

    This a nice overview of and introduction to so many intricate, complex concepts. Good job!



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