Arcturian Council of Light bring forth AA Metatron to communicate this activation of Peace. The message here is to stay grounded in our authenticity and inner-core so that the outside circumstances can match our inner state.

Our Souls are infused with Sacred Geometry and frequencies, which come in the form of sound and color, as a way to communicate with our logical selves.

(The audible message that I received before being drawn to the decks for this activation was: “remain grounded and centered amongst the chaos” and that’s what I sense with this spread, which is always arranged specifically for the most healing)

Chaos doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s actually an opportunity for us to transform and witness our growth. For too long, chaos has gotten a bad reputation for disturbing our perceived peace, when in fact it is a chance to raise our bar and to expand more.

Our challenge is the worry that we may fall prey to since it is the “drug of choice” for many of us. We worry far too much about the shoulds and what ifs…this is all our own doing, which has been a conditioned reaction when things seem to be out of our control. Since it is conditioned (learned), it can be reconditioned (relearned), but it does take effort. When worry creeps in, don’t be scared (or extra worried) and say “Hi worrisome thought and feeling! What can I learn from you now? How can I shift you so I can experience the peace within me?” This is a form to face the shadows so that they may be integrated and alchemized.

We are not a slave to our thoughts or feelings…we are just experiencing.

The transformation that we are experiencing may seem chaotic and worrisome, but this is a call to anchor our faith and trust that we can overcome and achieve. It is up to us on how we choose to experience our reality. We have the power to shift our perceptions of our experience. The rebirth can be a glorious event if that’s how you choose to perceive it. Pain is just a perception that we can shift into greatness. Trust in your POWER because it is your birthright!

Meditation is still being highlighted and will always be highlighted since it is our time to tune in to our Higher Self. This is how we can connect with our power.

Peace always comes from within. As we each embody more peace, we will experience that in our outside realities. We have the power to shift our outside circumstances by always going back to Self. Set your mind to what you want to achieve and it is done.


Have the determination and tenacity to achieve your success! You can do it! We all can!

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,

Suzan💖 xoxo

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