Collective ⚛️Energy 🌀Healing: Polarity Fusion Alchemy. ⚛️Wholeness OM SHANTI⚛️

The last energetic portal of May 24th is helping us in this transitional period. By now, we have noticed how much we want to experience another (perhaps a better) reality. “The time is NOW to release the masks and stand strong” in our own power and connection. The answers you seek are already within you…follow the guidance of your heart.

Change comes along whether we want to flow with its current or not. The more we resist the flow, the more we suffer. This happens due to our attachment to our own resistance and fear. “Allowing for movement is the act of being courageous through the process of having complete faith in the organic flow that provides the power of our alignment with our greatest ability for manifestation.”

“Be authentic and be unapologetic about your truth.” What is it that you are afraid of? What is it that your heart truly wants? What gives you the motivation that you need in order to act? Are you aligned with faith or the lack of that which you desire? Listen to your inner knowing that comes directly from your divine connection to the core of who you are; your Soul. That is where all information truly comes from since it is our connection to SOULSource.

For some time now, as we become more aware of the duality that is within us, and the split that that has created within ourselves as well as within our collective consciousness, most of us have been feeling the pressure of integration as a way to cathartic regeneration. The alchemy of the catharsis is the way to fuse together that which has been split. The only way to stop this alchemical process and natural cycle is through the resistance to change; which only provides energetic blocks to evolve within ourself.

We are ALL being encouraged to liberate ourselves from our own imposed illusions and surrender to what is presented at each moment. “Zen; being in a mode of Zen will get you through all obstacles.” What is Zen and how can we know we are in that zone? Zen is made possible by being alert and present in each moment without attachment to judgement. This means that we must practice the state of being alert and present with acceptance. Taking it all in as it is presented and being detached to our automatic judgement that comes through the mind chatter.

Staying in a heart centered space as opposed to being trapped in our own imposed prison that brings the mind chatter is the way to transcend and transmute. The greatest obstacle comes from being strictly (or mostly) stuck in our mind. The mind is full of illusion, while the heart knows the way. “Trust your heart while your mind plays the tricks of illusion by using thoughts and emotions.”

We are slowed down by our minds. Our progress can be slowed down by our own judgements. “The collective progress cannot be stopped, only slowed down. Meditative awareness is key in evolution.” The illusion of separateness plays a huge role in our rate of evolution. When we judge ourselves while we compare ourselves with others, we devalue our own divinity and sovereignty.  NOW is the time to release those masks that we have become accustomed to and stand strong in our own power and connection.

“It is safe to be true. It is safe to seek within. You are absolute existence!” If you are into chanting mantras (even if you are not), I suggest the following to connect with your own sovereignty: “Om Bhavam Namah.”

🔮⚛️🌀🌈This message is about being whole within ourself as a way to maximize our collective evolution. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions for ways to improve our awareness and consciousness. We are all in this divine process together as a unit.

Abundant Blessings, Love and Light in Truth,


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