Eclipse Season beckons endings and Beginnings. 

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

What can we, as a collective, expect from these energetic influences? Well, eclipses bring to fruition anything that has been worked on starting in the previous eclipse cycle. Think back to around September 1st (the annular eclipse of 2016) is what this solar eclipse (happening on August 21st) is pushing us to complete.

What were you going through back during the last few months of 2016? What did you work on during the beginning of this year? These are key questions that will show you, as an individual, where you will be heading towards now. This could translate as knowing your own self-worth and fully embodying your worth!

The lunar eclipse that’s happening on August 7th is also pushing us ahead on an individual basis to detach from the need to control outcomes. There’s a sense of clinging to the past and feelings of regret. We are now being helped and Guided to release the feelings that have been keeping us stuck in the past and look forward to a brighter day ahead. However, the way to really achieving this state of strength within ourselves is to remain grounded in the present moment, the here and now if you will. There’s a fine line when we delve into releasing the past because we must face what we wanted to hide from. The energies from this lunar eclipse are helping us do just that…face our shadows head on as we conclude anything that we had been avoiding up until now. While the Solar eclipse of the 21st is going to help us stand in our Soul-ar strength as we move forward fearlessly!

The time for apathy is no longer available with these intense Soul-level energies that are being helped by the eclipses to pop open. There has been so much learning for us all for the past few years as the pressure cooker increased in volume and heat. These eclipses feel much like a grand explosion from a Soul level pushing and guiding us toward our true Soul desire. What fills you up with so much joy that you can hardly contain your excitement? That is the way to guide ourselves forward as we embark on our next level up forward in our Ascension. This is all done while holding space for everyone’s unique journey.

By opening up our perspectives to the possibility of more than one way to see things, we are able to experience more friendliesness around us. This is the way to anchoring our new “Heaven on Earth” through unconditional love for ourselves as we see the beauty of everyone’s individual journey and how these journeys are interwoven together. From that view point, we can see the grand Divinely orchestrated masterpiece of this experience.

For those of us still holding tightly to the way we want things done or to happen/be, we are guided to “just rip off the bandaid!” We will be supported as long as we follow our heart’s desire because  that is the way to embody our Soul. Most of us already decided to align with our greatest joy knowing full well that will mean facing our deepest and darkest fears. It is time now to detach from those fears and the worry that has brought to us. There is really nothing to do but to enjoy the ride and energetic currents pulling us forward. The only thing for us to do now is let go of “control” and “flow” with our Soul. “The Universe has got this!”

🔮We ARE Divinely supported. We ARE Divine. We Are ONE. “Remember your sovereignty! Stand your power with LOVE!” 💖

Remember we are LOVE!



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