Staying Focused and Tapped in to Source

Motivation Monday: Stay Focused on new higher visions.

We are creating at an exponentially rapid rate. This week brings a nice balanced energy for us to use for our benefit, if we so choose. Worrying about the outcomes will cause us to backtrack our forward progress, which is the main reason for us to remain focused on what we want to ultimately create. We are tapped in to unlimited potential through the power and perseverance of our Source within that is bringing true magic to us as we manifest our wishes outside of ourselves.

Some of us are “still thinking small” and not truly surrendering to the unlimited magical potential that is available to us because we are lacking the expanded vision of how the new can manifest. We are being encouraged to stop fighting our sense of knowing and of creation. Creation comes from the raw aspect of us that is free to express itself without bounds. Creation is free flowing and only comes from tapping into our true core.

A cleansing process is now renewing our creative spark that for some of us has remained dormant due to being pre-programmed to stay bound by control and trapped in fear. However, this washing away is not happening in an abrupt manner nor is it happening all at once. It is the process of continually expanding through a balanced state that brings a lasting change. Thankfully, this feels a lot less painful than that which we have experienced before whenever we had gone through major shifts; instead, it feels a lot more symbiotic and solemn in a gracefully organic flowing nature.

Listening to and answering the call to express our self in a graceful manner is being highlighted now. We can achieve this graceful approach by attaining equilibrium within through the sacred act of meditation or prayer.

This entire process feels very internal at first, but then the expression of it will be seen on our outer world, as it is the representation of our expansion and direct manifestation of our realignment and recalibration. Our collective Soul lesson is to remain detached of worry because if we succumb to worry that in itself will limit our manifesting potential.

How can we remain detached of worry? Think about it. How have you detached from something? What has worked for you in the past? The best way that I have found to remain detached of worry is to be so focused on what I want to do (a task) that I don’t have time to realize I was worried in the first place. I do this by focusing on a tangible and grounded task such as cleaning, organizing my closets, writing, working on a vision board, or something similar to that. Occasionally, when I have been in situations that I feel worried or on the on-start of worry, I have closed my eyes and focused on my breathing while activating my creative visualizations. We all have the potential to figure out ways that can help us cope with whatever comes up and the capability of lessening the uncomfortable feeling that arise within us.

What is worry anyway? Worry is just an expectation that we can control an outcome or the desire to control the outcome. Worry comes directly from fighting what is happening in the present moment by focusing on an imagined outcome that has not happened; it is an over concentration on a possible future outcome. The issue here is that since we are creating our realities by our vibrations and the intentions we are transmitting, we can get stuck if we fall into a web of worries. I am not a believer in repressing feelings or suppressing thoughts. Instead, I know that the best way to work through these lessons are by remaining constantly aware of our thoughts and the feelings that are trying to be expressed by the thoughts that we have.

As a collective, we are all learning how to overcome limiting beliefs, transcend uncomfortable emotions and transmute any perceived negative feelings that we have about our experience. In particular, this is showing up now with the hurricanes, earthquakes and other such perceived catastrophes on our planet. The fact that we are the ones co-creating this with our high emotional states may have eluded some of us that are too worried to see it as a direct reflection of our inner state. As such, we are actually feeding the storms and catastrophes in a sense since we are manifesting our fears, worries and anger. This can teach us as a human race that we truly have the power within us of the Supreme Creative Force, SOULSource.

Since we have the power within us to create our reality via our vibrational frequency, we can use this awareness for our benefit by focusing on the tangible and our highest desires. We are all being guided to share our gifts and align with the waves of magic manifesting so that we can experience the grace that we have the potential of experiencing. As a remedy to worry, try finding a quiet place so that you can realign with your core energetic frequency again. Sometimes when we are too bombarded by the outside commotion, the best way to realign with our self is to have a moment by our self and get reacquainted with our core self expression of our Soul.

As you can see from the cards that I pulled (posted above), we are asked to remain aware of and focused on our power to create as symbolized by the sun in the middle. The sun is the part of us that is radiantly capable of all creation. It is our Source of light. And sometimes that source of light requires a retreat to detox from the outside influences that muddle its core essence. The core essence of the Source of Light is that of Creation and Love.

I was guided to pull cards from the following four decks: Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh, Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, and last but not least the Osho Zen Tarot.  Although I had not expected to go so deep (almost too esoteric), the inspiration that I tapped in to using the cards had a powerful message for us all.

Remember we are all connected through Source, Love and Light.


Suzan🌟Smadi xo

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