Wisdom Wednesday 9/20/2017: Communicating with Compassion


Communicating with Compassion

Communication is being highlighted now. How have you been communicating as of late? Has it been concise? Has it been honest? Have you expressed COMPASSION through your dealings with yourself and others? We can be true to ourselves, honest, and still hold tremendous compassion if we are consciously aware of how our communication is being directed. We can then deduce from the direction of our communication to know how it is being received.

If we communicate from a place of EGO and that ‘lower’ vibration, then we are not being compassionate because that is a place rooted in fear. However, if we are communicating from a place of Heart SOUL and that ‘higher’ vibration, then we can be assured that we are coming from our sense of compassion because it is in that vibration that COMPASSION is created and is held.

Now we can play with the concept: communicating with compassion.

Let’s use our creative visualization for this exercise. Imagine sitting in your special place (secret garden, field of lilies and sunflowers, meadow with a crackling brook, outer-space hanging out with the stars and comets 😉 or choose whatever you’d like to create that will make you feel safe and secure). Now imagine that compassion is a being outside and separate from you. What does compassion look like? Is it tall? Is it regal? Is it heavy-set (a symbol of physical abundance)? Is it a fairy? Is it an angel? Is it a Buddha? Is it Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus/Isa/Yasū’)? This is the beauty of creative visualization…you are the grand creator of your dream! Go with whatever you’d like as your intuition will be working in tandem with your heart. Your heart instinctively will guide you to create.

While you meditate on how compassion is showing up for you, ask the questions: How can I align with your vibration more fully? What can I do to integrate your energetic vibration into my every-day-dealings with others and myself? Where can I focus my attention to be in a state of embodying more compassion? See what comes up for you. Be open. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you through this exercise of Self-Discover and Self-Mastery.

As I channeled and typed the above, I kept being pulled back to the concept of Jesus, whom I prefer to call Yeshua ben Yosef or Yasū’ for short. What were the true teachings of this Master Healer? From my perception, the teachings were about trusting in our own intuition, trusting our own Heart-center, trusting that true Compassion will always lead us to where we are meant to be in order to expand more fully in Love. How can we trust more fully in our Heart? How can we embody more Compassion into our every-day-life?

If we perceive someone doing something to hurt us (our Ego), how can we show more compassion? More so, why would we want to show more compassion? When we are working with our shadow self and in the vibration of Ego hurt, it is quite difficult to see our way out of that downward spiral. Instead of focusing on what someone else did to us to go down in our vibration (by the way, no one has the power to make you go downward, you give them the power to do just that), focus on forgiveness. This will help release you from building more karma patterns.

Following my guidance to pull some cards for inspiration from “Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards” deck by Kyle Gray, I centered myself and pulled two cards that speak about Karma and Dharma. Then I cut the deck and was guided to look at the cards in both piles that I had cut. To my amazement, I see Faith and Master Jesus, which talk about Forgiveness as a way to help in humanity’s ascension into a more benevolent time. (See the picture below.)

In order for us to be able to move from a lower vibration in our communications with others, we must first hold empathy. Putting ourselves in the “other’s” shoes helps us have a higher-level of consciousness. This helps in expanding our energies toward the Oneness vibration. Once we do this, which can happen in an instant as long as that is our intention, then we are no longer stuck in the cloudiness of fear. We are then free from the heavy ball and chain that FEAR has tried to enslave us with and are more able to be true to our powerful sovereign divinity. This divinity comes with the enfoldment of Dharma that is made possible by unfolding and unleashing our true power.


“Life is not about what happens to us, but how we choose to respond.”


Yes, we all have our own experiences that shape us into what we are today. However, if we refuse to elevate our consciousness we are refusing the gift of expansion. In order to rise above what happens to us, we must focus on Compassion and Forgiveness as a way to transcend our perceived wrongdoings from someone (or something) else. Communicating from a place of true Compassion by knowing that everyone is living and doing the best they can given the experiences they hold will bring us to a state of benevolence helping the world expand to a newer, more expanded state of consciousness.


Remember we are One complete unit connected through LOVE and expressing our expansion!

In-Light Love,

Suzan🌟Smadi xo

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