Surrender to Prayer

Motivational Monday

Surrender to Prayer

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really dense, heavy and ‘off’ today…perhaps it is due to the recent senseless events that have been happening all around. Once again, we mourn for those lost in a senseless act of violence and disturbed by the cause. What I heard as I typed “disturbed by the cause” was “it is not all as it seems.” I don’t think that we should focus so much on the cause of such senseless acts and instead focus on what we can do now, in the present moment, to honor those that were (and are) lost.

The heaviness and immense density that I have felt throughout the day has left me feeling off my course a bit. I’m tired of such heaviness and darkness. Keeping my vibration high all the time is a job in itself…not to mention feeling as though I must help in healing others and lighting up the darkness that is plaguing us as a collective. Now it has become even more clearer the message from Wisdom Wednesday about staying the course and choosing love. Yes, it is relevant on a personal level because we must always strive to choose love in order for true healing to take place. In a collective sense, love is needed more than ever, not only for the healing to happen but also for lighting the path to a better tomorrow.

I did not even want to write anything for today…the feeling of exhaustion and a heavy heart had left me uninspired. However, as I was settling in to go back to sleep, I was guided to rise and offer these words in an attempt to connect with you on a more personal level. Motivational Monday can’t happen without us connecting and it certainly won’t happen if I fail to keep the commitment that I had made to deliver the messages from our Guides and Angels that want to come through.

In an attempt to connect more fully to the motivational messages that wanted to be delivered today, I was guided to use the Power of Surrender cards by Dr. Judith Orloff that I felt would have the right amount of light for us to meditate upon. As you can see from the two cards that I pulled (posted below), what would be most beneficial for us to surrender is our fear of change and pray.


I’m one that has resisted the healing art form of prayer because I have felt a passivity that comes from praying that has not been my preferred state. Prayer is not an active role in the sense that it feels as though we have to succumb to a power outside of self. But, I realize that prayer is exactly what this guidance is all about. Meditation is all about having a conversation with the divine (this is my preferred method of communication), while prayer is a request for the divine to grant us our desires and cover our needs.

We are still working with allowing for the feminine energy to anchor into our consciousness once again. To work from the place of the feminine means to be open for receptivity. Yes, this feminine energy can be seen as a passive one, but it is in fact one of the strongest in its ability to surrender into healing. Love truly heals, and at this time it is the pacifist energy of yin that is asking and wants to be expressed.

I often use the affirmation offered in the first card “I have faith that all is well” and feel that this affirmation is very powerful said as a mantra using a mala (108 beads). The simple yet strong message that I feel from this guidance for Motivational Monday is to go within our heart space and pray from there so that we can help heal ourselves and others that need healing. Pray for peace. Pray for forgiveness. Pray for Love to rain on us all. I will be listening to this advice that our Angels and Guides so lovingly brought forth today.

In-Light Love,

Suzan Smadi xo


Feel free to leave your comments/your two cents about what your views of prayer and meditation are and whether you subscribe to either forms or both.

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