Focus on You!

Wisdom Wednesday

Focus on You!

With this Full Moon building into Aries, I’m feeling really tired due to the innate urgency within and the emotionally charged happenings of the world around me. I’m feeling truly exhausted. Yes, the moon cycles definitely have an intense effect on me, as my Cancer Rising will confirm. I was wondering how I could manage to write this message today feeling the way that I do…all I wanted to do today was rest, yet I managed to go for a walk in the park and join in sending healing loving energy to the world.

I felt called to pull a couple of cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid and one from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance deck. After realizing that the reason I pulled from Doreen’s deck was probably due to the alignment with the moon, it dawned on me that it is always perfectly right for the moment at hand. As you can see from the picture posted above, the card that I pulled was Ostara, which signify fertility, creativity and feminine energy release. Amazingly accurate to the energy that we are experiencing with the building of this Full Moon that is happening at exactly 2:40 pm EST.

We, as a collective, are being shown that we are creating rapidly and are in the process of creating at every turn. It is time to share the love! It is time to share your own creativity! It is time to make the choice that only you can make!

Are you going to focus on what you don’t have any control over? Or, are you willing to shift your perspective to look at what you can change within yourself?

The Fates card literally means that the wisdom that we could focus on is on knowing the difference between what we can change and what we can’t. The prayer that could be very beneficial in such intense emotional times is the Serenity Prayer, as follows: “G-d grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

While the Happy, Happy card in the upright position basically signal a requirement to look at our own intentions and actions. Are we choosing to be lighthearted? Or, are we choosing to mope and frown because of the outside circumstances that we have no control over? The choice is always our own. We each have free will. And, that translates to you having the ability to show up in your preferred way. Each second of each day is a choice. Are you consciously choosing to succumb to fearful thoughts? Or, are you choosing faith?

The fact of the matter is that this is a continuous cycle. These cycles are infinite. Like the ebb and flow of waters in our oceans that are continuously in movement, so too are our lives created to match and reflect the ocean’s shifting cycles. Therefore, instead of focusing on the outside noise, try to focus on the one that you can master. Through Self-Discovery, you can master your own self. You can’t change anyone but yourself. You can choose to focus on loving yourself and sharing that love. Or, you can choose to immerse yourself in the fear that is being triggered by outside influences. The choice remains yours and yours alone.

In-Light Love,

Suzan Smadi xo

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