Energy Guidance 11/26/17

You have aligned with the following #guidance for the week ahead. Wishing you all a fantastic week full of #expansion and #joy 💖

  1. PATIENCE!!! How do you feel about that word: patience? Does it annoy you to hear that patience is required for your miracle to unfold? Or, are you embracing the moment and making the most of it while your dreams naturally unfold and manifest into your reality? This is a gift not to be wasted by just waiting and hoping to get to the other side. Instead, see this time as the Holy Grail of your manifestation that is being presented and offered to you. Embrace the journey! Be in the moment and enjoy each step that gets you closer to your destination. Remember that you have chosen to follow a higher path, a more authentic Soul driven path; and that path requires a delicate balancing act, which takes time to perfect. There is nothing to fear or doubt. In fact, rejoice because what is coming is grand and beautiful. Of course it’s beautiful since it was your heart that requested this vision. Just embrace the patience required for the final touches to be finalized for your dream to land. Integration takes time because it is balancing in order to become whole again. En-joy the moments that lead up to your beautiful masterpiece. Perhaps it is your own resistance to embracing the moment that is prolonging the process. By living in the moment, making peace with what is, and living joyfully now, you will help time to align with balance. The key is to fully live in JOY!!! (PS Do I have to mention that the integration card is the epitome of Twin Flame Union?!)
  1. Hope is an interesting concept. It feels good to hope, yet there may be some doubt that is lingering behind the scenes and being suppressed, which in turn keeps from the actualization of the thing that one hopes to materialize. As long as there is doubt, even if suppressed, manifestation will be halted. The suppressed feelings of doubt lead a stronger negative vibration that cancels out or neutralizes the manifestation work that we are putting effort into creating. Hope is nice, but faith is perfect. Faith is knowing that something already is materialized. Faith holds no suppressed doubt. Faith is sure. Faith is strong and capable of manifestation. Now is a good time to reflect on your feelings and thoughts. Are they aligned with your truth? Has anything been suppressed? Cleaning emotional shop can prove to be very beneficial now in order to align with the abundance that you are attempting to manifest. Are you hoping for something to happen? Hoping for x, y and z may be the cause that the effect is evading you. After taking emotional inventory, hold your eyes on the light and embody the faith that is required for miracles to bear fruit.
  1. There may be some resistance in completely trusting that the change that is being presented for you now is in harmony with your nurturance. There is no need to resist this change. Trust that you are being guided and supported. All of your needs are being met as long as you trust in your higher guidance. You have been building your intuition and now have reached a new level of attunement. It is safe to freely fall as you are being guided to land safely. Moving gracefully while following your aligned guided action steps are going to lead you to the nurturing destination that you have been wanting. Trust that you are being led by your heart-aligned intuition. Your instincts are on point. Go with ease and know that all is well. You are supported to make these changes.
  1. Uncertainty can be scary because we usually want to know what is to come. We feel a false sense of security if we are handed a script. What is the fun in having a script? Improvisation is living the creation. Embrace the uncertainty. Embody the creativity that comes from fully living life. You are holding so much power and potential. This is your time to re-design and re-create your masterpiece. The freedom that comes from having a blank canvas is truly liberating. Can you see the beauty in not knowing? Now is the time to be fearless as you embark on a new stage in your evolution. Revolution of outdated perceptions may be in order. Embrace the light within you to create a new reality. The only one that can stop you is yourself. There is nothing stopping you and no-thing can hold you back. Fearlessly embrace the creative process and choose JOY!!!


Suzan xo

Cards used for this Guidance Channeling: Osho Zen Tarot and Cosmic Reading Cards

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