Wisdom Wednesday 12/13/17

You have aligned with the following #guidance for the week ahead. Wishing you all a fantastic week full of #expansion and #joy

  1. It’s time to take the observer role. It is not the time to act or to set in motion anything new. Instead, step back and take some time to see how things play out for a while. Distance is a gift that we are given when we get too caught up in wanting things to play out a certain way. The time now is best used on taking a wider-angle view to see what is required and beneficial to manifest outcomes. Strategize new ways of moving forward. Perhaps you have been feeling way too much in your situation and because the feelings are too strong, you can’t seem to see a way out of the troubled waters. The gift that you have upon you now is the time to take a break, a time-out from the troubles that you perceive is in the way of manifesting your desires. It is a good idea to be objective and see things from a more rational mind set. The only way that we can be rational when feelings are too strong is by taking a breather in order for things to settle down again. When we breathe deeply a few times, we find that we get grounded and centered, making us better able to listen and receive guidance. Enjoy some breathing space so you can regain your momentum when you are sufficiently renewed.


  1. In life there are certain Universal Laws, such as the Law of Giving and Receiving. There has to be an even exchange in order for balance to prevail. Are you feeling there is an even exchange for your energy? If not, then it’s a good time to re-evaluate how your energy is being spent so that the balance can be achieved again. If you have been giving too much, it’s time to pull back and fall into a receptive state. You deserve to enjoy what life brings you, so be open and accept it. This situation requires a nice yin-yang balance. It’s a good idea to take energetic inventory to see if you have been giving too much or taking too much. My feeling is that you are probably wanting to give of your energy and are not letting the same energy return to you…it is time to allow others to give to you. Pull back. Be open to receive. Enjoy the inflow of the good energy you bestowed upon others.


  1. Flexibility is called for in order to move through this situation. When we allow ourselves to be too rigid, we embark into a losing battle. Growth comes from compromise and coming to a mutually beneficial middle ground. Have you been trying too hard? Have you wanted to get your way and not willing to see that you can achieve more happiness by achieving a mutual level of joy? To improve this situation, try seeing the situation with compassion. When you come from a more compassionate state, you allow yourself to bend in order for both parties to reach a common ground where peace and joy are the prizes. Ask yourself how you can bend in your situation. See what the benefits of coming from this energetic place of flexibility will be (peace, harmony, growth, balance, joy) and then you get to enjoy the outcome.


  1. The blessings that you are seeking are right around the corner. You may not see things playing out exactly as you had wished, but don’t despair because things are shifting under the surface. You may want and seek some self-gratification that will make you feel good in the moment, but is that really what you want? Does feeling good for the short term really quench the long-term thirst? Many times we engage in behaviors that lead to instant gratification and then regret it. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are in the full control of your emotions at the time. Don’t let your emotions take control of you. This is a great time to focus on healing, self-love, and self-care. Surrender your troubles to Source. The forward movement that you will manifest if you just focus on self-care will pleasantly surprise you.



Suzan xo

*Card tools used for guidance inspiration: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid*

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