Angels: Elemental Beings

What do Angels look like? How many types of Angels are there? Say there is more than one type, then; is one type better than another type? Can Angels contact us in Human form? Can we, in fact, be Angels incarnate?

As I contemplated the above questions and many others, I connected with the Angelic collective that express as Elohim and Seraphim, who brought forth the following message.

“There is no hierarchy in Divine Truth. All is ONE.”

Angels do not have a physical form. A physical form is not needed in the spiritual realm. With that said, since all is a co-creation, when Angels make contact with other beings such as Humans, they shape shift and take on a form that will appease the Being that they contact so that the experience is more fluid and is integrated with ease. Depending on the individual’s belief system, Angels will use that frame of reference to adequately present in form. All is done collaboratively as a co-creation and as a way to better be able to accomplish the contact and task at hand.

The two main angelic expressions/experiences that I have connected mostly with are Elohim and Seraphim. Although there are other expressions and experiences for the Angelic collective, the simple way to conceptualize the information given for the purpose of answering the main questions asked is to break it down and speak about two in simplest form. Simplicity is best to make concepts clear. Elohim are Angelics of Light and Sound as Seraphim are Angelics of Sound and Light. These are not mutually exclusive since there is malleability in their expressions. In order for us in Human form to make sense of our perceptions we usually give labels and meaning to our perceived experience.

The elements of form that they usually take or come through are that of water and air for Elohim, fire and earth for Seraphim. However, there is much more fluidity than what we may believe there to be in our Human form, which means that they can take on any form they choose to come into when they make contact with us. This malleability allows their divine essence the ability to share an experience with us in Human form. Their true divine nature is that of elements. Thus, they are etheric energetic Entities. These elemental Beings are always held within our own energetic makeup, which means that all we have to do is ask them to connect so that we can become aware of their presence. ‘There is no hierarchy in Divine Truth. All is ONE.’

The labels that these Elemental Angels go by are products of us Humans since we are usually very attached to categories, typecasting, conceptualizing, and labeling in order to give meaning to our perceptions within the physical experience. These benevolent observers are not attached to any of the labels, categories, typecasting or conceptualizing, but they play along in our co-creations. These Entities do not place judgments on anything since they understand the ‘Grand Scheme’ of things. It is all a ‘Grand Design’ and an exiting game that we have all set up in order to expand within our consciousness and creative expressions. This is the ‘Supreme (and ever exiting) Play’ that we call Life.

The Angelic codes are within all of creation for one part of creation is not exclusive of the other parts. Source is within all and IS ALL – and so, we can surmise that the Elohim and Seraphim are within all and express as ALL. The codes of the Elohim take on the energies of the ‘Divine Feminine’ whereas the Seraphim take on the energies of the ‘Divine Masculine’ within this elaborate and intricate interplay.

“Again, we say, these Angelic codes are not mutually exclusive.”

These Angelic codes are encoded within our Human DNA. It is through meditation that we can come into direct contact with our divine guidance for it is inside our Being that we can connect with ease. Each person has his or her unique connection due to his or her unique blueprint. The DNA makeup that is our ‘Human Design’ is encoded with these divine codes. This means that the energies running through our DNA will be composed of different genetic material and therefore be more connected to one set of Angelic coding over the other. In simplest terms, one person can be more like the archetype of Archangel Gabriel where as another person can be more likened to Archangel Raphael.  Each Angelic archetype serves as a model for our ‘Human Design’ and this makes the composition of our unique blueprint individual for us in physical form. The structures are designed is such a way to make our expressions unique and still interconnected with every other blueprint.

From a linear timeline perspective, the Angelic realm can be looked at as having co-created the Human race. We could see these Elemental Beings as being creators of our genetic makeup and the Universe at large. Since these Entities are not bound by a dense physical structure, they can permeate through any structure in order to make contact with the physical realm. This perspective does not negate Source since it is through the Energy of Source (Supreme Creative Conscious Force – GOD) that all is made possible to exist.

In-Light Love & Service,

Suzan Smadi

If you are interested in connecting more to your Angelic guides, I made a YouTube video to explain a simple process and I share my own perspective on the different signatures of the main four Angelic guide expressions that I connect with. 

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