Meditation Made Simple

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Meditation is a word that gets thrown around a whole lot. Sometimes the word itself can seem like a hot potato. Why a hot potato? Because hot potatoes are too hot to handle, we throw them around to give us a chance to cool off our hands. Likewise, people throw the word around because they either can’t or don’t want to hold on to the power (heat) that it will gift. The act of meditation can gift us with so many miracles. We can harness our divine energy and arrive at our core. The blessing that meditation provides us is realization of our Soul purpose and alignment with our highest path.

The act of meditating or contemplating are essentially and fundamentally the same. They both will lead one to train and sustain attention. Energy flows where attention goes. This is true. This statement implies that if we train ourselves to retain our attention by focusing, we can create changes in our lives. As we train ourselves to focus our attention at will, we gain clarity while balancing and stabilizing our emotions. We are literally reprogramming our brain when we engage in this practice.

Meditation is a practice to be done consistently throughout the day and throughout our lives. Many people hold misconceptions about meditation. Some may even fear the word not realizing its gifts. Others will believe themselves to be helpful when in passing they mention that it’s a good idea to meditate. If we don’t take the time to explain what we mean, we do people a disservice. They may not know what we mean and be too shy to ask. Then the person to whom we have suggested meditation will leave without knowing what meditating entails. The big question mark will remain to whether they will research further information or forget about the suggestion. The point is that we must be responsible when communicating by ensuring the message is received.

Is meditation the same as prayer? They have similarities. Although usually when people pray they’re asking for their desires to be met, they may use it as a form of meditation. The way to use prayer as a meditative tool is by focusing on the intention of attention itself. We can intend to receive that which we desire and use that as the point of focus. However, meditation is considered to be more about listening as opposed to speaking. While in a meditative state, we enter a receptive state in process of achieving pure awareness.

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Whenever we are in a meditative/contemplative state, we are alert and aware of anything that arises. We can also use a more structured technique, where the intention will lead the meditation. An example of a structure meditation is when we use mantras. Transcendental meditation is another structure form as is the practice of Zen meditation. The next type of meditation is done with movement by using the physical body and putting our full attention in the movement itself. We can dance and let the music move our body while remaining aware of each movement to see what information arises from within us.

Did you know that we can even use everyday chores as meditative tools? Yes, please try it! This can be fun. Next time you’re showering or taking a bath, immerse your concentration on feeling how the water interacts with your body. By focusing on the sensation that water creates, we achieve a state of sensual stillness. We connect with our body whenever we focus on being aware of the sensations within it. Washing dishes, taking out the garbage, sweeping, cleaning are all interesting and creative ways to meditate. Granted that these are more unconventional forms of connecting to our inner Self, but they work! These suggestions may not be the traditional sitting crossed-legged form, yet being innovative is a purpose of life. We are here to expand in creative ways. We can make meditation fun if we think outside the box!

The point of meditation is to connect with our inner wisdom and to get into the zone. Athletes do this all the time while playing their sport. And, the more they are able to be in that zone, the better the chances of them winning the game. When we are in that inner-stillness-zone, we are able to connect with the infinite Supreme and become boundless in our expression. We are able to connect with our intuition. We are able to heal ourselves. We are able to achieve understanding. These are only some of the blessings that meditation provide.

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Now, why am I discussing meditation? I think that we need to be more aware of the power that we hold within us if we choose to connect. Each one of us holds within us immense power and yet most of us are unaware of this fact. If we retrain ourselves to use just a quarter of the power that we hold, we would create miracles in our lives and in the world. The world needs our focused attention NOW more than ever.

This is my call to you as another POWERFUL BEING to do your part. Join in the revolution that starts from within by training your mind with the most basic fundamental tool. This tool is available and free for all of us to use at will. Let us all use this because it is our birthright. If we want improvement in our lives and world, we must start by making these small changes within our own consciousness. And, it must be practiced daily. The mind is no different than a muscle in the body. You can’t expect to have a six-pack if you don’t make the effort to do some sit-ups or crunches. Likewise, there is no lasting change in our minds if we are focusing our attention once in a blue moon.

Remember to do your part each and every day. As one of my favorite teachers once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Have a meditative week! Have a MEDITATIVE Life!!! 😉

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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