Wisdom & Intuition: Fusion Creates Discernment

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


What would you say is the difference between intuition and wisdom? Are they the same or different in some way? If you had to choose, which one would you say is better? These are all questions that you may find useful to contemplate and meditate over. As an exercise, sit quietly while connecting to your Higher Self. When you have cleared your monkey brain and balanced your breathing, ask these questions to see what answers arise within you.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

Albert Einstein

Way too many people use these words interchangeably. While many believe one to be better than the other. Some believe that wisdom trumps intuition and instinct because that is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. And then you have the ones who believe intuition to be the be-all and end-all. These are the ones who will throw wisdom out the window without a second glance because intuition is their way. Sort of like “my way or the highway” mentality.

This debate can be like left-brain versus right-brain; mind versus feeling; brain versus heart; liberal versus conservative. Creativity is wonderful! Intelligence is also wonderful! We are in a crisis where the only viable option is to learn how to bridge the gap. In aiming to fuse the disparate and dichotomy, we achieve greatness. One way (of viewing) is not the ONLY way. We are here in human form in order to fuse the spiritual with the material. Our Spirit wants to experience the vastness of expansion as well as contraction. Without allowing for fusion or fluidity, we actually cut ourselves off from our own mission. There is tremendous power when we create a bridge for the disintegrated aspects of us. When we fuse together is when we create an alchemical process within us. That alchemical process leads to us unleashing our True Potential, Highest Potential. Our God-Self.

The world has been disintegrated for way too long. In these changing times, we are noticing how that disintegration is affecting us on a personal level. Our families and friendships have suffered due to our perceived differences in opinions. For goodness sakes, who really cares if you prefer the color blue over the color red? They are both colors that make a beautiful rainbow. Yes, I am making light of this because it has gone way too far. Breaking up of several years long relationships, friendships and families. How did we end up not accepting each other? How did our love just vanish based on differing viewpoints?

Have we really become so entitled to not want to share space with others? Has it really come to the “Us” versus “Them” world-split? If you cut yourself right now and cut “them” the blood that is shed is the same in essence. Sure it may be composed of different elements. You may not share the same chemical composition, yet you are, above all else, a Spirit taking on a form of a Human. You are a Being; WE are all Beings who have apparently forgotten how to Be. We must ALL come to a true understanding of this ultimate Truth and stand in solidarity.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”

Mark Twain

There is a true war going on at this time. This is World War 3; the war that will end all wars. In actuality, the war that is currently happening is happening on all levels. This is happening within us above all other levels. If we choose not to wake up to our Truth, we may cease to exist. The choice is truly ours. We hold the Power within us. We hold the keys to the kingdom of Heaven within us. If we awaken to this simple and powerful fact, we will end this war and rise as we create the future.

The Gift of Emotions – Guidance is your birthright!

The beautiful thing about having our emotional system is that it allows us to feel into our own guidance. The issues arise when we are not sure of what those feelings mean for us. Whenever we allow our old programming of ego to cloud and confuse us, then we lose connection with our divinity and guidance. This is when our connection to Higher Self gets muddled and distorted. In truth, nothing can ever disconnect you, but it can feel that way when there are so many clouds to sift through. This is precisely the reason that we must focus on clearing the cobwebs of old conditioning that muddles our connection. As our connection to our Self begins to clear, we begin to notice great improvements of trusting in our guidance.

The greatest sadness that becomes our suffering in this world is disconnection. The disconnection between us and all else leaves us feeling isolated, lonely and fearful. As we embark on surrendering old patterns, we begin to see a glimmer of hope. That glimmer of hope, although still holding many doubts, keeps clearing as you keep showing up for yourself. The proof is in the pudding; that is why this is a practice and not a one shot deal. What is promised is that the more you practice, the less it will feel like a practice. It will stop feeling like a chore as you align with yourself in this way and reconnect to your own divinity. Everyone is capable of connection. Everyone is capable of Mastery.

Living a six-sensory life is magnificent! What are some of the things that happen when we choose to live a higher vibrational life? Magic happens! Yes, that’s correct; magic is real. Magic can only happen when we are open to receive and experience it. We must first be in a receptive state of mind in order for the magic to happen and amaze us with its fruits. If we surrender the ego-needs of control, we open up to the magic of flow. The Universe/God, the Supreme Creative Force, Prana/Qi, is always supporting us if we are receptive and connected.

Mastery leads us to this receptive state while disconnection inhibits us. In order to embark on this journey of Mastery, we must be willing to shift our awareness. By changing our deeply ingrained patterns, we shift our perspectives. Those erroneous perspectives that have plagued us for so long can be changed. The decision always rests within you and your willingness to go deeper into your subconscious. Did you know that you could reprogram your mind? If we view our mind as a computer’s hard drive and soft drive, then we can conceptualize how this programming really works.

Wisdom is equivalent to good sense, having the ability to make correct judgment and sensible decisions based on knowledge and experience. Intuition is equivalent to taking notice of the slight nuances that are present. While intuition is intrinsic to knowing something instinctively, we also require wisdom in order to know when is the most appropriate time to act on that instinct. These are not mutually exclusive. If we act too soon out of instinct, out of sync, we may be falling into impulsivity; this ties into compulsivity if not in balance. Also, if we are not clearing our own energy, especially emotional energy, that can cloud our judgment. Instead of receiving true guidance from our Highest Self, we may be projecting out of our own fear (ego). We can also conceive of these two parameters as our masculine and feminine principles. I’ll let you decide which is which for yourself.

Have a Connected week!

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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