Revati New Moon: Idealized New Beginnings

The time for new and improved beginnings is upon us. It’s probably a REALLY good time to set your intentions on this New Moon in Revati Nakshatra. Why? Well, because it’s a strong possibility that you can create by dreaming up what you want to create. Now, here is a warning, be open to the creative process bringing what is best for you because you may actually have no idea what that would actually look like. Be open to the FEELING of what the manifestation will produce…not on the manifestation itself.

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Let’s break this down a bit.

I awoke today to the theme song from the movie Ghost playing…Unchained Melody. The Righteous Brothers composed a great melody back in 1965! There were a lot of clues given by this revelation. In numerology, 1965 reduces to a 3, which is all about creativity and is tied in with Jupiter. This already gives the impression of a highly idealized time, pregnant with potent energy! It also ties back to the Pushya Full Moon, which talked about healing. This melody is highly healing as its emphasis is on reuniting with LOVE. The way I see it, it is about a higher form of love – Unconditional Divine Love. Yes, that can be really dreamy…if we allow it to manifest without forcing it to be a certain way.

Unconditional Love is divine in nature since it is not assuming to cage the energetic flow. It is not bound by expectations or outcomes that come from our lower natures. This type of love is about the experience of being FREE, completely liberated from the chains that bind people to a forced way of loving. True Love is this type of love…ONE that is expansive, compassionate, intimate, accepting, allowing, and most of all HEALING.

A new moon happens every month when the moon and sun come together by degree. This is the dark phase of the moon that is FULL of potential. It is the best time to set our intentions for the way we want to FEEL. Focus on the feeling part and let the rest be brought to you by the expansive and all-knowing Universe (GOD if you prefer that term). Be open to receive that which is truly perfect for you. Our lower nature is bound by our conditioning and therefore can’t even conceive of the infinite possibilities. Allowing for the flow to bring it the best match actually makes manifestation that much faster and easier.

Revati Nakshatra is all about wealth. It is called “the wealthy star” after all…so what is wealth all about? Wealth does not have to indicate money, although it can. I like to equate wealth with abundance and prosperity. Abundance merely means having lots of something. Prosperity means gaining success. That’s what Revati wants to bring to us. Whenever we have personal planets here, it indicates an abundance of energy tied to being successful at something and wanting to create that abundance.

If we aren’t careful, this Nakshatra can indicate a tendency or a streak of escapism. When we aren’t creating that abundance and success, we can fall prey to our lower nature that wants to drown our sorrows and escape into a dream world. This can indicate an over indulgence in substance use/abuse. This is only a “coping” mechanism because we are failing to live out our dreams. Revati wants us to live out our dreams, to focus on our true mission, to manifest abundance. So the higher form of Revati will lead us to accomplish that abundance in one way or another. It takes our focused drive to realize what it is we want to experience and then allow it to manifest.

Mercury rules Revati. The symbol of this Nakshatra is a drum or pair of fish, which lends a sense of dissolution as the drum helps us to go into trance states and the fish are gracefully flowing in the vast waters. Water is a known symbol for our consciousness. The fish are able to roam endlessly in the open emotional realms of this ‘conscious’ ocean; when focused, they can lead us to reach our destination otherwise; we are aimlessly getting lost within that vastness.

Since I mentioned a connection with Jupiter, let’s note that Jupiter is in Dhanishtha Nakshatra, ruled by Mars. The symbol is also a drum or a flute. So, here we can again see that connection of having a clear sense of melody or rhythm that allows us a chance to transcend the bounds of the heaviness of the past few cycles. This cycle is opening up the channels for bringing new opportunities and new relationships. There is a great chance to create NEW and IMPROVED relationships going forward. As cliché as this may sound, the first and most important relationship is the one that we cultivate and have with our Higher Self. 😉


  • Set your intentions by focusing on the FEELING!
  • Allow the vast Universe to bring forth the highest and best for your continued growth.
  • Pay attention to any messages that you may receive during dreamtime or meditations.
  • Journal on what Unconditional Love means and what it would feel like for you.
  • Contemplate on the type of LOVE you want to experience and co-create.
  • OPEN yourself to receive the abundance that you have dreamed up.
  • BE OPEN to the blessings and gifts that will present in the next few weeks.

As always, if you would like to know how this or other patterns are affecting you personally, you can schedule a consultation with me or another competent professional astrologer.

Suzan Smadi 💖

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