Co-Creating the New Earth: Channeled Message

The following channeled message was received after deep “traditional” meditation in which the consciousness expanded into multiple possible timelines. These timelines may be viewed as parallel experiences since time becomes irrelevant in the astral realm. This astral realm can be reached when one is in deep meditation or contemplation. Downloads are also received for the most part when in an altered state of consciousness. Our awareness expands when a “download” is experienced.

“Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away, there was a storm of chaos that enveloped the land. This storm was very much needed in order to shake up the living beings that inhabited this sacred land. Most of the Ones that lived in this land had been in a deep slumber for way too long. It took this storm to pass through their land so they would wake up. This Event was known as the Great Awakening.

These manifested living creatures that inhabited the land had gone down the rabbit hole where they found themselves in a polarized state. The polarization began within their own consciousness in order to manifest it throughout their material plane. The realm in which they had lived in peace many moons ago had been manipulated into something darker.

The darkness that permeated this beautiful land had been so prolonged that these Beings had forgotten long ago of their true potential. As they had fallen from Grace, they assumed that this Darkened state was normal. Remembering was another aspect that had long been forgotten. The abilities that they once possessed seemed like something unreal. They believed these special abilities to be mystical and of some dream state because they could not remember.

Alas, the Great Storm came in to help these Beings remember yet all they experienced was tremendous fear. As the Great Awakening increased its momentum within this reality, the Ones that had some recollection began helping others remember. Although some still did not want to wake up from their deep slumber, they had to in order to survive this Great Storm.

What seemed like a paradox began to harmonize within the collective. Some witnessed this harmonization at warp speeds and yet others experienced it as a slow process. This time anomaly was part of the change since remembering was allowing them to leave behind the older concepts of time. The way this harmonization was being experienced was through each having an individual awakening.

As the High Frequency came into the awareness of the Ones that were remembering, it allowed them to assimilate new levels of photons. They soon realized that most of the High Frequencies were coming in for them to adjust quickly to the newer energies that were rampant in the Uprising. With the assimilation of the Higher Codes, the Awakening Ones were able to successfully adjust their physical bodies. They allowed their DNA to activate the strands that had been dormant. The Codes were received, assimilated, and utilized throughout the Great Awakening.

Instead of fighting the old ways, they were able to build the new by focusing their attention and mastering their mind. What they were now building was taking place after establishing a strong and solid foundation within them. They were getting stronger as they remembered their Greatness. The Truth of their potential was becoming more apparent as each day was lived. Their existence became more solid and their experience more profound.

And so when the chaotic storm had passed, it left a cloudy haze that was soon cleared by the children’s laughter. When the new dawn had set in, the children came out to play in the fields of dreams. And they began creating from Joy. They created a better land, a land that would become the “Heaven” that they often heard about from ancient stories. They soon came to realize the immense power that they held within themselves as they noticed their manifestations taking root in a flash.

Grace was finally allowed to envelop this sacred land, which was healed from all of its woes. Everyone in the land lived harmoniously with each other as well as all of the other creatures that inhabited this beautiful Heaven. And they called it Gaia.”

Lovingly channeled and transcribed for your enJOYment. Please remember your child-like qualities of wonder and curiosity. These virtues are part of our Guidance system. Channeling is a state of Flow. Creative FLOW is the frequency. Allowing for the energy of creative expression to be experienced is a good practice to align with that channeling flow. If you are wondering the Beings that relayed the message, the answer is simple. Oneness goes by many names. It is the Collective Super-Conscious that can be experienced by all who choose to align.

Have a JOYful week!

Suzan Smadi, transcriber for Oneness


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