New Moon; New Year; Victorious You!

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In Jyotish (Study of Light – Vedic Astrology), the New Moon is a time of release and letting go of anything that isn’t serving the highest spiritual goal of growth. The Moon, after all, is all about adaptability and the ability to pivot with the changing winds. It is round and so has the ability to roll with the punches! 😉

This 2022 Gregorian calendar year coincides with this New Moon in Purva Ashadha while joining the Sun. Purva Ashadha means early victory, which indicates that this year is beginning off on the right foot to achieve all the goals that each of us set our mind to and have ultimate success based on the amount of effort we put in.

Meanwhile, Venus is in retrograde motion until the 29th of January. During this New Moon cycle when the moon is in the darkest phase, Venus is in the Nakshatra Uttara Ashadha indicating final victory for all things Venusian. However, things do not come easily that are influenced by Saturn or the Sun since they’re considered separating factors. It will take sacrifice! How this ultimately plays out truly depends on your ability to persevere and your discipline and consistency that are needed to achieve your ultimate success.

Let’s talk straight…we each have so much power that most of us are not even aware of because it’s not talked about. Is it possible that our latent powers are trying to rise to the surface? Is it possible that our bodies are trying to purge and clean shop so that those powers could come on line? Spiritual Masters are Masters (Mahatmas) because they had developed their ability to use those latent powers at will. With power comes great responsibility and as it stands, as of late, most of our population is just not ready to have that responsibility. The craziness of the world, where no one knows without a shadow of doubt what or whom to believe, is actually causing many to lose all ability to independently think critically. Our ability to discriminate efficiently is at a loss. Our progress may be threatened by these happenings.

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Are you wondering where this is all coming from???

Perhaps it may be the double dose of Mars – Mars and Ketu together is a double whammy! Parashara tells us that Ketu acts as Mars likewise; Rahu gives the results of Saturn. Who is the strongest Celestial Body right now? Saturn is quite strong standing in his home while Powerful Psychologically DEEP Pluto stands in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Jyeshtha where we find Mercury now also deals with politics and power plays. Are we truly hearing the truth or do we believe the lies that are told? Saturn in Shravana wants us to listen to our inner-core. Have we all lost our ability to connect to our divine truth? Is there any hope left to latch on to?

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Jupiter in Shatabhishak is trying to help heal us all. He is being helped by the Great Mahatmas symbolized by Neptune’s Purva Bhadrapada stance. These two may be the energies that we need to heal from the mass hysteria that has been plaguing this whole world. Left vs. Right. Truth vs. False. Light vs. Dark. The duality will not end. However, the truth can be arrived at from within ourselves – if we venture to go within our own shadows. Each of us has immense power to heal – ourselves, and then the collective. The collective heals as the individual heals. The individual ripples that we each create are truly powerful. Don’t forget it. Remember who you are!

We are soon headed for a Kala Sarpa Yoga, which forms when all of the Celestial Bodies of Consciousness are on one side of the zodiacal wheel while Rahu/Ketu act as an anchor by keeping the energies in the right or left side of the wheel. These are known as the Hands of Fate! So we are in for shocking revelations all around when Mars moves away from Ketu and allows the yoga to be formed. Fated times are in store. Hopefully you have done enough of your inner work so that you can move closer to your desired destination and not be dragged down into the mass chaos.

I truly hope that you are on board with these inevitable changes. We are creating a new way of life. We have to and get to create a new way of co-existing. Our anchor has to be based on our Spiritual Truths – our Universal Truth. Spirituality is what and from whence we come. Everything is imbued with Spiritual Truths and hence is by definition Spiritual.

If we stopped blaming anything and everything that goes wrong in our lives on “others” and instead consciously take personal responsibility for our part in the dance, we could achieve to create a better and more harmonious existence. Is that possible? Could we actually achieve to co-create harmony like a group of Jazz players? I want to believe that we can. What do you believe? Could we achieve this victory in this New Year?

This is the South Indian style. We usually see it in the diamond shaped North Indian style.

January 2, 2022 at 10:33 AM PST (1:33 PM EST). Above is the sidereal look at the planetary bodies from the Cosmic Insights app.

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Suzan Smadi

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